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I've been trying not to ask this but it's been sitting in my mind for so long.... ok here goes. Team Mustang Voltron Au.

Nonny, I’ve been in procrastination nation when it comes to watching this show because I am Lazy™, but this ask was sitting in the back of my mind the entire time it was in my inbox so~

IstartedVoltronlastnight. I also did not completely follow Voltron canon in terms of who gets what Lion and ended up making my own meanings with the colors except Roy gets Black Lion because he’s the leader asldja.

With all due respect, sir,” Riza slowly began over the visual intercom system, “I don’t think this is the proper way to form Voltron.”

Roy groaned and leaned back in his seat, massaging his temple as he closed his eyes. He knew she was right in saying it, though it still didn’t make the notion any less embarrassing, seeing that the pyramid scheme they had formed with their Lions was his idea. But just as he was about to accept defeat and propose something else as tensions ran high, a screen popped up alongside Riza’s.

No, no. This could totally work,” Jean Havoc contended from his seat inside the Red Lion. “So long as Breda actually gets into position.”

Woah, woah, woah,” Heymans Breda argued from Green, his screen popping up above Havoc’s. “I’m where I’m supposed to be.”

Bull,” Havoc countered. “You’re in position to be the left arm. You’re supposed to be the left leg, Breda! The Yellow Lion is the arm.

Sorry…,” Kain Fuery chimed in timidly from the Yellow Lion as his screen appeared above Riza’s. “It’s my bad. I’m supposed to be the-”

Don’t apologize for him, Fuery,” Havoc quipped. “He’s an adult and should actually know where to be.”

Breda huffed. “Is this about the sandwich of yours I accidentally ate yesterday? I said I was sorry!”

With a frustrated sigh, Roy slumped back in his chair and tuned out Havoc and Breda as they argued about the ‘Mysterious Disappearing Sandwich’ turning his focus to Riza. When he locked eyes with her image on the screen, she raised a hand in defeat and shook her head as if to say ‘I haven’t a single clue.’

If any of them did, they wouldn’t have needed to be up at sunrise and out in the field trying the entire morning. Hell, even Falman who was part of the race that created the Lions, didn’t have a straight answer, his only clue being to become a ‘cohesive team,’ which Roy thought they had already been. But it was clear to him then that they were not even close to being one unit, so he begrudgingly concluded that they would have to go back to square one: Team Building Exercises.

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but whats a pyramid scheme?? I've never heard of it sorry to ask

a pyramid scheme is a “get rich quick” dealy that does not last very long for the people at the bottom of the pyramid but can be incredibly lucrative for the one person at the top.

a more detailed description under the cut, and at the end is some helpful information that everyone should read if you’re not familiar with MLM and Pyramid Schemes.

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I’m not sure if “pyramid scam” is the right comparison, because this implies they’re in it for material gain. The reality is more disturbing.

Religious parents inculcate children into a system of behavior and attitudes the rewards for which are, by their own admission, unobservable .


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