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I probably make way too many Silent Hill tees, but what can I say… it’s my favorite horror game series! :D

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For future livestream ideas, would the three-episode (18-20) boat arc filler from the 1999 anime be something you would consider doing? It's the most distinctive bit of filler I remember from the old anime, and I'd say it's at least on par with the movies regarding character moments, action, and fanservice. Plus it's a self-contained original story between Trick Tower and Zevil Island too, so I think it would be a fun sample of the strangeness of the 1999 anime for people who haven't seen it.

YES i love this idea, thank you for the suggestion!! i haven’t watched this before so i don’t know what to expect, but i think i did see screenshots of hisoka on the boat being a lonely loser with a bajillion card pyramids in his room so it’s probably worth watching just for that