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I probably make way too many Silent Hill tees, but what can I say… it’s my favorite horror game series! :D

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here's my pitch for a silent hill game: a silent hill game developer who is obsessed with putting pyramid head in every silent hill game is sent to silent hill and the horror comes from his existential dread over pyramid head not appearing at all anywhere. sometimes he comes across evidence that pyramid head visited a room recently but he can never find him

These are the different credits given when Wario Land 4 is beaten with Shokora taking on different forms. I didn’t know until now that different songs play for doing so, and there’s something noteworthy in the Worst ending.

For completion, here is every ending sequence in stills.

Also, when playing on Hard or Super Hard, additional images will appear if you managed to get the True ending. On Hard, only the first will appear, and on Super Hard, both the first and one more will. Oddly enough, Super Hard becomes in a lot clearer after the first time it fades and Wario turns his head, though I’m not sure what the implication there is.

Also that chick in the first image totally looks like an early version of Mona.

sofiaamericanahuerta  asked:

I'lltell you the shit I've found in Trini's room... that pyramid and also the freakin can of El Pato enchilada sauce. Like... Trini is definitely Mexican and I love it! I also saw a pic of a squirrel (that she or whoever took the pic is feeding) and another with two girls (backs to the camera) hiking.

She has a can of sauce…in her bedroom?

Anyway, HUGE props to the props person, they did an awesome job.

Just as we (fortunately) cannot ignore that Kimberly is biracial after seeing both her parents, and we (unfortunately) cannot ignore Billy’s love of country music after hearing it play in the background, we definitely cannot forget Trini’s heritage!! Especially since she’s from a country that actually HAS culture and that which probably played a huge part in her upbringing.

Ghost hunter 1: There are some things here of her mom’s. Mainly there’s a little glass pyramid in Megan’s room, that she refuses to let anybody touch, because she says when that pyramid gets moved, activity goes crazy in the house.

Ghost hunter 2: Okay, so we’re…gonna move it?

Ghost hunter 1: Of course we’re gonna move it.

Ghost hunter 2: Okay, great.

Lost: Ahkmenrah x Reader

Request: This imagine is a bit unrealistic. The reader makes vacation in egypt. at night she wants to go to the pyramids to look around more closely and find the undiscovered tomb of ahkmenrah and his parents. At first shes really afraid in that tomb bc she cant find the way out. And then the reader meet ahkmenrah and his parents and falls in love with him. That will be great if u can do it. Lots of love 💕

Word count: 1,253

You could see the pyramids from your hotel room window. You were on vacation with your family, you arrived 2 days ago and didn’t even visit the pyramids.

“Who would want to go there when it’s this hot out!” Your father had said when you mentioned it. You sighed turning around in your bed. Everyone was asleep, except for you. If this was going the way your dad wanted, you were never going to see the pyramids up close. You suddenly got an idea. You crawled out of bed, silently putting on your shoes, grabbing the keys to your hotel room, as you left the room, quietly closing the door behind you.

You took the elevator to the main floor, and rushed out. You walked outside, it was a lot colder at night then you expected, and you immediately regretted not bringing a jacket.

You called someone to pick you up and bring you to the pyramids.

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Five Minutes Older -- Chapter Six: The Power of Mabel

Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four - Chapter Five - Chapter Six - Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight  - Chapter Nine - Chapter Ten - Chapter Eleven

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A Time Stuck AU fic where Mabel gets trapped in the past with a younger version of Stan. Stuff starts to get real this chapter, guys, I am so excited.

Stanley, Oregon, 1979

A person could make the trip from Northern Missouri to Oregon in two days if they didn’t mind long hours on the road. It took Stan four days, delayed a little bit by car trouble but mostly by reluctance. 

Along the way he’d had to stop and pull over six times, each time telling Mabel he just wanted to stretch his legs. Really what he’d needed was a chance to find an isolated spot someplace where he could put his head between his knees and quietly panic. Where he could rock back and forth and breathe in and out until he stopped feeling lightheaded. On one occasion, Mabel had followed him and caught him like that. He’d resolved not to let her see it a second time.

He was glad to have her holding his hand as they approached the door.

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Ancient Maya king had a luxury pleasure palace outside the city he ruled

On a secluded hilltop in the Guatemalan jungle, archaeologists have discovered a rural pleasure palace enjoyed by Maya kings more than a thousand years ago.

The lofty site included not only an apparent luxury residence but also two pyramids, one of them more than 30 feet high. Inscriptions on stone monuments link the complex to a Maya king the researchers call Great Fish-Dog Turtle, who ruled his kingdom from a city five miles away.

Its discoverers say this is the first known country resort belonging to Maya royalty. Archaeologists have found other Maya rural retreats, but none of them show the same clear signs of having been a playground of kings. Though the spot may have had other functions, it would have enticed monarchs with good hunting and possibly a more refreshing climate than the capital below.

“Lying in a hammock in your courtyard on a mountaintop, being fanned by servants, perhaps is more pleasant at certain times of year than life in your (city) palace,” says Susan Toby Evans of Pennsylvania State University, who wasn’t involved in the discovery.

But the site, known as Bejucal, was not always about relaxation. Long before it was a place to get away from it all, it was a sacred center dotted with temples, the researchers report in the Journal of Field Archaeology. At one temple, a sacrificed baby was buried, a Maya ritual for consecrating a holy space, says Thomas Garrison of the University of Southern California, who led the Bejucal excavations.

Over centuries, a grand palace complex took shape atop the temples. In the end, Bejucal included two courtyards, each bordered by a pyramid and residential rooms. The ruins of one palace held bits of ceramic painted with colorful designs associated with royalty, objects fit for a king’s household.

Perhaps the greatest mystery is a massive stone tomb, built between 350 and 450 AD beneath the bigger of the two pyramids. Two stone stelae, or monuments, stood outside the tomb, though they’ve  since been removed for safekeeping. Mayan hieroglyphics on one stela refer to a ruler who took the throne of a kingdom called El Zotz in 381. That ruler, the researchers say, was Great Fish-Dog Turtle. Near the tomb was a sacred offering – seashells, bits of jade, a headless bird. Clearly someone important had been buried there, perhaps a king’s son, perhaps Great Fish-Dog Turtle himself.

Unfortunately the tomb’s occupant will probably never be identified. Looters long ago rampaged through the tomb, which would’ve “been full of the treasures of the kingdom,” says Stephen Houston of Brown University, who also investigated Bejucal. “The looting here is of an intensity I’ve not seen elsewhere, which must’ve meant they were finding things.”

The interpretation of the site as a royal retreat is plausible, Gyles Iannone of Canada’s Trent University, who wasn’t part of the research, says via email. The Maya transformed other ceremonial sites into pragmatic facilities, such as farms, so Bejucal’s transformation isn’t totally surprising, he says, but he’d like more evidence that Bejucal was a pleasure palace.

Excavating at Bejucal is arduous and risky. Some of the ruins are so riddled with looters’ tunnels that they are too dangerous to explore. Those very tunnels allowed the researchers to examine the many layers of history at the site, but the researchers would’ve much rather had an intact site.

The looting of the tomb “is particularly distressing,” Garrison says via email. “Now we cannot ever confirm who was actually buried there. Was it the guy on the stelae? Was it a guy at all, or instead a queen? This will never be known.”


“Got your bucket Hank?”

Standing next to him in the field a small distance from the Shack, Stan’s nephew gave him a massive gap toothed grin.

“Yes Grunkle Stan.”

“And what are you gonna pick?”

“Elderberries….can we eat them?”

“Um, didn’t exactly plan on eating them. And what else are you going to look for?”

“The snipe!”

Hank paused.

“Grunkle Stan, what does a snipe look like again?”

Stan waggled his hands even as he settled into the folding garden chair he had brought with him on this trip.

“It’s kind of green and scaly and furry and brown and it has legs and look kid, you’ll know it when you see it.”

“Okay Grunkle Stan!” Hank ran off into the field, and Stan settled in for a nice afternoon in the sun with some back issues of Fully Clothed Women.

Some would perhaps say that it wasn’t nice or good to both fool a six year old into a wild goose chase. Or use said six year old to gather berries you were going to use to make moonshine in the basement.

On the other hand, as much as he loved his nieces and nephews, it was hard being over sixty and constantly having to deal with three rambunctious small children.

Also unlike his sisters, Hank was a little gullible, so Stan could play the best tricks on him. Acacia….Acacia was a little too like him (worryingly so at times) to pull that shit on her.

Willow he hadn’t even bothered since last year when she looked at him, pupils blown, and let Stan know that “You turn brown when you lie Grunkle Stan.”

Hank on the other hand, believed everything that came out of Stan’s mouth, and while he tried not to betray that trust too much, sometimes he couldn’t help but fuck with the kid.

Like today, when it was just him and Hank. Mabel and the girls were safely out doing girl things like their nails or monster hunting with Mabel, and Henry and Dipper were occupied with fixing the truck yet again.  

Besides, it wasn’t going to hurt the kid to keep an extra eye out for critters in the field.

“Grunkle Stan?!” Hank cried out from by the fence.

“What Hank?”

“Will a snipe eat me?”

“No Hank, snipes just bite you until you swell up and explode,” Stan cried back, and returned to reading his magazine.

He never thought in a million years that he would actually be raising kids.

Well, helping to raise them, but considering they all lived in the same house, it was pretty much the same thing.

Point was, he had spent the past thirty years before Mabel and Dipper had come into his life making beer can pyramids in the living room, clipping his toenails at the kitchen table, and occasionally breaking half the bones in someone’s body and sending them to the hospital for a year.

He had never had to change a diaper (let alone a truck load of diapers), or stayed up half the night with a sick toddler, or got into the ‘why’ loop with a kindergartener.

Never held tiny hands in his own, and guided them through their first steps.

Never had small faces look up at him with complete and utter trust in their eyes.

Stan looked up from his magazine, to see a bright curly red head popping in and out of the elderberry bushes.

“Doing okay kid?”

“Half my bucket’s full!”

“Keep looking Hank, I need a whole bucket for liqu-stuff,”

“Okay!” Hank disappeared into the bushes again.

Stan looked back down to his magazine but didn’t really see the words, lost in his own thoughts.

He never thought he would be a grandfather.

Well. Technically a great-great grand uncle, but Mark was only around occasionally and in California to boot, if he ever saw Arnold on his property he would get his shotgun out and Stanley….

Stanley was long gone.

It terrified him, the trust that not just the kids, but Mabel and Henry and Dipper had in him.

He didn’t deserve their trust, their love, Stan knew that like he knew the back of his hands.

And Dipper and Mabel thought finding his box of fakes was bad. Hah! If they had any idea of even a fourth of what he had done in his life the-


His head shot up to see Hank running for him at full speed, being chased by something large with lots of legs and green and brown and scaly and furry and -


No fucking way.

“I found the snipe!” Hank cried as he launched himself into Stan’s arms.

“Yeah, I can see Hank,” Stan grunted under the weight of his nephew as he turned and ran for the car.

“He’s gaining on us!” Hank cried and Stan’s heart constricted, not just from the effort of running and carrying a six year old boy who was already over four feet tall, but at the fear he heard in Hank’s voice.

“Are we going to get eaten?” Hank asked as Stan got to the car and unceremoniously chucked him in the back seat.

Stan reached under the driver’s seat to get the shotgun he kept there.

“Not today Hank, not today.”

Hank grinned at Stan.

“You’re the coolest, Grunkle Stan,” Hank said, and then buckled his seat belt like they had taught him to.



Since he had to live up to that, Stan turned to the approaching snipe and yelled “Not today you weird leg monster thing!”

He had said better one liners before, but the nice thing about six year olds was that they were easy to impress.