pyramid of the necropolis

detail from the gold armlet of Queen/Kandake Amanishaketo (I century BCE) from Her Pyramid (N6) in the northern Royal Necropolis of Meroë (Sudan); now in the Neues Museum of Berlin…
The Eye Goddess, the “Eye of Ra”, wearing the Double Crown, with four wings and four arms (holding the ‘Ankh’-signs), standing on a lotus flower.
On the top, a row of Uraei wearing the Solar disk

Apparently I’m not doing enough art this summer so here’s some art. In fact, it’s my first digital painting I’ve made since I got my tablet. Wish I would have done this sooner, it was fun. The video for it will be on Youtube later this week. Hope you guys enjoy the art…

Northern Royal Necropolis of Meroë (Sudan).
On the foreground, at right, the ruins of three Pyramid Temples:
(from right to left) the Pyramid Temple of King Takideamani (N30),
the Pyramid Temple of an unidentified King (N29),
and the Pyramid Temple of King Teqerideamani I (II century CE, N28).
Beyond them, the three Pyramid Temples N27, N26, N25 (unidentified, the names of the Kings and/or Queens are unknown).
On the background, at right, the Pyramid Temple (N1) of Queen/Kandake Amanitore (I century CE)