pyramid drawings


Ancient Astronauts depicted in cave art tens of thousands of years old

Evidence of ancient aliens can be found in the ancient cave paintings from around the world. Hundreds of unexplained images have been discovered on every continent, and many of these clearly represent alien creatures, alien space crafts, and other unexplained objects or out of place technology

                                            I see that town.  

  1. Høyfjeldsbilde - ulver 
  2. My Chest - lacrimas profundere 
  3. Pushit - tool 
  4. Aeons - karnivool 
  5. Over Now - alice in chains 
  6. Hope Leaves - opeth 
  7. Dead Letters - katatonia 
  8. And The World Returned - at the gates 
  9. Les Feuilles De L'olivier - les discrets   
  10. To Bid You Farewell - opeth 


The Brooklyn House.

Top left to right: Sean (From Ireland), Walt Stone, Carter Kane, Alyssa, Paul.

Middle: Julian, Jaz Anderson, Sadie Kane, Zia Rashid, Khufu (Keops for the Latinamerican version), Cleo (From Rio)

Down: Felix, kinder boy, Shelby, another boy