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What are your opinions on the Adventure games from a critical standpoint? It's obvious that you like going through them and finding unused content but do you genuinely enjoy playing through them?

I could go all day about positive aspects of the games and why I find them good so I’m just going to address what I see as the negatives of the games.

The problems I see with them are:

  • Camera
  • Collision
  • Game Design
  • Localisation
  • Development Time
  • Port Quality

I’m going to explain each of these, because I see a lot of people complaining about the games these days and then not knowing what they’re supposed to be talking about when asked to go into more detail.

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Sunday Night Schedule Currently:

  • 6pm - Americas’ Funniest Home Video
  • 7pm - Celebrity Family Feud
  • 8pm - Funderdome
  • 9pm - The $100,000 Pyramid

Ok, so, the mission is to fit Still Star-Crossed into Sunday Night Scheduling because, you know, that’s when your target demographic is watching.  How do I know… because that’s when The White Princess aired, which hey that’s finished up, so you don’t even have to compete.  Game of Thrones is also that night, it won’t be airing until July 16, but all you have to do is just not pick the same time slot as GoT, 9pm EST.  Poldark also airs on Sundays in the UK.  US watchers will inevitably stream it whenever they please, and UK watchers will do the same for SSC so, don’t worry about scheduling there.

Alright.  Now we can’t take 6pm, because AFH has been around since the dawn of time and I know better than to mess with it.  And we don’t want 9pm because you want to catch that GoT demographic.  Steve Harvey hosts both the 7pm and the 8pm slots, so why not slip SSC into one of those slots and move Harvey’s other show to a different night.  Or bump one of Harvey’s shows to the 9pm slot and move The $100,000 Pyramid to another night.

Or you can schedule it for 10pm, which is a bit late but, if you must you must.

And voila.  ABC if you want to save SSC, air it at either 7pm or 8pm on Sunday night.

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I'm watching 100,000 pyramid and Brandon Marshal is a guest on there today. Anyway he is a funny dude and I'm thinking oh lord Odell is silly too so I expect to see those two including Shep acting goofy all season.

Yep I already like him on the team🤗