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Timeline of dwarven history in Thedas (until 9:31 Dragon)

-4600 Ancient The elves are believed to first make contact with the dwarves

-1200 Ancient Tevinter allies itself with the dwarves

-1170 Ancient King Endrin Stonehammer moves the dwarven capital from Kal-Sharok to Orzammar, where he oversees the contruction of the legendary Stonehammer Hall. The Orzammar Proving Grounds are expanded to encompass Grand Provings, previously held in Kal-Sharok. The best warriors of these Provings become the first of Orzammar’s Paragons. Stonehammer builds a hall to house huge statues in their honor

-1160 Ancient Taxes drained by Orzammar from Kal-Sharok’s trade profits begin to grow burdonsome

-1131 Ancient Endrin Stonehammer is made a Paragon

-195 Ancient As the Deep Roads close, communication lines falter between the surviving dwarven kingdoms. Each thaig elects its own king while maintaining allegiance to a high king in Orzammar

-15 Ancient The dwarves of Orzammar seal off the last of the Deep Roads, cutting off Kal-Sharok, which is believed lost

1:95 Divine Astyth the Grey is made Paragon after sacrificing her life for the king. The Silent Sisters are formed in her memory

8:96 Blessed Endrin Aeducan takes the throne in Orzammar

8:98 Blessed House Tethras is exiled to the surface for denying the Voice of the Ancestors and willfully manipulating the sacred Provings

9:10 Dragon A young smith named Branka is made Paragon for her invention of smokeless coal

9:12 Dragon Kal-Sharok is rediscovered in the Hunterhorn Mountains

9:13 Dragon Bownammar, the fortress of the Legion of the Dead, falls to the darkspawn

9:28 Dragon Paragon Branka ventures into the Deep Roads in search of Caridin’s Anvil of the Void

9:30 Dragon Endrin Aeducan dies of grief over the loss of his oldest son and youngest children, leaving only middle child Bhelen to inherit the throne. A conflict breaks out in Orzammar over succession when Lord Pyral Harrowmont accuses Bhelen of fratricide. The leader of the criminal Carta, Beraht, is killed by a dwarven commoner known as Brosca. The disgraced warrior Oghren ventures into the Deep Roads with a group of Grey Wardens, to find Paragon Branka.

9:31 Dragon The dwarves of Orzammar reclaim Kal’Hirol thaig. Amgarrak is overrun by twisted creatures known as Harvesters after failed attempts to re-create Caridin’s golem research

I honestly cried when I heard of the death of Robin Sachs (VA of Zaeed Massani), who made me fall in love with the character. My friends and I actually held a tiny memorial for him and all he’s done. If Bioware does ever continue Shepard’s story, it’ll hard to replace the brilliant voice of Sachs; truly he’ll be missed and his legacy through his works, especially Zaeed, will never be forgotten to me.

You ever stumble upon an old thing you said that was golden? Cause I did earlier today, in relation to Dragon Age. Post I made a couple years ago.

Me: Harrowmont’s a decent fellow but I wouldn’t trust him to lead the combined forces of peanut butter and jelly to attack the village of Toast.

I still stand by that.