pyper america


Okay I had this thought for a long time and it’s about time I share it. This is the absolutely gorgeous Pyper America Smith and she is my perfect Yuri Plisetsky. Agree with me or not, but I love imagining him a little like her 🖤

And before anyone screams ‘but she’s a girl and Yuri is not’ let’s all remember that gender rolls are the worst kind of bread and that the Yuri on Ice producers themselves said that they purposely drew Yurio like a girl

Imagine: Draco having an older sister (Harry Potter Headcanon) tbc

Picture not mine- Lucky Blue Smith and Pyper America Smith

  • Her being in Slytherin as well
  • QUEEN of Slytherin
  • One of the prettiest girls in Hogwarts
  • Boys chasing her and being rejected all the times
  • First-years treat her like a goddess
  • The only person Fred and George didn’t dare to prank
  • Being asked to be prefect but didn’t want to be one because she’s too busy dealing with her own dramas (which is non-existent) (a very good excuse)
  • can be very stubborn
  • loves Draco but never admits
  • very straightforward 
  • freaking fashionable
  • “Draco, pass me my books.”
  • “Of course, sister.”
  • one of the few that Draco admires and loves (and scared of)