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I love your Throbb headcanons!! Since it's summer, could we get some Throbb + Starks (or Night's Watch Boys) beach headcanons?

Thank you!!! <3 AND YES NIGHT’S WATCH ARE INCLUDED IN THIS. They need some love. Excuse the length, I got a bit carried way ^.^

General Starks + Theon:

  • The beach is Theon’s “domain”. He is also a super beach snob and is willing to make everyone drive for hours to get to the “perfect beach”. He is very particular and has to pick beaches that has empty enough for them to have it to themselves, should be on a major oceans (gulfs and rivers are for chumps), and the sand has to be smooth af. Everyone complains but when they get there, it is amazing. 
  • Theon has gotten his foot cut like fourteen times at the beach and Robb and Sansa play nurse most of the time. One day Jon played nurse and it was surprisingly very gentle and nice.
  • Robb is a beach mom: towels for everyone, gallons of sunscreen, snacks on snacks on snacks, and bag after bag of games and activities as well as a first aid kit and emergency aids. 
  • Everyone gets lathered up in sunscreen like it is a second skin. Theon refuses the sunscreen every time claimed his Ironborn skin is used to it but he always gets a little bit red on his cheeks and shoulders. Whenever someone calls it a sunburn, Theon defends it and says it is just for heat and it’ll go down once he is cool (it is totally a sunburn). 
  • Robb also has a beach hat which is totally not Theon’s
  • Jon wore his black shirt once to the beach and got ridiculed by everyone on being a prude/emo. The white t-shirt gets far less comments. 
  • Jon also gives piggyback rides to Arya, Bran, and Rickon every time they return to the car so their feet don’t get sandy after washing them. Sansa and Robb used to get the piggy backs too but they’ve since abused that power and Jon has taken that right away.
  • Sansa has a thousand swimsuits and a thousand beach novels. Arya once bought Sansa ridiculously large sunglasses to go with the look which were quickly abandoned and taken by Theon who wears them completely willingly. 
  • Sansa doesn’t really like getting sandy or her hair wet but she loves to sun tan and often does with Theon. Jon laid by them ONCE and Theon said Jon couldn’t anymore because he was so reflective that it was blinding. 
  • Arya always eggs people on to race her to the water markers. The one person she hasn’t been able to beat is Theon. 
  • Arya and Bran will also bury Robb in the sand. Rickon calls him the sand monster when they do this. 
  • Arya is the one who inadvertently gets other kids to join in their pick-up football games.
  • Bran loves the beach but hates the precautions his siblings will go through with him so he can get in the water. He has special floats and a special wheelchair for the beach. 
  • Arya, Rickon, and Bran always get into sand fights but Bran always ends up with the most sand in his hair. 
  • Rickon is afraid to walk in the water without water-shoes because of stingrays (even if the beach doesn’t have any or it is not season). He always encourages the shuffle. 
  • Rickon and Sansa makes Popsicle overnight so they can have them the next day. 
  • Jon and Rickon are also Frisbee kings. 
  • Rickon always begs to bring the dogs with. They do it once. Never again.

Night’s Watch included:

  • Occasionally Jon’s DnD buddies (I live and die by this ok?) come with them to the beach.
  • Pyp and Grenn somehow carry buckets of sand on them when they return home from the beach. It’s usually always deposited in Jon’s car. 
  • Grenn and Rickon wrestle in the sand and Bran and Pyp cheer them on.
  • They make bonfires at night and Pyp always sings to them and tells everyone stories. Dolorous Edd usually throws in witty comments that disrupt the atmosphere but it is okay because everyone is laughing.
  • Satin hits on at least four beach goers and usually on of them is within the party (JON). 
  • Satin and Sansa will gossip and drink lemonade. Theon joins them about 50% of the time. 
  • Arya and Edd get along really well and wisecrack while swimming. Edd will carry her on his shoulders and toss her into the sea. Usually that comes with Rickon racing to him and asking for a turn. 
  • Pyp Robb and Theon race on the beaches. Grenn and Jon usually watch in dismay. 
  • Sam will read with Sansa under the beach umbrella or talk to Bran about the sea creatures and sea life. Sam is always a little hard pressed to get in the water but Robb and Jon usually can convince him (if not, Theon, Pyp, and Grenn will drag him in). 
  • They have sand castle contests and Sam’s are always the best so Pyp and Edd will fight to be on his team while Jon, Grenn and Satin’s castle turns into a glop of sand- mostly because of Theon and Arya sabotaging since Grenn is a pretty good builder ;). Arya, Sansa, and Robb’s turn out pretty good but Bran, Rickon, and Theon’s is the worst. 
  • Pyp teaches everyone how to stand on their hands but he is the only one who can walk while doing it. (Robb walks once but quickly fell on his back)
  • Sam brings a float to the beach and will float along with Bran and Pyp and the three will talk for hours. 
  • Pyp and Grenn are guaranteed to disappear for an hour every single time. 
  • Satin, separately, will also disappear for up to an hour.

Throbb specific:

  • Theon always packs aloe for when Robb gets burnt. 
  • They go on cheesy walks on the beach and walk on the sandbars which occasionally turns into play fighting and someone’s head goes in the water. 
  • Theon tried to kiss under water once and they both got salt water in their mouths. 
  • Theon brings a flask of alcohol and he and Robb was share it if they know Jon or Sansa will be driving later. They turn into tipsy but giggling messes by the end of the day. 
  • Robb will detangle Theon’s hair and Theon will rub Robb’s hair with a towel. 
  • They dare each other to do stupid things whenever they are at the beach which rage from cute and innocent to dangerous and oh gods they are going to get arrested/kicked out.
  • During the bonfires, they’ll sit next to each other and even if they are having different conversations or making stupid jokes they’ll hold hands. 
  • Sometimes they’ll take a separate car to the beach and hang out there later then everyone else and watch the stars and just talk for hours and Theon will talk about when he was younger and his family would take day trips to the beach and it is one of the only memories he has where is family was actually happy together because Rodrik and Maron were alive and didn’t mess with him, Asha played with him, his mother was there and smiling, and Balon was content with his beers and watching the water in silence. 
  • Robb will wrap his arms around Theon from behind with his chin hooked over Theon’s shoulder and they’ll sit and watch the waves in silence. 

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Do you think Jon x Dany will be canon in the books too?

I definitely think GRRM is heading that way, yes.

Romance aside, though, Jon and Daenerys’ stories are tied together no matter what. You don’t set one of your main characters up against an army of ice zombies and give another one three fire-breathing dragons unless you’re planning on making them interact.

And let me say this, because it needs to be said: Jon and Daenerys don’t have to fall in love, but they do need to form a bond.

Jon’s been successful in forming relationships (up until ADWD, when he starts cutting them all off), but Dany only really has advisors. Her relationship with Jorah seems positive at first, but once she discovers his attraction to her, everything goes downhill. Barristan is her sworn knight and she has a sort of motherly bond with Missandei, but otherwise what do we get? GRRM hasn’t bothered to develop Irri and Jhiqui the way he did Pyp and Grenn (which upsets me to no end). The story’s been set up so that both Jon and Daenerys are alone, not sure who to trust, and even less sure about what they’re going to do.

I can’t imagine how frustrating it would be to see these two characters meet, after five/six books of having completely separate but paralleled stories, and then not have any meaningful interactions. Romantic or otherwise, a relationship between them has so much potential, and it’s frustrating to see people narrowing it down or casting it aside.

                                                    Jon Snow 

Full version of the song featured in this gif set by the amazing and wonderful @kitsn0w. Inspired by the song Gaston from the Beauty and the Beast (2017 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Noooooo ooonnneee pouts like Jon Snow
Struts about like Jon Snow.
No one can do that thing with their mouth like Jon Snow.
There’s no man in the North half as pretty
Perfect, a pure paragon!
You can ask Pyp and Grenn or Sam Tarly
And they’ll tell you whose Watch they’d prefer to be on!

Who can brood like Jon Snow?
Looks good nude like Jon Snow?
Who is part of an ancient blood feud like Jon Snow?
As a specimen, yes, he is titillating!
My, what a guy, that Jon Snow.

No one wargs like Jon Snow
Has a sword like Jon Snow’s.
There is no one the ladies adore like Jon Snow.
He’s especially good at self-deprecating!
My, what a guy, that Jon Snow.

Who can run like Jon Snow?
Rocks man buns like Jon Snow?
Who’s so clearly not really Ned’s son like Jon Snow?
He is so hot it’s infuriating!
My, what a guy, that Jon Snow.

No one fights like Jon Snow
Kills the Wights like Jon Snow
When they die, nobody comes back like Jon Snow.
He’s especially good at reciprocating ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
My, what a guy, that Jon Snow.

Who has hair like Jon Snow?
Makes them stare like Jon Snow?
The Boltons had better prepare for Jon Snow.
He uses direwolves in all of his decorating!

My, what a guuuyyy, JON SNNNOOOWWW!!!

Characters that would have shipped Jonerys if they had lived:

Obviously, None of these would make sense in canon since events are what they are because of deaths. Just really wild headcanons where no one dies so bear with me:

  • All of Jon’s sibling/cousins and their wolves lmao
  • Robb would be fucking thrilled that Jon found someone that makes him happy. They teach each other Valyrian pick up lines for their lady loves
  • Rickon asks Jon every day if he can ride Dany’s dragons. Dany loves him to bits and spoils him too much 
  • Ned, Benjen, Lyanna Stark wouldn’t even bat an eye at the “incest” since its not incest in westerous unless its siblings/parents
  • Possibly Brandon Stark lol who the fuck knows
  • Master Aemon, 110% biggest Jonerys shipper in heaven
  • Jeor Mormont, home boy doesn’t give two shits about Jorah liking Dany. 
  • Pyp and Grenn, hooting and drinking in cheers
  • Rhaella, Rhaegar, Rhaenys and Aegon probably. Again, who the fuck knows lol
  • Ser Barristan Selmy would be so fucking glad to know someone like Jon, especially after he found he’s Rhegar’s son. 
  • Oberyn “lets have an orgy plz” Martell. Ships himself with both Jon and Dany and flirts with them to no end. Dany teases Jon mercilessly every time Oberyn winks at him.
  • Margaery Tyrell is very disappointed she never got to be Queen, but Dany invites her/Sansa for tea every other day and they become close friends. 
  • Oddly, Shireen Baratheon is so thrilled to have Targaryen King and Queen again and she begins to write down their stories on books. Davos introduces them but she’s super shy. Jon is touched by the girl’s sweetness, and Daenerys absolutely dotes on her.
  • Hodor. 

feel free to comment any I might have missed haha 

A Raven Among Crows: Part 1

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You’re a woman disguised as a man at The Wall, but no one knows.

Part two 

(Y/M/N)= Your Male Name

(Y/A)= Your Age or whatever age you want it to be

“Open the gates!” a man yells.

You looked up at The Wall, stretches beyond the eye can see. You are wearing trousers, boots and a long shirt, you manage to bandage your breasts so it looks like you are flat chested, your hair is in a bun with a few strains peaking out, along with your baby hairs blowing in the wind from the cold icy air. 

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