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Block B and all the shit they had to up with.


Comparisons to Big Bang, and many hateful comments and actions towards Block B. Not saying all VIPs did this because most VIPs are super cool, but some did. Most were korean and not international fans, but it still happened. Many death comments and threats because they were “copying” Big Bang. This continued even after debut. Still happens quite frequently. (P.O cried during an interview because of the hate messages he received for “copying” T.O.P) 


 Extremely shortened debut stages, songs cut. 
“Freeze” considered “inappropriate”, made 19+, no longer allowed to promote.
 Forced to switch to second song, “Wanna B” 
The second remade version of “Freeze” banned yet again. 

 Wanna B 

 Performances almost always cut. 
 Promotions weren’t for very long. 

 Tell Them 

 They never had even one full stage for Tell Them. NOT. EVEN. ONE. 
 The “Ukwon’s girlfriend/bracelet incident”. 

The “soy sauce chicken” incident with B1A4:

During MTV Match Up Season 1, there was a challenge where Block B had to get specific food for B1A4 and one of the foods were soy chicken. They couldn’t find it, so they bought chicken and poured soy sauce over it. The B1A4 members found it funny, and Block B and B1A4 are known to have a good relationship with each other (they’re friends, ou guys). However, K-BANAs and a select few international BANAs found this offensive for some strange reason? (Most international fans were super cool and they realized it was a joke though.) And the death threats started up all again. Don’t even ask how that was worthy or death. Don’t, because I have no fucking answer. 

 Pyo had to pay for the stage outfits. 

 - Thailand Incident 

 The Thailand Incident: After Block B’s performance in Thailand they were having an interview. This was during the time of the devastating floods. Block B were talking about how they always donate a portion of their paycheck towards the children in Africa, and how they wished they could do more to help the flood victims of Thailand. Zico remarked that he would have definitely done more if he had the financial ability to. At this, Kyung jokingly asked Zico how much money he currently had on him. At this, Zico immediately answered “7000 won?” But he didn’t even say it in a joking manner, and he was quite serious. The other members burst out laughing at this, laughing at HIS LACK OF MONEY, not laughing because he ever said he was only going to donate that much money for the victims of the flood.(Now, looking back, doesn’t it seem like it was an indirect comment towards Stardom Ent? They were basically saying that they were broke because they received no payment). The reason this became such a controversial issue is because some idiot mistranslated the interview, making it seem like Zico had said all he would donate to Thailand would be 7000 won when he was actually talking about the money he had on him. these are the actual translations. 
 After the Thailand Incident Block B was forced to stop promoting NanrinA, and they went on a break for eight whole months. They apologized MANY FUCKING TIMES. The members all personally apologized. Zico shaved off all of his hair to show his repentance, to show that he was ashamed of himself, and to show that he was willing to take whatever was going to be thrown at him because it’s what “he deserved”. Even though they didnt do anything. Yet, guess what? People insisted that they didn’t mean it. And then death threats started. The mistreatment stard. They were ridiculed everytime they showed up in public, garbage was thrown in front of their dorms. 
 Two particular idols decided they had to butt in and make the situation worse. The first one was a hypocrite, and he called out Block B wrongly on twitter, making a even bigger deal of something that was already bad enough. The second idol made a “7000 won” related joke on his twitter, and then deleted his tweet after people called him out for being an ass. 
 Block B changed the choreography slightly for NanlinA and bowed for a while longer towards fans, and at a part they did a 90 degree bow to show their apology. Also, when Block B bowed to other idol groups out of respect, they didn’t bow back. 

 Jay Park was the only one to lend them some words of comfort and actually come up to them and bow back to them as well. Also, BAP clapped for them as well! 
 Pyo hospitalized for shock after finding out about the sucide petition for Block B.
 The member’s parents, family, and even friends received death threats because of the incident. 
 An anti comes to a fansign event and hands a note to Zico that contains 7000 won. Block B are immediately crestfallen, but they hold her hand and wish her to have a good day. 

“LOL” and “Did You or Did You Not”

Banned by MOGEF and KBS. 
 They weren’t paid for apparently for the time they were inactive but still making music 

 - The law suit against Stardom. 

 Block B decided to file an injunction against Stardom on the 4th of January for the suspension of their official contract. Why? This is why. 

 When the boys originally signed up for the company, their contract promised them proper training opportunities, facilities, housing, and it said that their earnings would be paid to them on the 25t of every month. However, they haven’t been paid since April 2011. One of the members (we don’t know who) sent the company a revocation notice for their contract last March and they FINALLY paid a little bit of the money they owed to the members. All the money the guys made from showcases, fansign events, OSTs, registration fees and a whole hell of a lot more has not been paid to them properly. What’s more is that the agency director, a Mr. Lee, ripped off all of the members parents. He secretly met up with the members families and told them addition money would be required. He stole a totally of 70,000,000KRW (about 65,000 USD!) from the parents and fled. ( Mr. Lee committed suicide in the basement of his home on May 20 2013. He was found dead by a friend ) 

So do you guys see why we love Block B so much? And why we support them? Do you see why BBCs are the most loyal fans out there? Reblog if you support them too!