Tamar Braxton Dishes Secrets on How To Keep Your Man Satisfied & Her Desire to Start a Family |

One thing about Tamar you can expect her to say what she feels and who she feels it about. Her husband Vince touches her soft spot and she realizes the things she needs to do to keep her man happy. She shared their first date night to her routine for bed and let me tell you Tamar is not wearing a scarf and rollers she is keep things tight and fresh.

Excepts From the Interview:

On when she first realized Vince was the one

“I wasn’t checking for Vince at first. He and I were friends. But it wasn’t until I found out that he was seeing someone that it hit me. I realized I had feelings for him! When he told me that his relationship at the time was coming to an end, I knew it was my time to make my feelings known. After that relationship ended.. he and I started dating and eventually married.”

On her favorite date spot

“To be honest, I LOVE Disney Land. Vince and I always have such a good time there. We love going on dates there so much that when we have a little girl, I want to name her Disney.”

On how to keep her man happy

“I go to bed the same way I did when we first started sleeping next to each other- CUTE! Ladies, I do NOT go to sleep with rollers or a scarf on my head! My face is not completely beat with make-up but it’s not bare either.”

On her desire to start a family

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