Age matters? trc tv show

I’m graduating high school tomorrow and I just finished The Raven King at 1am this morning.
I’ve been postponing reading the last 60 pages for awhile.
(Within the time of postponing I got half way through The Foxhole Court and completed A Court of Thorns and Roses…I didn’t want series to end that badly😂)
But I wanted to finish before the milestone of graduation hit me.
I LOVED how the series wrapped up.
Then I started thinking about how in the book they graduated and I don’t know that made me feel a little more in love with them especially because I want to be Blue so I felt a little more connected. (Noah deserves the world)

…it also made me want to start a petition to not have anyone over the age of 21 to audition for the show.
(I’m not really going to do that, I would never)
I know I know, there are a bunch of pretty fellas who are 26+ who would be great, but this is a tv series and they would be playing teenagers in their 30s
One of the charms of the books is that they are all in high school and that the story takes place before the start to their lives. The age makes it more authentic in my opinion.

But I would love to hear what you all think!

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♡ for... your choice of characters from the Raven Cycle

I can’t see a prompt about sleeping without going Pynch. Although, technically, this is set a bit pre-Pynch, late Blue Lily, Lily Blue ish. Takes advantage of the insinuation that Ronan was a frequent visitor to Adam’s St. Agnes place.

Dealing with Ronan was less like dealing with another human and more like dealing with Cabeswater. His communication style was best described as forces of nature than any more easily understood language. He swept through a room like a storm and offered smiles as sharp as the sickle of a waning moon. As with Cabeswater, Adam felt like he was slowly getting better at interpreting.

Ronan’s arrival was generally heralded by the thump of bass in the St. Agnes parking lot, like a thunderstorm localized in one charcoal grey BMW. If it was followed by the pronounced screech of tires, it meant danger. Ronan was in a mood and looking to drag Adam into it. If, instead, a knock or “Hey, open up, asshole” followed the sound of boots on the stairway, it was generally a better portent. Tonight, it seemed, would be just such a night.

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the “this is your house I’m not making you sleep on the couch” “yeah but you’re the guest you take the bed” conversation between ur otp right before they share the bed reblog if u agree

  • Other people: i organise all of my blogs so that none of my interests clash with the content my followers want
  • Me: i fell into this fandom so let me subject all of my followers to it

*When someone says that your OTP isn’t real and you need to forget about them*

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AUs no one asked for
  •  I’m sleeping over at my friend’s flat from university after study group and just got woken up in the middle of the night by their roommate, who is sitting in the kitchen, listening very loudly to the dirty dancing soundtrack and crying. Like wtf, I didn’t even know they had a roommate and normally I would yell at you but damn you are cute. You really need to stop tho dude, its 4am, some people in this house want to sleep AU
  • I am a barista and you are a customer who comes in every day and orders the same thing and today my friend brought you with them, I didn’t even know we had mutual friends and WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT IS NOT ACTUALLY YOUR NAME HAVE I REALLY BEEN WRITING A NAME THAT IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO YOURS ON YOUR CUPS FOR OVER HALF A YEAR WHY HAVE YOU NEVER CORRECTED ME AU
  • The house party me and my friends threw kinda escalated and after throwing out everyone I found this half naked person passed out in my bed but I can’t be bothered to wake them up now so I’m just gonna go to sleep and deal with it in the morning, they are kind of cute anyway AU
  • (or alternatively) I just woke up in a stranger’s bed and I’m half naked, I cant remember anything about yesterday besides that the party was great and that I got absolutely wasted AND OH MY GOD THERE IS A HOT PERSON NEXT TO ME IN BED AND THEY ARE NOT WEARING MUCH WHAT DID WE DO YESTERDAY AU
  • We work out at the same gym and you are my declared rival because we have the same workout routine and you are always better than me and on my way to the locker room I passed you in the shower where you were singing the opening of hannah montana and I can still hear you and you switched to the lion king now and even though I hate you I think I am kind of in love with you AU
  • I’m hiding in the bathroom of a restaurant from a spectacularly awful tinder date and you are in a similar situation because a guy at the bar just won’t stop hitting on you and now we are planning an epic escape together even though we only met ten minutes ago AU