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Pynch for the otp questions :)

Which one sexts like a straight white boy?

ronan loves to piss adam off and this is just another fkn example

Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?

not even the great ronan lynch can withstand the power of Up. adam is laugh crying and cuddling him.

Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?

ronan again. adam’s pretty good with this sort of things, being a self-dependent young man who don’t need no one. ronan needs everyone. especially adam. don’t tell adam he said that.

Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?

adam loves to do this sort of stuff. it’s disgustingly affectionate and it embarrasses ronan, what else could he want.

Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?

either one, actually. adam after a long day at work. ronan visiting adam at work. either works. 

Who had that embarassing Reality TV marathon?

same as the last. either could work. ronan is not so secretly a huge reality tv geek and one day, he finally turns adam. the ensuing incident is nothing short of a fiasco.

Who laughs more during sex?



either. ronan’s a bit taller than adam, but adam is dom AF and unlike blue, he doesn’t have that height problem. but they are cute and interchangeable.

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TRC Violinist AU pt 17

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The weeks of panicking before this performance had certainly paid off.

Since he had been pushing everyone so hard for perfection, they had finally worked through all the major issues (and most of the minor issues) with the piece. There was not much to do before the performance the day after tomorrow except make sure that no one had forgotten anything. Adam barely had to do anything in front of the orchestra.

Which was a good thing.

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okay but ronan going to a midnight mass service where he has to look nice and then heading upstairs afterwards and his tie is hanging from his neck and the sleeves of his dress shirt are rolled up and the first few buttons are undone and adam opens the door in just a pair of sweatpants that hang off of his hips just right and messy hair and neither of them know what to do but stare at each other i think about this all the time

raven cycle hp au
  • gansey is ravenclaw, blue is gryffindor, adam is slytherin, and ronan sits there for ten whole minutes as the sorting hat argues with itself before he says something about wanting to be in hufflepuff and the sorting hats just like yeah ok whatever get me off your head
  • honestly you can come and fight me about any of those house decisions i would be happy to kick your ass
  • gansey’s really obsessed with this wrinkly old wizard named glendower because he thinks he saved his life when he was ten and he never got the chance to thank him
  • blue is the seeker for gryffindor and ronan is the beater for hufflepuff and they have this friendly rivalry where ronan doesn’t really care if he wins or not as long as he manages to one-up blue, and blue is hellbent on winning and will shake his hand after the game so hard it nearly comes off
  • gansey and adam cheer from the stands
  • noah’s the friendly ghost that’s always helping them get away with shit
  • blue sucks at divination even though her entire family are masters at it and she wants to fight trelawney 348398 times a day 
  • she never stops complaining about it, and ronan never stops finding it funny
  • when gansey gets onto ronan for not doing his homework/skipping class ronan just deadpans “what hell no i’m not doing any witchcraft i care about my salvation” 
  • both of adam’s parents were muggles and didn’t take the whole “guess what your sons a wizard!” thing all that well. he always comes back from summer/christmas break with bruises
  • his dad hospitalizes him in the sixth year and that’s when ronan and him have it out 
  • he works a lot of odd jobs, both magical and muggle, to pay for his books and broom. some slytherins give him a hard time for his roots, but most of them are pretty chill 
  • ronan and gansey use the invisibility cloak to walk the grounds after curfew bc they both can’t sleep
  • kavinsky is the shittiest gryffindor and blue can’t stand him
  • gansey’s always trying to buy adam’s supplies for him but he still never lets him
  • ronan doesn’t like the tension between the houses and every time dumbledore pulls the “oh well slytherin won but here’s 4839 more pts to gryff for no reason” he gets up on the table and tells dumbledore where he can shove those points 
  • i guess it’d be pretty funny if like, the gang is always getting into trouble but subsequently saving the day and dumbledore doesn’t know where to allot the extra pts bc they’re all in different houses. it basically just inflates the point market 
  • no one is ever in their own common room. they know the password to everyone’s chambers and it’s supposed to be ~taboo~ but they do it like it’s no big deal
  • ronan and adam make out in an abandoned classroom and it’s not until herbology when blue asks adam how long he’s been in hufflepuff that he realizes he put back on the wrong tie
  • blue never lets anyone live this down