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So, we know that Coppers are the worst at pymary while plats have the longest range and stuff. Is this consistent across the entire caste system? Are silvers the second best and jets the second worst, etc? And if so do other Black Tongues ever make fun of Bastion? "Look at that poor guy, that aspect is basically in front of his face and he still can't reach it". :P.

Yep! Watch him when he does spells. He has to make physical contact with a material to manipulate it. He can’t hit anything at range. He could also never do anything like Keon did with the waterfall. He can only move limited Aspects at a time.

Just don’t let him touch you. Once he can, he doesn’t have the luxury of being anything but very final and very brutal. I think this handicap plays nicely into his nature. He’s very touchy, very sensual, very visceral. He’s a surgeon. He has his spiderpaws all over everything by choice and by necessity.

I’m kind of in love with Bastion at the moment, I’ve been doing a scene with him for a while now. It’s a long scene. It may have some slightly self-indulgent bits but you know. Sometimes. You gotta have nipples.

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Waitwaitwait, I thought the Asepticks were an Aldish thing. Is Keon a defector, or is it just a broad term for this kind of wright?

Broad term. I’d been going to give Cresce its own term but decided it best to keep it simple. Every country has its own national force kept specifically for dealing with rogue wrights, and they are called Asepticks, as they are the sanitizing force that defends the khert and keeps the laws of pymary unfouled.

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Color is objective? Also, how do you create a glamour of belonging, like what Quigley used when he first came to Lurick, with objective aspects? I love when you talk about pymary.

Colour is absolutely objective. Colour is the result of how a material absorbs or reflects light waves. Not every eye interprets the resulting light the same or can interpret it at all, but the khert well understands the Aspect that changes the light and wrights are able to tell it to manipulate it.

There are two types of glamours: literal and perceptive. Literal glamours use Aspects and are achieved via pymary. Perceptive glamours, like Quigley used in the story and Duane is using now, rely on a property that the Ilganyag discovered called Perceptive Spheres. These spheres exist around all materials and are activated when cognizant attention is put upon them, producing a reaction of Perception. If you look at a rose, you perceive a lot of things about that rose - that it’s a flower, that it’s beautiful, that it smells pleasant, that it belongs or does not belong in its space, that it’s vibrant and alive, or withered and dead. These are all thoughts and reactions we have right within our brain in our world, but in Kasslyne’s world they also happen without. For the khert’s purposes they’re processed via Perceptive Spheres, winding like fibres into string on a spinning wheel, and into the threads of memory that clothe the living soul, and are kept after death by the khert in perpetuity.

Anyway, a wright can cloak herself in the Perceptive Spheres around her, like stretching out those thready weaves into a concealing cloak. You can very easily walk into a town and look like you belong, since almost everything around you is emanating that perception. It’s a bit risky though. The glamour won’t hold if you confront a stranger in the town, who doesn’t know what belongs or doesn’t. If your spell is interrupted by the unglamoured sphere of something that DOESN’T belong, it’ll flicker or cause feedback or a violent event. And people will all perceive you subjectively, so if they compare notes they’ll realise you’re lying to them.

In any event, perceptive glamours aren’t strictly pymary since they’re not dealing with Aspects. I could see them eventually being outlawed in certain countries. They’re already banned in the Crescian and Aldish capitals for security purposes.