PYLO // hi friends! so here is more of some spring/summer looks, this time featuring a beautiful boho brand, pylo. i looove the simplicity yet chic look to their pieces; lace, cotton, comfort…what else could you want? look one is perfect for those spring days where you want to walk around town, pick up some flowers, and sit outside for coffee. look two is for those summer nights, lazing around a fire, still feeling the warmth on your skin from the beach. look three is for a music festival full of laughs, friends, and good music…

striped off the shoulder dress

floral off the shoulder crop top

· white maxi skirt

black, lacy bralette

again, their site is here and instagram here :’) love you!


National Archaeological Museum:

Mycenaean swords and hilts:

Fragment of a bronze sword. The hilt and shoulder are decorated in the cloissone technique, in which the scale compartments are inlaid with lapis lazuli. This elaborate design ends in lion or eagle-heads, from Mycenae.

Bronze dagger with golden decoration of feliformia in a landscape with bushes, from Pylos.

Gold hilt and pommel revetment of a long sword from Skopelos. The sword is decorated with repousse spirals and concentric circles. The gold sheet of the hilt from the hilt was donated by the Society of Friends of the National Archaeological Museum in 1938, while the pommel was discovered inside the tomb. 

Bronze dagger with a golden decoration of a marinescape with nautiluses, from Pylos.

Faience imitation of sword hilt with gold inlays, from Mycenae.

A long bronze sword with an elaborate gold hilt revetment, decorated with spirals and ending in lion-heads. Griffins adorn the blade, from Mycenae.

For some more mycenaean weapons see here and here