Just another Grantaire headcanon:

Grantaire has a really fucking good memory, but he doesn’t care to remember all that much. But because he cares about his friends, he remembers all this minor shit about them. For example:
-he knows everyone’s birthday (and paints or draws them shit as gifts)
-he knows all their siblings’ names and ages
-he remembers what days everyone has exams on at the end of semesters and readies drinks in his fridge accordingly
-he makes note of the dates of Jehan’s flute recitals and makes sure the rest of the Amis know at least a week in advance too
-he reminds Bossuet to do pretty much everything since Bossuet’s memory is absolute shit
-he makes a point to remember all of Éponine’s work shifts so he knows when to drop by and check on her (and make sure she rests otherwise she’ll work herself off her feet)
-he knows Enjolras’ class schedule by heart, and on nights where Enj is so tired he passes out studying, R sets his alarm for him based on what time his first class is the next day
-my point is
-Grantaire remembers so much and is an amazing friend

Finally Orestes, embittered and disappointed with kin and kinship, philoi and philia, turns to his friend and co-murderer of Clytemnestra, Pylades, who himself has been rejected by kin, his father. The two friends now seek to reconstitute (with Electra) a new family, based not on blood but the spilling of blood. In a kind of manic elation, they throw off guilt and remorse and escape the sentence of death by acting out their own conflicts instead of continuing to suffer with them.
—  Mind and Madness in Ancient Greece, Bennett Simon

Grantaire trying so hard to be a hipster artist but he accidentally becomes popular when someone names him ‘up and coming’ and he keeps trying new and more ridiculous things to put people off but it only gets him more praise. This culminates in him artfully arranging trash in a pile that spells out 'art is dead’. He wins an award for that one.

“Such love is always like that; for when from boyhood a serious love has grown up and it becomes adult at the age of reason, the long-loved object returns reciprocal affection, and it is hard to determine which is the lover of which, for-as from a mirror-the affection of the lover is reflected from the beloved.”

-The History of Orestes and Pylades from Amores, by Lucian, 2nd Century AD

Electra, of Family and Vengeance

Electra was the oldest, and loved her siblings more than anything. Her brother Orestes was strong and still growing, ready to take on the world, and little Iphigeneia and Chrysthemis were sweeter than apple pie. Along with their cousin Pylades, they formed their own family when the real one became too much. Taking her siblings, she flew like a bird when her parents brought knives into their fights. Electra lives up to her name, with sparks in her words and lightning in her smile. In their small apartment, she cares for her whole family through sheer determination, accomplishing so much despite her small size and young age. She fights regardless of the consequences, growing stronger and fiercer, and waits patiently for the day when she can take the fight back to her parents.

I take small comfort in the fact that right before his death R was probably happier than he’d ever been in his life

So… I bought a second hand copy of Les Misérables. What I didn’t notice until recently was that someone (I’m guessing it’s the former owner?) had pencilled in the initial ‘R’ and a date.

And now I can’t help but imagine a reincarnation AU where Grantaire reads Les Misérables, and realises that hey, this cynic person is pretty much him, right down to the Unrequited Crush on a Blond SJW ™.

And Enjolras reads the book as well and can’t help but feel bad for everyone in it, especially Grantaire. He gets slightly frustrated with the Oblivious Blond SJW ™ for being so clueless about how Grantaire feels, because- as he puts it to Combeferre- it should be pretty obvious, and why the hell doesn’t he figure it out?

Combeferre has to struggle to keep from slamming his head into the table.

Les Misérables: Soulmate AU

(I know it’s already been done, but I haven’t tried writing it yet and I thought it might be fun.)

Feuilly gets slightly worried when the words ‘You wanna go, punk?’ appear on his forearm in dainty cursive. Bahorel, on the other hand, spends slightly too much time making meaningful eye contact with attractive strangers in public because the words 'What’re you looking at?’ are written across his skin in a neat, rounded handwriting.

Enjolras is slightly skeptical when the words 'Courfeyrac didn’t mention that you were hot’ appear across his ribcage in messy cursive. But when he meets Grantaire for the first time, he says one word: 'Welcome.’ The same word that’s written in tiny, neat letters across Grantaire’s heart.

Combeferre gets extremely worried by the phrase 'It’s literally going to kill me!’ which appears on his skin. Courfeyrac, who’s terrified of insects, has the words 'It’s a moth, Courfeyrac. It’s harmless,’ across his wrist.

Sure enough, when they first meet, Combeferre is at Courfeyrac’s apartment for a meeting of the Amis (before they settle on the Musain as their regular meeting place) and Courf is having a mild panic attack because there’s a tiny little moth in his kitchen.

Musichetta, Joly, and Bossuet all have two different phrases.

Musichetta has the words 'Pardon me, Mademoiselle, but I think I’m lost…’ in Bossuet’s handwriting curling around the side of her waist and Bossuet has the phrase 'Maybe I can help you?’ printed on his arm.

Joly, of course, gets extremely worried when the words 'Are you alright, Monsieur?’ appear on his upper arm, and the response- 'I think so. I mean, I don’t think I have Lupus. Probably. Yet. But I’m not sure,’ is written in Joly’s messy handwriting over one of Musichetta’s shoulder blades.

And Bossuet’s second phrase is 'You come here often, then?’ The person who asks the question is the adorable medical student who deals with him in the ER at three o'clock in the morning. Joly has the words 'Well, it’s the third time this week…’ along his collarbone.

Jehan has a phrase along his collarbone as well: 'Depends who’s asking, doesn’t it?’ He spends a lot of time wondering what sort of person his soulmate is, because to be frank, they sounds a bit sketchy.

But Montparnasse has seven small, neat words written across his heart as well: 'Oh! Your name is Montparnasse, isn’t it?’