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Secret Agent! Luke (Part 3)



“You’re late.” Luke says as he opens the door to his bedroom.

You had desperately tried to look like you didn’t care. You had washed your face  to hide the fact you were crying but you traded your pyjama shorts for jeans. You tried to look presentable, but like you couldn’t be bothered. It was only Luke after all.

You roll your eyes and make sure he saw as you step inside and he closes the door behind you.

You look around his room and weren’t surprised at how messy it was. There were pairs of boxers strewn across the floor along with some of his t-shirts. There was an old chicken sandwich next to his computer and there were papers everywhere,  on the bed, on the floor and on his desk. His walls were a wild array of band posters and he  had a guitar propped against one corner.  You blushed, but didn’t know why. Somehow, this felt like you were invading his privacy and seeing a side of Luke you weren’t able to see. Otherwise, you pushed the feeling  down, as he pointed to his desk chair offering for you to sit down.

“Take a seat.” He says as he sits down on the edge of the bed.

You threw his jacket off the chair and the 3 books and 2-day-old chocolate bar that had been resting on  the seat.

“Jesus, would it kill you to clean once in a while?” you say as you sit down carefully.

”I will once you start cleaning up your act.”  Luke says choosing a few papers of his bed and examining them.

“What did I do now?”  you demanded crossing your arms in front of your chest.

“Nothing. You’re just annoying.” He says and you could swear you could see the ghost of a smile on his face.

You decided to ignore it, and say what you normally said when he pissed you off.


“Okay, so what do you think about it?”  Luke says putting his hands behind his head and lying down on his bed.

You tried desperately not to look at his lean stomach as his shirt inched higher up his chest.

“Think about what?” You ask as you mad eye contact with the chocolate bar.

He rolls his eyes before he answers you again.

“The case, you idiot. Have you not gone over it yet?”

Your stomach had that sinking feeling again.  Shit, you forgot to go over the material in your envelope after all that crying and emo-music listening.

“I, I haven’t gotten around to. ” Well, you couldn’t really lie and say you did.

“Basically,  this anti-FBI agency is planning to tear this institution to the ground.” Luke says as casually as he was telling  an amusing story to a friend.

“We have a limited amount of days before they start their “project.”, We’re supposed to find out who is responsible, stop them, uphold this agency’s name, and all that other shit.” He finishes tossing the papers aside. “So, I suggest our first order of business is to visit the enemy’s headquarters. See who’s behind this and what they’re up to, then we’ll report back with the details.”

“Sounds good, Lucas.” You say using his longer name, just to piss him off as you leaned back on your chair. “When do you want to go then?”

“Tonight.” He says standing up and grabbing his jacket from where you threw it on the floor, shaking off the dust and putting it on.  He grabbed his weapons belt from his desk behind you and attached it around his waist.

“Wait, tonight, tonight?” you ask confused as he tosses you your backpack from the side of the room and you catch it easily, slipping it on.

“Yes, do you have a problem with that?” Luke says grabbing his student’s key from the dresser and slipping it into his pocket.

“I just, the new episode is out tonight,” you say referring to your new favorite TV show that you had been watching recently. You were looking forward to watching it if ever the meeting with Luke had somehow gone wrong, and you could just spend your time later laughing and eating ice cream out of the tub.

“Our institution, the one our ancestors have spent years building is on the line, and you’re worried about missing 1 episode of a TV show?” he says accusingly.

You open your mouth to answer, but he raises his hand shutting you up.

“Nevermind, don’t answer that.”  He says opening the door and locking it behind him as you exited.

You started off down the hallway, trying to keep up with his fast pace as his long legs easily navigated the corridors.

You were halfway to the exit, when  you felt the familiar pain starting  from the end of your stomach.  You swear your period always had the worst timing.

“Luke, Luke!” you shout. He was already halfway down the corridor, before he turned around.

“What?”  he says stopping in his tracks, turning to face you.

“ I need to go back to my room.” You say as you turned left and headed down to the girl’s rooms on the other side, and you heard Luke as he caught up to follow you now.

“Woah, did you forget your weapons or something?” Luke  grabs your arm stopping you and you swear you just wanted to punch him in the face.  “Because I have a spare gun in my bag.”

You removed your arm from his grip and continued walking. “ No, Luke. It’s not that.” You  say as you reached your door. “It’s my monthly.”

Luke’s face  was priceless as he scrunched up his nose.  “Carry on then .” he says. “I’ll wait for you outside.”

“NO. Luke. You have to come in. They’ll wonder why you’re waiting outside at this time of night.”

“But I can’t, you know.” He says and you swear this was worth it just to see him squirm.

“There’s a door that closes in my bathroom, Luke. I don’t see what the big deal  is. Why don’t you grow a pair?” you say as you unlocked your door and headed inside.

He follows you in hesitantly and sits himself down on  the edge of your bed while you sorted your business out in the bathroom.

When you came back outside, Luke was on his feet looking at the pics of you and Calum above your desk.  It was from all  your previous assignments and you couldn’t help but grin  remembering them. Luke saw that you  came out and he hurriedly adjusts his belt awkwardly and looks at you.

“Ready to go?”

You grabbed some pain killers off your bedside table and a bottled water and slipped it inside your backpack.

“Ready.” You say unlocking the door and stepping outside, Luke trailing behind you.

Just then, Amanda came out of her room too with Samantha beside her. Both girls giggling and when they saw you and Luke, their eyes widened.

“Ooh, Y/N and Luke.” Samantha says giggling looking in between the both of you.

“ I never thought you would go for Luke, Y/N, I thought you had a thing for Calum.”

“Oh, we’re not, it’s not,” You tried to explain, but Amanda shushes you.

“O hush! We won’t say anything.”  Amanda says and she watches you and Luke both move past them towards the exit. “Have fun you two!” she shouted and the two girls giggled some more.

“Nerds.” Both you and Luke  say at the same time and you glance at  each other briefly. 

That’s the  first time you really looked at him, his blue eyes shining like the sun on the waves  at dawn, a small smile playing on his face. 

“We should get going.” he says and looks down again shyly, a hint of red grazing his cheeks. 

You nod, just to cut the tension that had been set and open the door leading outside, the night air washing over you, unprepared for the task ahead. 

 PART 4 

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1. If something is stressing you out, take a break from it - homework, people, work, school (remember taking a mental health day is not a crime).

2. If you have to do whatever it is that’s stressing you out: change into something comfortable - pyjamas, jeans. If you feel most comfortable in a dress and makeup, do it!

3. Call someone you trust - talk about it, it WILL make you feel better.

4. Colour - seem’s a bit far-fetched, but you can get these really good colouring books for about £6-8 from Amazon and they are genuinely really nice to just fill in.

5. Do something you enjoy - Take a bath, go on tumblr, watch a movie, hang out with friends.

6. Find a distraction you like - Similar to the last one, but find something you want to do weekly or even daily: start a new hobby, decorate your room, tidy the house, go on a walk, go shopping, do anything except what was stressing you out.

7. Keep organised lists of things that need doing - That way, you’ll finish everything and not have a last minute realisation you didn’t do the grocery shopping or do that French assignment.

8. Don’t put your life on hold for something - You can’t hide in your room for hours every single day for the rest of your life trying to finish things. Go shopping for new clothes, take walks regularly, see friends when you can.

9. Remember stress is temporary - Stress is something you’ll regret later in life, you’ll think “god I wish I hadn’t worried so much over those assignment” like literally, its okay to be stressed: everyone gets stressed. Just avoid unnecessary worrying. :)

the signs as things my vodka aunt has done
  • Aries: threw garnishing at the bartender
  • Taurus: threw up under the stairs
  • Gemini: hit on my mum's boyfriend
  • Cancer: threw up at the beach
  • Leo: threw up into the swimming pool
  • Virgo: broke a mattress by flopping onto it
  • Libra: gotten into an argument w a portrait because "why the fuck is she staring at me"
  • Scorpio: asked a 10 year old for cigarettes
  • Sagittarius: wore her pyjamas over her jeans
  • Capricorn: "i drank??" said in a completely innocent voice despite having a killer hangover
  • Aquarius: encouraged an 11 year old kid to drink because "it's fun do you want me to sneak you some"