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sharing beds with their s.o the first time

since we don’t have yet requests in the ask box i figured we should have some headcanons:


he’s totally trying to fake his excitement and flustered state through a tsundere act but it’s not working because he’s so easy to read. he will be a professing embarrassed mess, constantly blabbering non-sense or stuttering in his words, avoiding eye-contact directly and it will only worsen if he has to change clothes with his s.o in a short distance meter ratio. 

he’ll also be worrying about the fact that he might drool on you or what if he’s spooning you and gets an unwanted boner and you end up running away thinking he’s a creep? or what if he has a wet dream? or what if he kicks you out of the bed and hurt you ? #self-conscious eren to ruin the night

“ M-me? embarrassed?! hahaha, wh-where did you g-get that conclusion (name)?! G-guys like me don’t get flustered over sharing beds with their partner! hahahaha! …. “


Much like Eren a bit self-conscious about himself and how he can affect his s.o. He tries to mask that but the way he’s so quiet and speaking in monosyllables is worrisome. you could be asking if he washed his teeth or cleaned up all his stuff and he would just reply to you with ‘mhmm.’ ‘ yes’ ‘ no’. he’s trying to just contain his self-judgement and nervousness by staying quiet. but the more quiet he is the more he’s focusing too much on that point.

He totally insists on you having your space and not changing in front of him. if you still want to do so, it’s not like he will murder you for it, but he will be that guy who’s peeking between his fingers and emitting a small squeal. will also probably compliment your outfit.

“ h-huh… cute pyjamas, (name)… “


Like Eren, Jean tries to seem a ‘cool’ guy, the though stuff. hahaha, yeah right jean. He’s totally avoiding looking at their partner, and stammering and emitting little high-pitched tones that it almost seems like you’re speaking to a living cartoon. he’s trying to suppress the blush crossing his face but it’s not working. imagination is quite more different than reality Jean.

Also like the others he’s worried that he might pop up a boner while cuddling you and therefore he will try no to cuddle you, but will feel obligated to to not hurt your feelings. #please help him.

“ m-me? i-i’m fine! hahahahaha! totally cool! “

“ Jean, your voice is high-pitched. “


to be honest, the most chill out of these four? but don’t get me wrong, he may appear calm but he totally is sweating and internally screaming a long AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  under that composed demeanor of the matched strongest soldier of humanity, lies a judgmental person , worrisome enough to question if this was the right choice even to begin with. 

what is life. what is this blessing? so grateful.

he’s also that guy who might end up accidentally crushing you while sleeping if you’re within his embrace or punching you.

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What would you typically wear on a rainy night?

Home: pyjama; Out: black jeans, midi black leather boots, white tee, structured oversized blazer, umbrella, hair in a bun and red lip


1. If something is stressing you out, take a break from it - homework, people, work, school (remember taking a mental health day is not a crime).

2. If you have to do whatever it is that’s stressing you out: change into something comfortable - pyjamas, jeans. If you feel most comfortable in a dress and makeup, do it!

3. Call someone you trust - talk about it, it WILL make you feel better.

4. Colour - seem’s a bit far-fetched, but you can get these really good colouring books for about £6-8 from Amazon and they are genuinely really nice to just fill in.

5. Do something you enjoy - Take a bath, go on tumblr, watch a movie, hang out with friends.

6. Find a distraction you like - Similar to the last one, but find something you want to do weekly or even daily: start a new hobby, decorate your room, tidy the house, go on a walk, go shopping, do anything except what was stressing you out.

7. Keep organised lists of things that need doing - That way, you’ll finish everything and not have a last minute realisation you didn’t do the grocery shopping or do that French assignment.

8. Don’t put your life on hold for something - You can’t hide in your room for hours every single day for the rest of your life trying to finish things. Go shopping for new clothes, take walks regularly, see friends when you can.

9. Remember stress is temporary - Stress is something you’ll regret later in life, you’ll think “god I wish I hadn’t worried so much over those assignment” like literally, its okay to be stressed: everyone gets stressed. Just avoid unnecessary worrying. :)

[A Favoc for @uchiha-umeko. Thank for you indulging my favoc needs friend <3 Ily.]

“Havoc, why’re you sittin’ at Fuery’s desk?” 

Okay, Jean will admit it—he jumped, and almost fell out of the chair. 

Whipping his head around—he didn’t think anyone was still in the office, all right?—there was Ed, folders tucked under his arm and doing his signature frowny-thing. 

“Oh, hi, Boss. How’re the…things you’re doin’?” 

Ed raised an eyebrow. “They’re great. What’re you actin’ all weird for?” 

Trust Ed to cut to the chase. Jean had hoped that Ed would spare his dignity—wasn’t he meant to be the Alchemist of the People, or something? Wasn’t Jean people? Didn’t he deserve an alchemist too?


“Okay, let’s try that again.” Ed was grinning now, and Jean’s slight shock turned to terror. “What’s up with Fuery that you’re freakin’ out about this time?” 

“Who says it’s anything about Fuery?” he asked indignantly. He wasn’t that transparent, surely—

“Since when do you worry about anythin’ else?” 

Okay, okay, he totally was. 

Jean deflated, and…well, to be honest, he did need someone to talk to. Mustang and Breda would laugh, and Hawkeye and Falman would just both give him blank looks. Usually, he went to Kain for this kind of people social stuff, but…well.

“It’s just…Christmas is comin’ up,” he said, slowly, and he fiddled with Kain’s stupidly pretty pens that he had lined up on the desk. “And I still haven’t gotten him anythin’. I thought maybe sittin’ here would…I dunno, give me ideas? But it’s just…hard.”

Hard because it was Kain, and special because it was Kain. It was his first Christmas together with Kain, since they became…boyfriends. Or something. And Jean wanted it to be good. 

“Is that it? I’ve got somethin’ for you then, Havoc.”

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Yellow Lilies Wrapped in Honey

a/n: ***dan and phil’s son is autistic and there is a scene with a large crowd of ppl (which makes him panic) in it and if u are v uncomfortable w/ crowds i added an astrid * so u can skip over that part !!

Summary: Basically just short snippets about the life of married Dan and Phil along with their two children; from Winnie who’s favorite food is tofu and garlic bread and Charlie who would rather wear yellow skirts and watch the stars all night long. (ft. their shiba inu who is ironically named Susan).

Words: 1.9k

Warnings: Mild panic attack; other than that lots of fluff that will make ur teeth ache

“Papa,” Winnie announced, climbing onto the sofa armchair to slide into Phil’s warm lap comfortably. “Look what I drew at school today.”

She shoved a crumpled paper drawing under Phil’s glasses. He chuckled. “Sweetie I can’t see it when you hold it so close to my face,” He took the drawing in his hand and held it at a distance.

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Dunno if youre taking hcs at the min, but if you are could you write some about robert and the hospital, and him bringing aaron all the wrong clothes when he comes back to the pub like in the preview, general hospital cuteness

Here you go my lovely! A few headcanons about Robron in the hospital :) hope they’re okay!


Robert overpacks when he goes back to get him clothes. He takes him tshirts, pyjamas, underwear, hoodies, jeans, joggers, nearly his entire wardrobe. Along with magazines, his own pillow, music and a laptop to watch DVD’s. when he walks in Aaron can only smile and ask if he was moving in. Robert got a bit embarrassed and Aaron told him he loved him for it.

After the third day, all the nurses know Robert. He never leaves Aaron’s side unless it’s to get him something or the doctor kicks him out to check him over. He did leave when Paddy came to visit but he didn’t go far. He always offers to leave when Chas comes in but most of the time she tells him to sit back down, Aaron’s happier when he’s there.

He’s grown attached to the vending machine down the hall from Aaron’s room. One of the nurses on the morning shift likes him though, she’s seen him there all the time waiting for Aaron and has grown fond of him so she gets him proper coffee when she’s on shift. Chas or Victoria brings him food, and occasionally sneaks stuff for Aaron as well.

Aaron sleeps a lot the first few days and Robert actually loves those times when he can sit with him, holding his hand and watching him. Aaron’s chest slowly rising and falling making him calm. When he wasn’t attached to any more machines Robert kept his hand close to his chest, he knew it was dumb and Aaron had told him so but he needed to feel his heart beating.

Once Aaron can move a little more Robert starts laying on the bed with him; wrapping around him as they slept or laying with Aaron’s head on his shoulder as he reads him the paper or tells him about work. Aaron tends to fall asleep when he does this in the afternoon.

He also likes to lie with Aaron, one earphone each as they listen to music and just relax together. Aaron made comments about it being ridiculously romantic but he moved closer to Robert and gripped his hand anyway.

The nurses know that Robert is there all the time and start bringing him food as well when Aaron gets his. Aaron complains all the time that he just wants normal food again. Robert starts sneaking him snacks when he’s certain that it won’t make him sick. He promises him that when it’s time to go home he’ll make a stop and get Aaron the biggest burger he’s ever had.

On one particularly boring, rainy afternoon, Robert, Aaron and Liv played three hours of monopoly. Liv bankrupted them both. They’re still not 100% sure how but Robert makes a mental note to talk to her about investing her inheritance.

When Aaron has to start walking, to get his strength back, they take walks down the hallways together, slowly; Aaron gripping on to Robert and stopping every few feet. Robert is Aaron’s biggest cheerleader though and constantly tells him how amazing he is. Aaron rolls his eyes but it helps him a lot.

Late one night when Robert is falling asleep in the chair, Aaron whispers “thank you for not leaving me” and they talk about what happened under water. Robert tells him he went back for Lachlan but he had already got out. He then tells him he went back for the ring and Aaron calls him a moron but then grips his hand and tells him he loves him.

They, along with Chas, teach Liv how to play poker. They bet with chocolates that Chas got in the gift shop and spend the entire afternoon laughing and joking. It’s one of Aaron’s better days in the hospital.



The Signs As Things That I Associate Them With
  • Aries: loud music and concerts and neon headphones
  • Taurus: bent pokemon cards and old video games
  • Gemini: worn t-shirts and flower crowns
  • Cancer: pancakes and manicures and storms
  • Leo: nature and matching pyjamas
  • Virgo: jean cut-offs and dyed hair and tan lines and Starbucks
  • Libra: sassy snaps and emojis in every text
  • Scorpio: flannels and friendship bracelets and buying vinyls at thrift stores
  • Sagittarius: best friend bracelets and black coffee and bubble tea
  • Capricorn: new duvets and earrings and scented lotion
  • Aquarius: sweaters and Chapstick and beautiful hair
  • Pieces: expensive clothes and beach days and favorite pairs of sneakers
Soma Week Day 2: Nosebleed

So, yeah. Part two of my zombie au of yesterday! Yay! I would link it but I am on mobile! Rated T, enjoy!




“Do you think it’s safe to leave yet?” Soul asked, carefully lifting the curtain from the widow, immediately spotting a few walkers and lowering it again.

“We don’t really have much of a choice,” Maka said peeking out of the fridge. Soul grunted.

“I guess we should go then…” He trailed off. This time Maka grunted before going to her room to get changed as Soul headed to his.

Soul got changed from him pyjamas to skinny jeans, bike boots and a tshirt quickly before slipping on his leather jacket in hopes that the undead would not be able to bite through it. He threw his door open, walking down the hallway and throwing open Maka’s.

While she was changing.


Her bra was pretty though, it was red and holy fucking shit, was that black lace?!? Where did she get that and could he take it off her?

“Soul!” Maka yelled scandalized at her room mate, who was blatantly staring at her.

Soul immediately snapped out if it at stepped out if the room. Closing the door behind him.

He felt the blood drip down his face and hit his shirt. Shit. Now if it was not obvious before that he liked her body it sure as fuck was now, he thought as he stuffed Kleenex in his nose and pinched it to stop the bleeding.


Maka was embarrassed. Soul had walked in on her while she was changing. Soul. Her roommate and crush. And he had been staring at her, like actually staring, not glancing or happening to see, staring. If this was not the zombie apocalypse and the phone lines weren’t down, she would phone Liz immediately. Liz would know what to do, but for all Maka knew Liz was dead and she would have to deal with this problem on her own.

She quickly finished getting dressed, hastily replacing her pyjama shorts with full length jeans (not her skinny jeans, she did not need Soul looking at her like that right now, especially when they would be surrounded by zombies, so bootcut it was). She fixed her shirt before taking a deep breath and stepping out the door. Somehow this was scarier than facing the zombie that was her father.

She swung the door open.

“Soul,” she called out. Her voice echoing in their small apartment causing his head to pop out if the bathroom, quickly followed by the rest of him.

She was sure her face was burning, he even had a light blush. Before he could open his mouth and say something uncool and embarrassing she saw the blood in his shirt.

“Oh, my god! Soul are you hurt!?” She asked panic ringing in her voice as she pointed at the front of his shirt.

“What?” Soul asked, confused before following her finger to the incriminating red spots on his chest. “Oh, this. I umm… Just, uh, got… You know, a nosebleed,” he rushed out, stuttering.

Maka looked surprised and at her surprised face Soul turned even more tomato like, his skin almost matching his bloody red eyes. Maka giggled. She gave Soul a nosebleed. She gave Soul a nosebleed!

He flushed darker.

It was adorable.

He was adorable.

Wait what?

Maka mentally hit her self.

“You should probably change your shirt,” Maka explained to Soul when she recived a questioning stare at her longer than acceptable ogling. “It’s covered in blood, they might smell it,”

Soul smirked. Well, that could not be good, Maka thought before he pulled his sweater off leaving him shirtless in the hallway.

He had nice abs Maka noted.

Very nice abs.

She mentally slapped herself again before turning away and walking down the hall. Soul’s smirk was much to wide.

As she stalked away she heard his laughter and him digging around in his drawer for a new shirt.

Later when they were all properly dressed and bloodstain free the opened the door. The door swung open slowly as Maka gripped her baseball bat, Soul standing weaponlessly behind her. He felt useless.

As Maka stepped in to the hallway, he followed and both breathed a sigh if relief when the hallway was clear of any movement. Their relied quickly turned to choking coughs as Spirit was dead in the hallway and it was disgusting. Maka pulled Soul by the arm around her fathers body and down to the stairs before giving him her bat, violently pulling off her bandana and throwing up. He almost joined her heaving on to the ground. Almost.

Instead he rested his hand in her back and rubbed soothing circles on her spine until he passed the clasp of her bra and he immediately removed his hand, the memory of her from earlier filling his mind as he pulled away.

She had stopped throwing up now, Soul noted. She was also shaking. He reluctantly shifted closer to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. The blonde leaned against him.

When she recovered, Soul gently kissed her on the forehead, causing said girl to blush cutely as he tied her bandana around her face once more. His own blocking his blush before he stood up and offered her a hand up, which she took.

Than they moved on farther down the stairs and out to the lobby.


The street was crawling with zombies. Maka could see five from were they where and knowing from the walking dead, her and Soul’s favourite tv show before this happened (even if they got power back, they would never watch that show again) that there could be several more just out of view.

She was reluctant to open the door.

Soul felt the same. He pulled her in for a quick hug (he wanted a kiss) before she yanked the door open and dived at a zombie. She angled her bat just right, snapping the zombie’s neck, causing it to crumble to the ground.

She felt sick but she kept moving. There was a small corner store two blocks away. They just had to raid that, they could run in fill their backpacks and run out. Simple.

There were only a few more zombies on the way there, however they did here screaming and gunshots in the distance, they were carefully silent. At that, Soul grabbed her hand and walked quicker. They made it to the store with little excitement. When they arrived they found a dead cashier and a couple of zombie customers who where quickly taken care of.

Soul immediately started stuffing his backpack with various canned items (as well as some junk food when Maka was not looking.

They wrapped up their business in the store quickly before barricading the doors shut and heading home.

As they jogged home, Soul found a crow bar lying on the ground. He took it, have it a test swing before noticing a zombie nearby, he crept up behind the dead and smacked it hard over the head. It crumbled to the ground and they kept moving, not stopping to see if it really was dead before rushing back to their apartment.

When they got their they rushed up the stairs and unlocked the door. Once safe inside, They both released breaths they did not know they were holding.

Soul laughed awkwardly. “I thought we were gonna die,” he got out between his laughs, untying his bandana.

“Me too,” Maka agreed, wrapping her arms around his waist and resting her head against his chest. Soul hugged her back for a few minuets, all the while thinking, debating if he should kiss her or not. He was leaning towards kissing her, her lips where right there and she was hugging him very tightly for a very long time, that must mean something, right?! They also could be dead tomorrow, he thought moodily as he tightened his grip on her ever so slightly before pulling back and staring into her eyes.

Her bright green eyes where windows to her soul. It was a bright, happy, pure, innocent soul, the complete opposite to his. He reached his hand up to her face and cupped her check for a moment before reaching around her head and untying her red bandana as well before dropping it to the floor. Maka looked at him questioningly but before she could comment his lips where on hers, soft and gentle but tinted with desperation. She was frozen at first, stiffening in his arms but she quickly relaxed and she kissed him back, her arms wrapping around her neck and her fingers tangling in the fine hairs of his neck. She never wanted this to end, she thought as his tongue brushed her lips.


After what felt like hours, they pulled away, a small string of saliva still connecting then. Soul laughed once more and smiled but this time it was a hopeful laugh. His smile was returned by Maka, who held him tightly in her arms and stared into his eyes, hers displaying her soul and all her love for him. He knew his probably looked the same. He leaned down and chastely kissed her once more, this kiss was full of hope.