√ Pygmy Puff Party Favors

“Pygmy Puffs,” 2014, polymer clay, acrylic paint, and pom pom balls.

These adorable creatures are by far one of my favorite projects from my Hogwarts-themed birthday party and I hope my guests were just as thrilled to take one home.

As you can hopefully tell from the pictures, the construction wasn’t too difficult, but the sculpting and painting was fairly time-consuming. Possible future addition to my Etsy shop?


Learn to make this adorably fluffy, Harry Potter-inspired pygmy puff plushie with my newest DIY tutorial video! This cute little guy would make a great gift for any Harry Potter fan you know (including yourself!). For the pattern, a list of materials, and links to more detailed sewing tutorials for all of the stitches I used, read the video description on YouTube.

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