Seeker wings made by the legendary @pybun 

Surprise! The wonderful and unbelievably kind pybun took the task of making these amazing wings for my upcoming seeker model. She worked very hard and deserves all the praise for such a fantastic job. These wings have been tested, animated, and have been given to me for SFM! Soon (hopefully) we’ll have our very own RED Seeker model! This item was a commission and a special request. Thank you so much Py <3 <3


i have drawn like -0,1 things during my whole semester break so far and to fight the demons of unfinished files and scribbles i’m gonna post this here now

so this’ll hopefully convince my lazy ass to use the free time that’s left by not only watching ghost adventures but drawing as much as i can

let’s see how this works

long-haired junkie sniper is someone py-bun is responsible for <3


Sketch of a flooded field. I really like late autumn weather so it’s very fun to work on these kind of scenes. Probably won’t package this as a release but here are some pictures instead.

What I love about little boys

💙 Their little blushes

💙 The way they giggle

💙 How shy most of them are

💙 How they seem to glow when you call them “prince” or “babyboy”

💙 The fact that they need constant reassurance

💙 Some are into being called “pup/py” which is so fitting words can’t even describe

💙 How loud they get when in littlespace

💙 How they get all defensive over Mommy (or any other caregiver name they use)

💙 The way they look with pacis in their mouths

💙 How they pout when told no

💙 How much they love and appreciate their caregivers for letting them be little

💙 They never let any meanies tell them “boys are supposed to be dominant” because obviously they’re little and will put up a disagreement

💙I just love little boys 💙