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Steven/Rose theory. 1.) Steven has every capability a gem has, as which has so far been proven. 2.) Because he should never have to "poof" Rose likely never thought about what might happen because A.) she is still inside the gem, her body is gone, but her conscious mind is there and B.) there has been no exposure to Gem/Humans ever. thus 3.) When Steven poofs, Rose will temporarily be back til Steven heals, to protect his Gem while he recovers. When it is time for him to return, she says bye.

Moderate continuation of previous ask. I feel that if I were writing the story, that is what I would do to bring back Rose, because it would be wonderfully bittersweet, and bring up a thousand and one complications to the relationship between Steven and the CGems, as well as his father. AND it would allow further complications to his identity to Homeworld. I would love a scene between Rose and Connie where Rose learns so much about Connie, and her love bleeds though to Steven. It would be cute.

See that kind of bittersweet complication I think is perhaps the ONLY way I’d enjoy seeing Rose introduced in such a way. Knowing that fighting for Steven was kind of her last fight, and still Steven never meeting his mother, that’s raw. I oddly enough enjoy that twist, even if it defeats my “WELL THAT WASN’T HER PLAN” because really how can you plan for what comes after death, or what the Gem equivalent is.

I’d accept that, but having Steven die and Rose returning is just to me reverse Bruce Wayne style angst that I don’t desire.

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Me again, back to theorizing Rose Quartz! This one more geared towards Lion's relationship to Rose and fantasy magical practices! And a certain context in an episode. Lion is Rose's familiar. Familiars (as noted by a book series in SU) are invisible to all but the "owner" Thus when Rose was still present to maintain the master/familiar relationship no one could see Lion. BUT, when Steven got close with Rose's gem, Lion attached, and since Steven is unskilled, Lion is now visible! - WIP Theory.

Hmmm, interesting! I sort of like the idea of Lion being present for Rose but invisible to others, either as a secret or physically. 

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I really liked today's episode. It shows that only a few people connect Steven to the Crystal Gems, which shows that at the moment, humans are very connected to them, but Sadie, who has seen a lot more, is still distant. There are only 3 humans that seem to know a lot about gems, and they are super close to Steven. This episode showed that, as well as explaining that not every really cares about the Gems. Like, they know they are a thing, but are happy with or without them. It's a human episode.

Heck yeah! I did really like seeing the varying degrees of closeness the townspeople of Beach City displayed through Ronaldo’s interviews. It was interesting to see since we almost always are viewing the show from Steven’s perspective.

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I apologize for my contribution to the Garnet debate. I was being oblivious and excited. On a more positive note, you have managed to provide me with a lot more information that I am normally privy too, as I lack cable. Thus no credits to see names and such, or previews for other episodes. This lack is both boon and bane, as I get to be really surprised right at the start of an episode, but out of the loop later. Thanks for that. ^-^

Hey no need for apologizing, we’re all having a good time here!

And that’s awesome to hear! I’m happy to have helped you get some greater info on the series.