px100 test film


Ana-log: The Peabody Hotel/Little Rock, Arkansas

Eerie. Ghost town. Ghost hotel. The good thing is it’s somewhat liberating–shot 1-3 from inside elevator out towards hall I kept having to call but only once whisked me down once but otherwise stayed on our floor; the bad thing is having to cancel your cheesecake and herbal tea order after 45 minutes. 

Shot with a particularly wonky pack of px680 and px100 test film  from Impossible. 



Hotel El Rancho

Gallup, NM

Ate there and used the bathroom. A few times. But that’s another story. The trip or the charm anyway for all intents and purposes is over, as I am typing this on a desk in a room at a Radisson in Flagstaff, AZ. We are however are in a sort of motel like adjunct to the main building reserved for pets and their owners and other degenerates. In fact there was a smoking, lingering vagrant looming inside near the entry as I loaded up the cart. So there’s a little action here. 

A poignant addendum to the my Blue Sparrow musings: spoke with the owners, incredibly sweet and hospitable married couple who after being laid off from their jobs in Michigan decided to no longer be beholden to others and started over in Tucumcari, taking over and restoring The Blue Sparrow.  Jazz indeed wafted into the room from a small speaker in the garden disguised as a rock and indeed it is a hopeful little island among the ruins of what appeared to be once a hopping post-war town. I hope my 120 comes out alright. But in either case I managed to have an authentic experience in spite or in concurrence with my stock meta reflection. And that’s what counts. No, I hope my film comes alright.