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Theme #1 Blanco [revamped] by Riverbell themes

ver 2.0.0
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This is a revamp of my very first theme, Blanco. A very minimalistic theme, where the focus lay on the posts. A fixed menu that smoothly becomes transparent when scrolling, and fully visible on mouseover. It has built in jQuery slidedown tabs for the description, ask box, and links + search bar. 


  • colors, fonts and background image are all customizable
  • 500px wide posts in one column
  • fixed transparent/visible menu with description, ask box and links
  • search bar
  • 10 custom links (and pages)
  • optional hide captions
  • three optional avatar shapes (circle, square, rounded edges)
  • three optional audio player colors
Terms of usage

Please, do not steal, redistribute, remove credit or claim as your own. Alterations are ok! If there are any questions/problems please send me a message!


IMPORTANT! For the ask box to work, you only need to add your tumblr url in the appearance section in the customization view. Scroll down until you find “Your tumblr url” and replace “example.tumblr.com” with your URL.