I feel like the old school wrestling critics who want to go back to booking as a pseudo-sport rather than writing as narrative television are just so deluded.

I’m talking about people like Wade Keller and his douches over at PWtorch and yep Jim Cornette (who I respect the hell out of) I heard Jim talk about how MMA has become hugely popular via what wrestling use to do in building up two guys and people paying to see who’s toughest. Anyone who thinks wrestling today post-kayfabe, post-complete exposure of its inner-workings can compete with MMA on those terms is just tripping.

I feel like people mad about the out come of Orton/Bryan tonight are focusing on the match as being about a fictional title/contest rather than being another chapter in the wider arc of TV narrative.

Interestingly, read old dirtsheets from the 90s. These guys were hopped up on seventies nostalgia and the kind that saw Bill Watts as WCW’s saviour! That says it all.

So WWE has scrubbed all reference to Hulk Hogan

Like, ALL of it.

His Superstar page? Gone.
No mention of him on the Hall of Fame section.
He’s been completely removed from Tough Enough.

His latest tweet.

Why would WWE do this? The rumor is that there exists a tape of an N-word laced tirade from Hogan. And it’s apparently bad enough (for WWE at least) that they’ve done a Chris Benoit with him.

Even Curtis Axel is back to being Curtis Axel, with no mention of #Axelmania.

Yo, this is going to be fucking HUGE.

[Relevant PWTorch article]