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Why We’ll Forget About London

Good video, I recommend you watch and give me your thoughts and opinions.

Following the attack in London it really hit me seeing this pic of the American tourist Kurt Cochran that died, his wife is still in hospital. I have met some really nice people visiting our shores from the States and this pic reminded me of a lovely couple I met last year, one of whom is on Tumblr. I hope it does not stop people coming to Scotland, or the UK as a whole, these attacks can happen anywhere and at any time, we can’t live our lives in fear. 

Well that’s my tuppence worth, it’s not a lot but I don’t like to dwell on things. RIP  all that lost their lives and I wish those in hospital a speedy recovery. 

Five hidden worlds just below London

1. You yourself may have encountered pigeons which seem to have only one leg, or perhaps one and a half legs, or even some other fraction of legs. This is an illusion. These pigeons are abundantly supplied with leg. Some even have three. London being what it is, as countless authors can tell you, sometimes has rains from the sky of teensy-tiny portals to grubby underworld dimensions. These pigeons have got their feet stuck in them. Even now their feet are having excitingly gothic adventures without them. This is why pigeons go into bars and cry.

2. Similarly, you yourself may have had the sort of incident in London where your pie and a squirrel come into closer contact than you as a pie-eater would like. Would you be surprised to learn that this is also due to a murkily sinister alternative dimension lurking just below London? I would not be. These squirrels are in exile and are constantly on the lookout for a route home. Their original portal was cunningly designed as a rotating pie; press on one end, and you are flipped down into the raucous depths. Is it any wonder that they seek to spin your pastries?

3. Have you seen the sort of genteel little city square whose bounds are locked and triple-locked against the entry of plebs like you? This too is an illusion, and a cunning one. Step past the fence and it all becomes clear: what seems to be a square is actually a reflecting pool of cunningly-fashioned ghoststuff leading into yet another moist little underLondon. There are many of these in London, because there are.

4. London being, as I believe I have mentioned, a hive of underdimensions over overdimensions beside portals through portals; that said, you can imagine the challenges to build an underground railway through the place. Tubular engineers must take an oath never to reveal the sinister doorways that have yawned in their general direction. In fact, there are many gaps in the network where tube trains simply leap across chunks of other worlds or, in one notable example on the Victoria line, a small segment of translocated deep space. Sometimes one may even hear the whistling chittering of those things that lurk beyond. But usually not if you have headphones in.

5. Then again, there is that other theory: that we are already all living in a London below some other London and its extended outworld. Scientists who have looked into the matter say that this is by far the most likely option. Indeed it may well be that we are all living in a London below some other London that is itself below an even Londonier London, and so on all the way up. Who knows what the top of that stack looks like. Perhaps it connects again to the bottom, leaving us with no London at all other than the ones we made along the way.


Rob, Tom and Sienna went to see Hamlet tonight in London. Afterwards, Rob graciously posed with a fan.

They all saw a modern production of Hamlet, along with Sir Ian McKellan and Sherlock actor Rupert Graves, also in the audience. The woman who saw Rob said there were a group of girls in the back of the theatre in Islington who were quite excited to see him there.

Andrew Scott plays Hamlet (he’s Moriarty in Sherlock), and Juliet Stevenson plays Gertrude. The production directed is by Almeida Associate Director Robert Icke (1984; Mr Burns; Oresteia; Uncle Vanya). 3.23.17

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Netanyahu: Britain, Israel facing same terror threat - Prime Minister condemns London attack, says Israelis were first to face this type of terrorism - 24 March 2017

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strongly condemned the deadly terror attack in London on Wednesday, which took place within the security parameter of the British parliament.
In a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office Thursday afternoon, Netanyahu sent his condolences to the families of the three victims murdered in the combination ramming and stabbing attack.
The Prime Minister also wished the 40 wounded a speedy recovery.
Netanyahu noted the similarities between Wednesday’s attack and the wave of lone-wolf terror attacks combining stabbings with ramming attacks Israel faced from late 2015 through the first half of 2016.
“The citizens of Israel were among the first to face the challenge of vehicular ramming and stabbing attacks. We must stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the citizens of Britain and the entire civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism.”
Earlier on Thursday, the ISIS-affiliated media outlet Amaq issued a statement claiming the terrorist killed during Wednesday’s rampage was a “soldier of ISIS”.
British Prime Minister Theresa May revealed Thursday morning that the perpetrator of the attack was British-born and had a record of involvement in violent Islamist extremism.
No further details on the identity of the terrorist have been released.
While the world focused on London, 230 Iraqis may have died in air strikes in Mosul
Approximately 230 people are reported to have been killed in what is thought to have been a US-led coalition air strike on an Isis-held neighbourhood in Mosul.

As long as America and her allies have an interventionist foreign policy - one where they interfere and meddle in the affairs of other nations, where they try to police the entire world, where they wage unconstitutional wars of aggression, and where they place so little value on any lives that are not white and Christian, they will continue to experience blowback like what was seen in London this week.  Either the controllers and planners of these wars are too stupid to understand the blowback phenomenon, or this is exactly what they want - a perpetual war that allows them to strip Americans of more and more rights and more and more wealth.