starlightexcellent asked:

Yuu presses the call button almost immediately after the announcement. "M-Monomi?! How is this possible? Y-You were in my room and I was trying to find a way to recharge you! Wh--"

Before Yuu had a chance finish his sentence, a pink bunny not unlike Monobear appeared. She looked deeply ashamed.

“Yuu-kun! I’m gwad you’we okay. I’m sowwy I weft without tewwing you. You wewe wight about Monobeaw… I had to hide so you wouwdn’t be in dangew because of me.”

“I guess aww I reawwy needed was some sweep. Or maybe I weawwy am sowaw-powewed…”

“…Oh weww. What mattews is that I’m aww bettwew now, so that means I can pwotect evewyone! You can count on me!”

And like the adorable superhero she is, she disappeared to places unknown.