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Do you ever think about the fact that if Aomine and Kagami had met when they were kiddies, they’d probably have been bestest best friends who loved to pwn all the teenagers on the street court and go fishing together and be adorable 8-year-old bffs?

And instead of losing all the will to live in middle-school, Aomine would have unyielding support from Kagami in the form of him telling Aomine to get over himself because a five-year-old girl could beat his dumb-ass at basketball, just come to America and I’ll prove it to you!

And then upon his return to Japan, Kagami gets to meet Aomine’s new rainbow gang and there’s no angst just ball and laughter and later on they trip and accidentally kiss and welp.. guess we’d better get married, now.

anonymous asked:

Omg! Can you do a react where 17 sees S/O getting harassed by some drunk dude but before they could step it, S/O busts out some awesome self-defense moves and pwns the harasser? Love your blog~ 😘😘

All of them would obviously make sure you’re alright and comforted if needed, but other than that-

S.Coups/Jun/The8: Scolds you afterward because “I could have totally taken that guy Jagi”, but they’re also extremely proud and relieved to know that their s/o can handle their own when needed. Probably lowkey initiates play fights more often and you wreck them.

Jeonghan/Hoshi/Mingyu/Woozi: Would be pretty surprised. They were going to step in, but it’s a relief to not have to. They’d praise you on your skills and might ask for some tips for future reference.

DK/Joshua/Vernon/Wonwoo: They honestly feel so blessed right now. They did not want to fight that guy! They probably won’t shut up for a while about how impressive you were and will definitely ask you if you can teach them some of what you know because they’re smol.

Seungkwan/Dino: At first they’re like !!!, but then they’re cheering for you okay! They see their strong and confident s/o kicking ass and they can’t help but be excited. They’ll be so ecstatic to talk to you about it afterward wanting to know where you learned these things.

Thank you!

I got celebrate my birthday yesterday and I just wanted to give a quick thank you to all of my amazing readers and followers. I’m so lucky to have all your support and I’m truly humbled by the amount of support that Pwn Love has received from the Tumblr community and video game industry. I wish I could FedEx you all a piece of birthday cake to help me celebrate but I don’t have that type of cash. We’ll just have to enjoy the picture of a gaming cake together instead. Om nom nom, cheers and many thanks to you! 

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