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Good idea - holding a conversation with the large humanoid dragon and trying to convince him NOT to eat you.
Bad idea - putting your hands in his mouth. Yes, i know it looks very inviting, with those impressive fang-lined jaws, that thick, muscular tongue coated with drool, that steamy breath emanating from that wide, powerful-looking throat that can easily engulf your hand if you get too close… AHEM, what I mean is, don’t do it fam it’s dangerous.

ANYWAYS more durg boy again because i felt like it. And once more doing more POV hand interaction, but this time I wanted to convey an obvious size difference between the viewer’s hands and the one they’re interacting with. Yay, figuring out size ratios.:D

Also slowly practicing a newer way to draw saliva, I kinda like it >v>


February 16th, 2016

ERIC: Hey you guys.


Remember how I said I was thinking about getting Heathers in our school? Way back when in October?


It’s finally happening. Nothing cut out, the entire musical in all its edgy 80s glory.

And I just finished my audition. Definitely getting my role. Guess who.

Oh and Kenny finished his too!

How was it? Who you going for dude?

KENNY: Uhh, Ram and what’s his name, uhhh…. Kurt, and J.D. and any role. I went for all of em.

ERIC: “What’s his name?” Ugh. Look at this fucking noob. If you didn’t have such an amazing voice you’d never even get a callback.

KENNY: Heh, Love you too Cartman.

ERIC: Oh by the way, the line next to him is other auditioners.

Hmmmm, wonder who’s gonna get Martha Dumptruck.

I’m stumped. Could be anyone.

WENDY: Don’t worry. I’m pretty sure you got her.
ERIC: Ha. Look, it’s lil McNamara.
WENDY: Bite me scumbag.


Heathers Poster Art By @kofukune

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