pwi female 50

Full 2015 PWI Female 50 List

1. Nikki Bella
2. Paige
3. Sasha Banks
4. Santana Garrett
5. Gail Kim
6. Charlotte
7. Naomi
8. Cherry Bomb
9. Courtney Rush
10. Taryn Terrell
11. Bayley
12. Brie Bella
13. Sexy Star
14. Cheerleader Melissa
15. LuFisto
16. Nicole Matthews
17. Becky Lynch
18. Kimber Lee
19. Natalya
20. Jessicka Havok
21. Awesome Kong
22. Candice LeRae
23. Brooke
24. Athena
25. Ivelisse
26. Jade
27. Madison Rayne
28. Leva Bates
29. Barbi Hayden
30. Angelina Love
31. Emma
32. Saraya Knight
33. Veda Scott
34. Velvet Sky
35. Madison Eagles
36. Kay Lee Ray
37. Marti Bell
38. Kellie Skater
39. Nikki Storm
40. Evie
41. Heidi Lovelace
42. Tessa Blanchard
43. Portia Perez
44. Alicia Fox
45. Cat Power
46. Crazy Mary Dobson
47. Xandra Bale
48. La Rosa Negra
49. Malia Hosaka
50. Vanessa Kraven

It’s a kayfabe ranking so it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It’s based more on “career success” than it is on actual wrestling ability. Sasha is obviously the better best wrestler, but Nikki has held a main roster title for a record amount of time. 

Basically, if WWE writers decided they wanted a potato to be champion for a year, the potato would be #1 on their list.

No disrespect to Nikki Bella, I think she’s actually better than most people give her credit for and she works hard for it. She’s better than a potato for sure.

If anything, the fact that Sasha was ranked so high, despite just joining the main roster and not winning the title yet, is a testament to how good she actually is.