BEACON’S HARBOR————————————-—————————-—————————-

     Beacon’s Harbor, is a renowned beach town located in Southern California, which continues to thrive each and every year.  It’s a place where everyone knows everyone. A place where something always seems to transpire; be it, a Debutante Ball, seasonal festivals, or football games at the High School. The generous donors of Beacon’s Harbor’s Elite and all those wealthily connected, make sure of it.  But, there’s more to the town’s rich history, than naturally meets the eye. In the shadows or even in plain sight, danger lurks – enticing innocent souls with seductive charms and beauteous faces.

     ——-—————————-—————————-A TW/TVD/TSC CROSSOVER ROLEPLAY


Paul said to Chris: “Je t'aime Chris Wood, il est très stupide mais je t'adore”
Translation: “I love you Chris Wood, it is very silly but I adore you.”

Paul said Chris is his new boyfriend and Daniel [Gillies] was just a one night stand.

Candice said her favorite scene with Paul was when Caroline became a vampire and Stefan then taught her how to hunt.

Candice said that Paul is very good friends with her husband and so she had to get along with him.

Fan: “Best moment with Nina on set?”
Paul : “When she tripped over her dress.”

Fan: “In one word, what did you feel about the last scene with Nina?”
Paul : *crying*
Ian : She was very loved and it’s going to be badass.

Paul doesn’t remember the sex scene between Stefan & Rebekah. So he googled it and watched it on YouTube.

Ian teased Paul: “Oh oh I’m Paul and I hooked up with so many women that I cant remember them all oh oh.”

Paul: “How was your last scene with Nina?”
Paul: *sighs in relief* “No im kidding it was more like.. *cries*

Paul doesn’t know when “Mothers’ Day” is coming out.

Paul said that Candice was wearing pictures of Ian on her chest during the scene where they are naked under the sheets.

Fan: “Why are people fascinated with vampires?”
Ian : “Because they’re sexy.”
Paul : “They love danger and sex.”

Ian : “Directing Paul is the worst.”
Paul : “Directing Ian is the worst.”

Fan: “Which actress did you like the most having a romantic scene?”
Ian : “Paul Wesley.”

Ian and Paul hope that the final scene of TVD will be them wearing no pants.

Fan : “What is the craziest thing a fan said or gave to you?”
Paul : “Voulez-vous coucher..” [French: Do you want to sleep…with me]
Ian : “Underwear”

Paul said that he had a film coming out in December and Ian answered that he didnt ask him the permission to do it.

Live Tweeting Credits: BennyBIACM, Reehalder, Dobrewski, Somerholtx