me walking into a mcdonalds in 2037: i’d like the 5 for .0000005 meal please :)

cashier: sure thing! that’ll just be .0000005 bitcoins. would you like to pay with wifi or take out a McLoan?

me: comcastie-kins can i pwease use the intewnet to twansfew some bitcoins to mcdonawds? ówò

comcast: uh oh pumpkin, you didn’t upgrade to the new premium money exchange package yet :(

me: guess i’ll take out another McLoan then!

cashier: sir it looks like you’ve actually exceeded your limit, you currently owe .13 bitcoins to mcdonald’s and im legally required to arrest you

me: not if i kill myself first

cashier, chasing me with a net: mcdonald’s owns the rights to your life so you’re not allowed to die

every moicy vs pharmercy comic ever

moira: [making the pennywise face] angellaaaa [uses her longer fingernails on her right hand to flip her fringe] oh angela wanna [scratches mercys face lightly and draws blood] wanna [licks her own spiky teeth] experiment with me [sticks her fingernail up mercys nose]

mercy: Pwease Someone Hewp Me Fwom This Butch Im A Dewicate Angew Buttewfwy

pharah: hulk smash