Attention pwease~

I just wanted to thank everyone who said nice things, gave me advice, asked me things today, etc. You guys made my day SO much easier and better after my first surgery and I really, really appreciate it! Thank you for being such amazingly kind followers and mutuals, I love you guys!! (´,,•ω•,,)♡ ♡ ♡ 

Hey guys!!! As you all probably know, I’ve had a pretty rough time these past few weeks with moving into an apartment, starting college, leaks and mold, moving into another apartment, college work load, and mental illnesses in general. A lot of you have asked if there was anything you could do to help me out, and heres the answer!!!
Feel 100% free to spoil me or take a look at my wish list!!! I’d really appreciate it if any of you spoil me, and you’ll get a post of me with the thing you decide to spoil me with, and a personal thank you message as well as me checking out your blog! 

You guys are amazing <3
<3 Little Princess Claire Adrianna <3