Part 3
Pages 24-25

BROTHERS (Underfell comic)

PWART 3 !!! And to begin this new part, I finally swapped from my old software to my new one, which is much better. I was affraid that the style would be too different, but in fact it’s ok ^^


My 3D Lighting and Shading final! We were provided with models of various quality and told to go nuts texturing and lighting them for some sort of camera movement.

Rather than wreck myself on the gigantic military mech in the folder, I decided to tackle the ferry interior. I wanted to depict various kinds of water damage in this scene, as well as a sense of exploration without being TOO scary about it.

The biggest challenge of this project was rendering. This was my first time using the 2015 edition of Maya, and while it had been surprisingly stable for other functions, it was significantly less stable for rendering. I had trouble getting batches to do more than five or so frames at a time on my usual computer, but for some reason it did just fine when i split the load between two computers.

At least I started a couple weeks early! In addition to the technical issues, each frame took about two to three minutes to render each.

The textures in this scene were put together using free-to-use photos found online and a lot of sweat and tears in photoshop. No sound. Go ahead and click HD, too!


Here’s a Lighting & Shading assignment to render a scene with what appears to be primarily natural lighting or artificial lighting.

This classroom is an ongoing project for the class as we move through the program. All objects were modeled and UV mapped by me; the chalkboard, apple, filing cabinets, and wall clock were textured by me, while the rest use photos from CG Textures.