PWA International Championship [2014]

This is my design for the PWA International Championship (you can see my name engraved on the right side plate). From my notepad, to illustrator with help from 4eversabi, to reality! One day I hope to leave a foot print in the World of Professional Wrestling, until that day comes I have the satisfaction of knowing I designed a wrestling championship being used by a promotion. Maybe I’ll win it one day, who knows?

Tonight was the Debut of the NPCs. The Nerdy People of Color in PWA CT. Just a couple of guys from the Local Arcades in Bristol and New Haven CT. The Lights went out and I stepped out from the curtains… The Fans were ELECTRIC, the roof almost came off the building… for me? Yes me! Nathaniel Carr followed and we tore it up with the croud, Party Rocking and generally just having a good time. We were unsuccessful in our tag title match but I’d still call it a successful debut. This is what I live for… freak… Out…

Roberto had his first day of training yesterday and even though his cerebral palsy effects both legs and both arms, he killed it. He did better at the basic rolls than some people I’ve seen come and go in the last 9 months. Just goes to show if you want something bad enough, nothing can stop you. Can’t wait to see how he progresses.



In this bout, Hippy Dicky Moon and “Good Looks” Donnie Brooks square off in a match to determine the number one contender for the PWA Squared Circle Television Championship.

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Donnie Brooks earns his PWA contract (9/2714)

The PWA 2 Year Anniversary show saw a referee revolt of sorts. Myself and two other PWA refs fought in a triple threat elimination match in order to determine who would become the next contracted wrestler to PWA. After Dan the ref was eliminated by Nathaniel Carr, he became the referee for the remainder of the match. Nathaniel Carr shoved Dan which would ultimately lead to his downfall as it caused a distraction and I picked up the win.

*also this is a recording of a recording, sorry for the horrible quality*


PWA Squared Circle Television Championship (2015)

The gentlemen over at The Squared Circle have sponsored and created the new PWA TV Title which will be defended at PWA’s weekly shows at the new training facility in Cheshire, CT starting in 2015.

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PWA CT Academy Wars: Dicky Moon vs. Troy Stevens

PWA presents the first ever episode of “Academy Wars”! This will be a regular series of never been seen, exclusive TV taping matches featuring many of the PWA stars and students! Our first featured match is one half of the new PWA Tag Team Champions Dicky Moon vs Troy Stevens



I’m the host for the first annual PWA Year End Awards. I even took a couple of the categories! Give it a watch.

Josef Von Schmidt (2014)

JVS is known as “The German Gold Collector”, and for good reason. After only five years he has amassed 22 titles and counting. Currently, the German Juggernaut proudly carries the PWA International Championship, 5 Star Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, Undaground Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, and his WOF Heavyweight Championship carries the weight of two rosters since their merger with ECPW. Patrons at a bar even awarded Von Schmidt with the DDC: Dave Doolittle Championship. Everywhere he goes, titles wrap themselves around his waist.