maybe I’m in love with you #57


Nobody could have seen it coming— this whole Kageyama and Hinata thing.

(even Kageyama and Hinata themselves)

Kageyama or Hinata makes more sense, after all.

Tall or short. Big or small. Frowns or smiles. Cold or warmth. Kageyama or Hinata.

(Alone or “I’m here!”. Victory or loss. House or home.) 

So it surprises a lot of them when the two idiots manage to go from opposites to complements.

Tall and short. Big and small. Frowns and smiles. Cold and warmth. Kageyama and Hinata.

(finding small victories in losses, finding a home in his "I’m here!“)

Kageyama and Hinata never really needed much sense in order to make things work.

(gwaaah and pwaaah and "You really are incredible!” and being invincible and meatbuns and dumbasses and volleyball)

And the spaces in-between their and’s (whenever their eyes find each other’s first after a match, whenever Kageyama trusts a little bit more and Hinata believes in himself a little bit more), leave everybody wishing that this happened earlier in those two's lives— this whole Kageyama and Hinata thing.