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That was the most intense episode of the whole series.

It wasn’t just Gemma having a gun pointed at her baby while she was in labour in some seedy toilet, oh no that wasn’t the HALF of it.

Frannie and her poor dad Walder Frey. When I saw his face I swear to you I cried so much. I cried when the baby was born, and when Gemma told Steve it was over. Not only because Jonas Armstrong is my bb but also because of REASONS.

Paul is giving Frannie what she asked for, but surely when he learns that she is now SUFFERING at the hands of these thugs and oh! her father’s lovely house was RUINED and TRASHED oh it was so emotional; all the pictures and memories and oh!

I ship Gemma/Detective Hunter. That is a ship and I’m captaining it because I SAID SO. I wanted to learn his first name and for her name the baby after him because that would be so lovely because, okay, I hate police for reasons but he was a nice ruddy GUY.

Mason. Mason. Mason. I feel for you so much bb, you and your parents. ;___;


I missed loads out but omg.


It was so weird seeing Walder Frey playing a nice guy. I just couldn’t get over that it was like the most spectacular part of the whole show haha!

That poor woman who’s son is that ginger thing I literally felt so bad for her it was awful.

Paul. On his own. No one came to see him. My heart broke. 

Then his kids and Frannie all went to see him and it was suddenly so AWESOME and then Paul and Sean looking out for the ginger guy oh I swooned everywhere and everywhere YES <33

EW the headteacher of that school is the most vile creature. Poor Gemma. And then she told the copper everything! I thought she was going to stick it out and get Steve out but at last she was thinking of her baby.

I hope next door but one get their cat from the shelter. Mhm.

The strip search was uncomfortable to watch ugh I just felt so bad for her. And then I couldn’t help wandering where Basil the dog was. I think my mind was like LET’S FOCUS ON SOMETHING ELSE.

I need therapy after this series ends, I just know it.