A UH-72 Lakota Helicopter of the National Training Center’s Aviation Company provides air superiority cover for the opposition forces engaged with 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 34th Infantry Division’s ground forces during an encounter in the Siberian Flats at the National Training Center, June 15, 2016. (U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Austin Anyzeski, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment)


#Monday #disco fever 😝🌳✂️🎥 #PVTS wrapping up our #tree #adventuring at the town houses.
#treebiz #arborist #nj #gopro #timelapse #treecare #tree_magic #treeservice #treegear #hustletrees #nomercy (at Gillette, New Jersey)

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@wxlkstabwalk replied to your post “[pvt] Fine. When do we start?”

[Pvt] I’m sure…So…Uh…Is there something we do to signify this???


Well, I’ve only had two relationships in any quadrant prior to this, and neither were (wholly) pitch, so your guess is as good as mine. :PP

I kid, mostly. An agreement is good enough. There’s little ceremony to it - most of the time, trolls are just impulsive as hell and they go for it. Either that, or it’s a relationship borne of necessity… which gets into the complexities of troll politics. I won’t bore you.

Can you tell me what you already know about kismessitude?

saintadonis replied to your post:Who the FUCK do you think you are.

[pvt:] No you didn’t. You’re a fucking liar. What are you trying to do here? What the hell do you want? Money? A confession? My head? Have enough fucking class to be straightforward about it instead of impersonating a dead man.

Whoa, slow your roll. What are you on about with this “dead man” stuff? I think you have me confused for someone else. 

Listen, what’s your name? Maybe we can figure this out. 


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If ever the guns fall silent
And this war is lost to the ages
Let its memory fade with the din of battle
Let the poet’s ink bleed from history’s pages
Let the children play freely
In the fields where I lie
Ignorant of crowns and grudges and borders
And let them be wise enough to
Not fall for Battlefield 1 preorders
—  Pvt. Jon Eric ffinch-Llewellyn, KIA at the battle of Loos, 3 October 1915

wingedprincessbanana  asked:

I really don't want G doing this again. Tbh as much as I like him, my favorite is still CP & no matter their pvt rship,this is difficult 4 me 2 watch. Unless they hv some kind of understanding concerning public behavior,it must be for her too

Yeah, I would hope they have some kind of understanding. I think she understands him a lot though, because she doesn’t seem bothered by it. She’s a very open person (for some things) and he isn’t. I think he likes to keep his genuine relationships close to himself and not publicize it that much, but that backfires on how people perceive their relationship. Also, I think that when he does open up he has no chill (hence the twitter grandiceness we got that went from 0 to 100) so he might be hesitant. GG’s cute but awkward y'all. He adorable but has no chill. Lol.