A few less-popular cartoons’ progressiveness.

Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero, has featured three kids with equal roles in their career. Has shown two of the main male characters say they love each other (without adding any “no homo” junk). Have a female and male character at an equal level of friendship of the first males (she’s also a main character), without any romantic tension. Many of the female characters on this show have diverse body types and characterization. They once had two minor characters get married with the woman proposing to the man.

Wander Over Yonder (created by Craig McCracken, who you may know for creating the PowerPuff Girls), shows how helping and accepting anyone leads to positive relations and outcomes. Has two main characters who are female and male, who have one of the closest bonds I’ve ever seen, and they have no romantic tension at all. The main character Wander, is constantly helping others and loving and accepting of everyone because he just knows its the right thing to do. Even the person who keeps trying to kill him he holds no ill-will to.

Star VS the Forces of Evil, showcases a female protagonist who is incredibly out-going and self-secure. She’s really silly but can fight when need-be. Her best friend Marco is always at hand (think Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, only not as much “romantic tension”). The show really gives the vibe of just being yourself to kids, and the same idea that Earth (where the main character isn’t from), is this wonderful place with people, where you’re free to do whatever (which is another lesson Steven Universe has been showing).

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, has two teenage protagonists that act pretty much like that; teenagers. It’s one of the most accurate portrayals I’ve seen of kids entering high school. Because of this, they’re not very clever, and get into plenty trouble considering they’re trying to protect the world. This show lets kids know it’s okay to make mistakes (LOTS of them…), but never give up no matter the odds.

Clarence, has shown multiple characters with different family settings, including divorced parents, poor house-holds, and even same-sex couples. The main character even has a single mother who is dating someone who he very much admires as a parental figure. Another of the main characters has OCD who has two mothers, and the other lives with a family of 12 siblings. The first time I watched the series I found it incredibly relatable from multiple character’s perspective. Not to mention the array of body types for both children and adults.

The first 4 shows air on DisneyXD which Disney has said is targeted at pre-teen boys (though the staff on this show might say otherwise, Disney is targeting the channel at young boys), which makes these shows even more important, since we have a show staring a female as the main character, multiple series that show it’s okay to be opening loving, and accepting, and so-on, being shown to young boys.

Just because a series isn’t the most popular thing out there, doesn’t mean it’s not progressive.

And not every progressive thing needs to be mind blowing, because sometimes a kid just needs to be shown a cartoon character that has the same family-structure as them, or that it’s okay to make huge mistakes without being the end of the world, or that they can tell their friends they love them without it being romantic, or that it’s okay to be nice even if someone else isn’t, and that it never hurts to help.


Here’s one of the things I got out of the packages. And by that I mean, the 3DS. I had made a custom skin maybe a month or two ago in the hopes I’d get a DS eventually.

I had the full cream color for the inside, but I accidentally ripped the part that goes on the top after trying to fix the way I placed it, oops. The last two are the actual graphics I made for the skin, which is just a modified version of this. I originally wanted a black or red DS to match up a little better, but the only left refurbished one, was pink, but it’s cool, I like pink and the skin still looks great.

I just want people to watch Randy.

I’m not even saying this anymore because I want season 3, I want people to generally just watch it because its such a wonderful show, with characters you learn with rather than from. With wonderful character designs and colors. With super funny jokes to make even your parents laugh. A wonderful story that also makes fun of itself. A show that laughs at itself. With a staff that puts a lot of love into the series, (”For serious, we work crazy-late hours because we want to give you the best show possible.  We go big and then, and ONLY then, do we go home.“~ Co-Creator, Scott Thomas) and show major love to the fans. For a series who’s been accurate to how silly and what dumb things you did when you were the same as age as the characters. A series that’s brightened up people’s saddest days and put a smile on their face. This cartoon that’s brought its fans so much happiness from both the characters, story, and the people who worked on it.

One of the saddest things I’ve come to realize about Randy’s apparent end is that not many people got to see and grow with this wonderful series. And the series is going to stay in it’s fans’ hearts forever.

I only need one more (Tecna) to complete the this everyday collection.
Its so difficult to find Aisha dolls (I still need a Believix doll of her) which is kinda lame because I adore her.