pvc patch

Updated EDC…heavy edition for when I’m going out of town or into the bigger city.


Leatherman Wave

Benchmade 551 Griptillion

Fenix LD10


Glock 19 Gen 3 with Hornady Critical Duty 135 +P

Glock 17 magazines x2 loaded with same

Smith and Wesson 442 Airwieght loaded with Magtech 95 HP

Extra 5 shot cylinder

Boot knife from Atlanta cutlery my dad gave me

Shrade tactical pen


ITS Tactical ETA kit

Refactor Tactical RAT TQ

Small Ifak in pouch


ITS Tactical crew member cap with PVC American flag patch

Field Notes notebook

Saddleback ID wallet

5 Gum

Zippo lighter

Citizen Eco Drive watch

Refactor Tactical survival band

Lens cloth for my glasses

Keys with Huckberry pickpocket bottle opener/key hanger, Swiss classic

Earbuds from VaSang

If I was just heading up to the store or into my little Podunk town I would probably just take the 442 snubby, TQ, and my EDC list items.

Glock 19 would substitute going into the bigger towns next to mine or to the mall like Tacoma or Silverdale.

Seattle, over the Cascades or on vacation warrants the above set up and my go bag behind my seat.  

Yes this shit gets heavy having it all the time, which is why I leave stuff based on my time spent away from home, closeness to first responder stations, current events and distance from home.

But I will always carry something on my person for self defense and to stop bleeding.


To all the warfighters and gun enthusiasts alike, I’m looking to part ways with my LBT 6094A Slick plate carrier w/ both the right and left LBT-2739C-500D kydex side pockets. The plate carrier itself was made in 2011, however has seen VERY little use and is in fantastic condition. No tears, holes, or damage. The side panels however, are brand new and the condition reflects that. Size is medium and color is coyote. Takes standard ESAPI plates. Package does not include the name tape or PVC patch. Price is $200 shipped in the USA OBO. If interested, PM me or email me at Nicholasdlinden@yahoo.com