pv: going!

W E L C O M E  T O  T H E  M A D N E S S

Yurio, you’re such a little punk. ilu.

Zhīzhū bǎihé or Lys Rouge. Because akuma designs are my thing and I have no chill, have a Bridgette akuma. I was inspired when I remembered the existence of the hurricane lily aka corpse flower aka red spider lily. 

Her backstory and verse quirks are being fleshed out for my cherie so you can expect more of the pretty red akuma

Hiroyuki Sawano on recording the Season 2 soundtrack

“From the day after tomorrow and onwards, recording for Attack on Titan S2 is on schedule! Like the music used in the PV, I plan on using a raw and powerful feel . I wonder what kind of sound we’ll get. Let’s put some spirit into this!” 

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