pv: christmas magic

There’s magic here tonight. There’s something special about tonight and tomorrow and the end of the year in general. Things can happen and things can change and people can surprise you. Because I don’t believe in Santa anymore but I believe in magic. And I believe in humanity and true love and fate. And if you treat others well, they’ll be nice to you back. And if you will good things to happen to you, they will. And if you try to make yourself a better person, you’ll become one. So if there’s something you’re waiting for, building up the courage to do, or having trouble accepting- just remember that you get a little extra magic tonight.

🎄❄️☃️🎅🏻 The icy chill in the air, the soft glow of lights on all the houses, the scent of fireplaces being lit, the Christmas tree glowing in the room, the happiness that fills the air when you play Christmas music, the newly fallen snow, the cozy movie nights, the warm feeling of hot cocoa in your belly, the joyful fire burning in your heart: this is the Christmas spirit, season, and joy that makes the world a better place.

Ted waited nervously all week, expecting Andy to show up at any minute. When his old muggle friends asked him to hang out, he turned them down. He hardly slept, taking only cat naps. He just couldn’t wait. Finally, time caught up with him and Christmas Eve, he dozed off a little after midnight after drinking 3 glasses of spiked eggnog.

He jolted awake hours later, Alfie sitting on the floor, his back to the tree as he started at something. “Oh, it’s just you. Morning, Alfie. Happy Christmas.” He said, relaxing back into the couch. Then he heard a cough. He turned his head and smiled wide. He pushed himself off the couch and into Andy’s arms as she sat there smiling at him.

“How long have you been here? I’m sorry I wasn’t awake. Was Alfie good? Is Mum awake yet?” He shot his questions as if it were a quickfire round. Alfie laughed him. “Watch it, ya bugger.” He warned his brother teasingly.

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CHRISTMAS MAGIC! The National return to sing Linda and Teddy’s “Christmas Magic” song from “Father of the Bob in this all new video!