pv: christmas magic

🎄❄️☃️🎅🏻 The icy chill in the air, the soft glow of lights on all the houses, the scent of fireplaces being lit, the Christmas tree glowing in the room, the happiness that fills the air when you play Christmas music, the newly fallen snow, the cozy movie nights, the warm feeling of hot cocoa in your belly, the joyful fire burning in your heart: this is the Christmas spirit, season, and joy that makes the world a better place.

There’s magic here tonight. There’s something special about tonight and tomorrow and the end of the year in general. Things can happen and things can change and people can surprise you. Because I don’t believe in Santa anymore but I believe in magic. And I believe in humanity and true love and fate. And if you treat others well, they’ll be nice to you back. And if you will good things to happen to you, they will. And if you try to make yourself a better person, you’ll become one. So if there’s something you’re waiting for, building up the courage to do, or having trouble accepting- just remember that you get a little extra magic tonight.

When I was in college I took a Storytelling class (required for theatre majors). One day our professor came in and told us, “Christmas is for children” and then we spent the whole class telling stories about people preforming miracles to make Christmas magical for children.
Weeks ago when my kid wrote his letter to Santa he was very worried that Santa wouldn’t know how to find us since we were moving a few days before Christmas. He asked me to write an addendum telling Santa that we were moving so he would have our address. We mailed that letter downtown in a special mailbox for letters to Santa, and didn’t think anymore of it.
Yesterday, I saw a women walking up our sidewalk so I went to the door and she was putting a letter in our mailbox and said, “Santa knew you just moved so he sent me to make sure this letter got to you.” When my kid saw the letter he was surprised, delighted, and relieved!
Christmas is for children, and I want to send a special shout out to the universe to whoever created this tiny miracle for my kid. It’s one thing to send out form letters, but to hand write and hand deliver a response from Santa is amazing. My heart is full and my kid believes in magic. Christmas is for children, and I am grateful for the magic makers of the world.

Silver Magic

On Christmas morn,
Children, first looking from the windows,
See how desolate and bleak the garden is.
Withered the flowers, butterflies flown,
Summer gone from the woods.
But hist!—magic!
Out there, the leaves that flutter down
Are elfin butterflies, pearled with frost-patterns.
Flowers and ferns of the garden
Have come in fairy lace on the window-panes.
And what is this,
Wound about with climbing vines of the garden all turned 
to silver,
Lighted with candles that make fireflies
In every shining ball and glazen pendant?
Summer has come into the cottage!
It is May in the hearts of the children:
And sweet as songs of the thrush at twilight
Are the Noels raised by their happy voices.
Fairies, oh! fairies,
Come dancing soft as shadows,
Set the wood a-whirl with snowy wings.
Weave your iridescent webs,
Wind them in beauty about the Tree:
Touch it with wands of frost
Until it is tipped and trimmed with icicles,

Barbara Newhall Follett — Christmas, 1924
(age ten)