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It has been a long time since my last post because I have completely lost myself in Otayuri. I think I replayed the PV for more than 50 times and I’m not tired of it <3 

Recently there is a Otayuri fan event around Japanese shippers on Twitter. You may search “ #オタユリ建国記念日 ” or visit the official bot  オタユリ二次創作支援bot to check out all lovely tweets <3 


2nd Live Pamphlet - Suwa Nanaka Interview + Kanan’s Message

I want to see the sea of light at 1st LIVE once again… and I want this to be a tour where lots of HAPPY reaches everyone!!

What would you like to do in each of the respective tour locations?

I hope I can perform my self-introduction and others together with everyone in Nagoya! There’s also a lot of delicious food, and I especially want to try the chicken wings and miso katsu. It also seems like eating breakfast sets at cafes is also good, so I want to experience that too!

I hope that I will be able to discover new things at Kobe, the location of the 2nd stop of the tour! Also, I want to take a picture with all the members in a place that screams “Kobe”!
It’s the first time I’m going there, so there’s a lot that I don’t know about it, which is why I want Kanako, who was born in Kobe, to guide us around! I want to experience many sights and eat lots of local food!

Metlife Dome is a very big arena, so I’ve never experienced the amount of distance to the stage before, but I hope to be able to have fun with everyone. I don’t know what good food there is in Saitama other than sweets, so it’s like I’m opening up a new frontier.

What do you like about the singing and dancing for HAPPY PARTY TRAIN?
I love it all, but the phrase “Hajimari to sayonara wo~” lets me imagine encounters and separations, which I really like. As for the dance, I like the part in the climax where the movements resemble a train moving.
In the animated PV, I like the scene where the young Kanan and the high school Kanan meet, and no matter how many times I watch it my feelings well up so strongly that I end up tearing up. And in the scene where Kanan returned on the train to where everyone was waiting for her, I once again felt like it was “This is the place where I truly belong”.
Also, I felt like Kanan riding the train as it rose into the sky was somehow something that was pushing me forward from behind me.
Because Kanan is the center of this song, my emotional attachment to this song is really strong, so the “Omoi wo nosete” at the climax really carries a lot of feelings, and I want to sing this at a live. The tempo is really pleasant too, so I hope that everyone can follow along with the rhythm too ♪

Please tell us about the places you want to go as all 9 members of Aqours ♪
I want us to try going to more places across the country! We will visit 3 places during this time’s tour. The 9 of us have only gone together to Osaka for the SIF Thanksgiving event and Numazu for events…
I want all of us to hold lives at the places where we went to as individual years and subunits, as well as the places that we’ve never been to. Also, I want to go to Australia, which Kanan was chosen as the world image girl for, sometime too!

Kanan’s Message
Let’s make this a stage where we can be our most pumped up today! Don’t even look away for one moment, or you’ll be left alone~
Follow after me~ ❤

“Ice Bear loves you”

A little fanart crossover piece of the upcoming anime series Koisuru Shirokuma and cartoon series We Bare Bears. I drew my fanart over one of the promotional pieces for the show because I can’t draw backgrounds all that well and wanted to see how the end result would look like. I like how it turned out.

The Koisuru Shirokuma manga is pretty funny, cute and heartwarming, and if the trailer for the series is anything to go by, the anime is going to be even better.

Watch the PV/Trailer here.

Vocaloid Asks

1. All-time favorite Vocaloid song?
2. Favorite Vocaloid?
3. Favorite song series?
4. Favorite composer/artist?
5. Favorite Miku song?
6. Favorite Rin song?
7. Favorite Len song?
8. Favorite Gumi song?
9. Favorite IA song?
10. Favorite Kaito song?
11. Favorite Meiko song?
12. Favorite Luka song?
13. Favorite -other singer- song?
14. Favorite song in terms of story?
15. Favorite song in terms of PV?
16. Top 5 favorite songs?
17. First song you ever heard?
18. First Vocaloid you ever heard?
19. Song you most recently listened to?
20. Favorite cover artist?
21. Favorite cover artist song?
22. Favorite duet?
23. Any other question you’d like to answer?

Guys! This blog is 5 today!

Here’s to 5 years of waiting, tears, and laughter. For all the people that have followed me through my PV to ML shitposting I thank you. And to all the followed me recently, welcome!

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I first discovered this PV and fell in love with the show. It’s really different now than what I expected going in, but honestly, this is one of my favorite shows ever. 

ml generation swap!!

ft. @clairelutra

Fez: sudden thought– generationswap, adrien & marinette are parents, gabe & sabine are kids
Fez: p sure that would get us some kinda roleswap too lmao

Hallie: (would this lead to lonely billionaire falling in love with nice bakery owner pls say yes)

Fez: heck ye


Fez: tom is off somewhere being badass normal probs

Hallie: yes good
Hallie: shit
Hallie: love square where they’re all diff people

Fez: though i’m… convinced that this would give us something like pv tbh

Hallie: is this a bad thing? XD

Fez: except with marinette as hawkmoth bc marinette strikes me as the type to be a lil more obsessive? idk

Hallie: yeah, she would be

Fez: adrien just being a Chill Dad and gabe is like ugh my life needs way more structure than this /piles on tutoring sessions and library visits and study time


Fez: marinette as hawkmoth means her husband is dead also which works out for adrinette lmao

Hallie: ‘everything you do is great son’
Hallie: #same gabe :’D
Hallie: (most relatable)
Hallie: and tru

Fez: ok but headcanon that mari would be Successful Fashion Brand and adrien would be like……. idk a teacher maybe?

Hallie: that would be adorable ;v;

Fez: adrien is homeroom teacher for sabine and gabe
Fez: gabe wants to d i e
Fez: but that is how adrien and mari meet probs
Fez: “oh so you’re the one who teaches my daughter”

Hallie: not that they do that in france but shhhhh

Fez: “you could be a model”

Hallie: blessssssssss ;v;
Hallie: oh gosh

Fez: “shit u hot”

Hallie: yes please

Fez: adrien is just weeby enough to do that tho lbr

Hallie: t b h

Fez: he would still be anime trash
Fez: gabe suffers

Hallie: ‘dad. dad no. dad you’re embarrassing me.’

Fez: but is also secretly into all the shoujo

Hallie: blessssssssssssssss

Paper Planes

JuminV Week | Day One: Nostalgia/Childhood | Angst

For @juminvweek
If you dislike the pairing, you may choose not to read. The fics will not be put under a read cut due to the glitch. Complaints regarding the pairing will not be heard~! ^o^


Paper Planes

Hey, V…

Do you remember all the handwritten letters we sent to each other as children? I had been going through my drawers a couple days ago, and found a bundle of envelopes. They were all from you.

It has been years since I last received a letter from you, come to think of it. Hm. From anyone, in fact. You’ve always been the only one who puts up with my childish, unnecessary antics, after all. I can’t imagine anybody else who would put in the effort of writing me a letter, when they could simply text, call or send an email. While I do admit that it is far more convenient and logical, I suppose I’ve developed a preference for handwritten letters. I owe it to you—it was our special form of communication.

But, perhaps it’s also because of the way you can really look at someone through their letters. Every stroke of the pen, the way they phrase their words, the straightness of their letters and lines… so much to tell from just one handwritten letter. You could really see somebody’s soul through it, if you look closely enough. Perhaps that’s why I’ve only exchanged them with you. You’ve always been the only one I could trust with my life. The only one I’m willing to show myself to…

After all, you’ve always been by my side, haven’t you? …You probably can’t see my expression right now, but I’m chuckling at the sudden thought of it.

I remember when my parents suddenly decided to send me to a private school… I had been horrified to discover their plans to “improve my social skills.” I was perfectly fine with being homeschooled. But you said that you would go with me, even though it meant you would no longer see that beautiful teacher you had a crush on. I deeply appreciate that you made such a sacrifice for me. Although it seems to be a simple, small thing, it was an action that you took for me.

Many can buy me gifts, and many can feed me sweet words… but few would actually act out of emotion for me, even willing to sacrifice something of their own for my sake.

Even as we began to grow up, your kind, pure heart still remained. It has always been your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness.

That is, I don’t mean to say you’re void of other strengths, however, your sincerity has always touched my heart. Truly, I wonder if I will ever find someone else who possesses a heart as pure as yours.

People say that good things don’t last.

Maybe that’s why you’ve left me, V.

Maybe the gods above realized that you were too pure for this world.

I’m sorry. It’s the first letter I’ve written you in years since you’ve left this world, but I’m being so depressing. I can’t help but be nostalgic, upon remembering the past—our past, together.

So yes, good things may not last, but at the very least, I’m glad that the good things have happened. I’m glad that you happened, V.

I never did respond to your last letter before you passed away. To this day, it is still my life’s greatest regret.

So I’ll end the letter off in a direly late response.

V… or rather…

Jihyun Kim, even to this day, yes, I am in love with you too. And I can never express how sorry I am that I could never admit my feelings to you. If you could forgive me, then I humbly ask that you will wait for me in Heaven—I’m sure that you, of all people, would get there.

Thank you for everything.

Jumin Han

Good morning sweet darlings!

With the help of a good friend of mine “ラシエル アラノ” aka Aki-chi we’ve worked together (though she did all the translations, I just edited the video) to subtitle the Code: Realize Anime PV for you.

Now that I know what they’re saying, it makes the PV all the more amazing! I’m still super pumped!

Hope you enjoy my lovelies~



2017/05/23 Blog post by Keiko 『歩こう♪歩こう♪』

Translation will follow later!

『Let’s walk ♪ Let’s walk ♪ 』

Hello ♪ This is Keiko ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Today it was very hot and it felt like a summer day again!!!!
When I left the studio I got a little dizzy due to the dazzling sunlight *laughs*
Once the rainy season begins, I won’t be able to see the blue sky or feel this gentle breeze so I wanna do as much photosynthesis as possible now by walking around in the sun ♪ I took a walk today ♪
However, the UV-rays are very strong in May so I decided to walk in the shade in order to protect my face (^^)

It takes about 15 to 30 minutes of sunlight a day to produce vitamin D ♪
Vitamin D increases muscle mass in the body and it reduces fatso it is one of the most indispensable nutrients♪ Of course everyone can take in their dose of Vitamin D through their meals or with the help of supplements but it is also produced by basking in the sun so please everyone, enjoy a proper sunbathing on this lovely day ♪
But don’t forget to apply sun screen to protect your face ♪ Especially all the women out there ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Now! A quick change of topic! Yesterday, we did a secret shooting all day…
The picture turned out rather strange with all of us wrapped in those big blankets *laughs*
Please be patient a little while longer until the news are announced ♪

At the site of our shooting I bought a lot of my beloved little babies ♪
Tomato-chan (^^) I got about 40 pieces but I can handle that amount without any problems ♪ I really love tomatoes.

Once in a while you get tired of eating certain things but when it comes to tomatoes and yogurt, that’s just never the case for me, I have them in my refrigerator all year round. That’s just how much I love them.
Everyone, is there anything you always have at home in your refrigerator (^^)?

Lastly, here is today’s flower … the #1 among all flowers in summer! It’s sparkling as brightly as the sun today … a “Sunflower”.
Ahhh, just by looking at sunflowers, I already feel lively and full of spirit! ♪

All right, I am off to do my work out now ♪

I guess they were shooting a PV for their Katsugeki Touken Ranbu ED. I see a flare of red peeking out of Wakana’s blanket! I’ve mentioned it in one of my previous posts but people on baidu seem to think that the song is gonna be called 「百火撩乱/Hyakka Ryouran」. This roughly translates to “A Hundred Flames Blooming Profusely/A Sea of Lanterns”. However, there’s no confirmation yet but they have always been a pretty reliable source when it comes to releases. We shall see…
Anyways, red dresses would definitely make sense with a title like that. Everyone on Baidu is saying this is gonna be Blaze Vol.#2 XD

As for something I like to keep in my refrigerator at all times, I think that has to be cucumber. I LOVE cucumber!! And yes Keiko, I love yogurt too!!

BTS Reaction to you being a Cypher fangirl

(I may or may not have made this one up because I’m very loser for all the Cyphers)

Rap Monster

There’d be parts you’re trying to learn and he’d come along and do his best to teach you whichever part you’re learning. Of course, he’d know his own parts much better than Suga’s of J-Hope’s but willing to help nonetheless. He’d find your love for the Cyphers kind of cute and would let you duet it out with him practising his own parts, you taking J-Hope’s part, and then joining in together for Suga’s part. There’d be that one time Suga walks in on the two of you rapping out his part of Cypher and he’d just walk out the room again, now not caring to ask about whatever he originally came in for.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin


He’d be fine with you rapping along at first but eventually he’d snap a little and bit like “okay we get it! You know all the words to all the Cyphers!” And if you were randomly quoting a Cypher over the dinner table, he’d pick up one of his massive mouthful sizes of food and shove it in your mouth. ( @kimlisamarie says with a profiterole™)

Originally posted by minseokked


He’d be indifferent to this piece of information but wouldn’t fail to say something like “Just don’t go attempting my part, yeah?” And you’d defy him straightaway, going into his part of Cypher pt3 to which he’d be like “ugh” and walk away before he swears.

Originally posted by ohbabyitsbts


He’d be so pleased that you’re so enthusiastic for the rapper line tracks and would probably be like your hype man whenever you jam out to any of the tracks. He’d probably introduce you to V, happy to unite all the Cypher fanboys and fan girls.

Originally posted by junghosyub


As the member closest to the world’s biggest Cypher fan boy, he’d already be sick of hearing the songs on repeat (probably) and would leave you to jam out with V instead to have your fangirl time because after all, he’s not mad at you, he just wouldn’t dream of losing his patience at you.

Originally posted by bangtanboysbutterfly


You and V would literally be relationship goals achieved, jamming out to all the parts of Cypher, doing your best to rap despite neither of you being proper rappers. Upon finding out you’re a sucker for Cypher, he would be all like “Right, that’s it! We’re getting married and spending the rest of our lives together!” because to him that completes the perfect girl (probably). There would be so many inside jokes and quotes derived from the Cyphers that you’d be referred to as ‘that Cypher couple’ or something similar… he’d probably want you to walk down the isle to the beginning of Cypher pt3.

Originally posted by younas

Sorry not sorry this precious Cypher angel deserves more than one gif for this scenario :P

Originally posted by bwibelle

V rapping and jamming out to Cypher is like one of my favourite things so I have to be extra with the gifs

Originally posted by apgujeon

Originally posted by jiahko-blog

Originally posted by overdosedarmy-blog

Originally posted by jitonic

Bonus idea: V would probably send you SNOW videos with cute filters whilst rapping tbh that would be perfect

Originally posted by sugaswagdaddy


I feel like Jungkook is a secret Cypher fan boy but would be more shy of simply jamming out and dancing to the tracks like you would. One time you would catch him mouthing every single word correctly and you’d be like “I thought you said it wasn’t important to learn all the words Jungkookie…” you joke, grinning because either your love for Cypher has rubbed off on him or he was a secret fanboy all along.

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Inktober Day 5!!  *:・゚✧

My enemy’s invisible,
I don’t know how to fight

The trembling fear
Is more than I can take
When I’m up against
The ECHO in the mirror 

– ECHO by Gumi / CrusherP

I was listening to this song all day and the idea popped into my mind. I really love this song! Especially the mashup remix of Echo x Hibikaze by ウサな─!   (٭°̧̧̧ω°̧̧̧٭) and then Informant-kun suddenly popped into my mind welp

(Do you realize that pose is based on the character on ECHO pv? )

Request is still open~! Check the details HERE!! (End Roll Only)

seechi  asked:

Hi, just a little question, but if I drew a picture of Tony and Allura in one of those shiny dresses like you wrote in your tags in that post yesterday, would you like to see that picture?(sry if this is weird, this is my first time doing sth like this ^-^')


I would probably cry happy tears, of COURSE I would want to see it! If you wanted to draw it please like, tag me in it or send me a link or something because I would be so happy! <333333

It’s not weird at all it is sweet and lovely. :)))))

Music Ask

Tagged by @fanwriter02 and @jkgrimborn-thederanged! Thanks guys!

Rules: List 10 songs that you love right now. :)

1. Hamilton. Still not over it but not listening as often as I used to. 

2. A Leap of Faith - Minecraft Story Mode Soundtrack. I’m sure you’ve noticed my increased blogging about mcsm and honestly I never expected to love this game and characters so much and the soundtrack is pretty lit. 

3. Miraculous Ladybug Theme - All that season 2 hype is getting to me and the theme song is so catchy

4. Miraculous Ladybug PV Theme - This song is catchy as well.

5.The Swashbuckler and the Fair Maiden - Future World Music. A pretty epic theme that’s used in the first httyd trailer. 

6.Children of the Sun - Thomas Bergersen. A piece used in Trollhunters and it’s so epic!

7. Temple in the Jungle - Minecraft Story Mode soundtrack. My favorite episode intro!

8. Into the Unknown - Over The Garden Wall. It’s that time of year guys!

9. Banjaara - Ek Villain. angsty bollywood is angsty

10. Shubharambh - Kai Po Che. Navaratri season got me hype

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Current Music Obsession

RULES: List the top 10 songs you’re listening to nowadays and tag 10 mutuals!

So since I’m tag, i do it. To be honest I don’t have any top song, it’s change all the time so i just come with the song i listening right now and the song it came in my mind xD So no order really. And most of them came from movie, anime, game, etc.

1. I feel in love with my best friend - Jason Chen

2. All about us - He is we

3. Can I have this dance - High School Musical 3

4. Shut up and dance with me - cover from School Rock

5. Si tu voulais m’aimer- french version of the dancing and the dreaming from how to train your dragon 2

6. Here comes forever- R5

7. Two in a Million- Austin and Ally

8. You and I- Pv Nova feat  Clara Doxal

9. Perfect- Ed Sheeran

10. Rose of May- song inspire by loss of me from final fantasy IX

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[my punk!AU tag]


Okay so here’s how I think it would go down; Tony would be nervous as hell, of course, because Mrs. Rogers raised Steve and he’s the most wonderful person Tony knows, so she must be amazing. 

So they get to Steve’s house and she immediately hugs him, which Steve expects to weird him out, but he surprisingly (after a moment of freezing up and not knowing what to do with his hands) relaxes into the hug. She probably would scold Steve for something in the same breath as telling Tony that he’s always welcome in her home, which makes Tony grin like an idiot. Seeing massive, tattooed, dyed and pierced Steve Rogers sheepishly being scolded by his mother is a sight to behold.

I’m imagining it being the most stereotypical first meeting ever? Like he and Steve are put to work cutting up vegetables for her in the kitchen and they all make supper together, and Steve is SO happy to see Tony fitting in so perfectly in their tiny little house, relaxing and easing into the atmosphere. He just seems so at home there, right away, and before Steve knows it, Tony and his mom are teasing him (see also: ganging up on him out of love).

I bet after supper they’d play a board game and they would respectfully let her win the first game, then she would scold them AGAIN and then the next game, they’d bring their A game. She wins again, though, and their pride is very hurt (especially Steve, he’s been trying to beat his mother at Monopoly since he was a kid).

I bet Steve would drive him home afterward and walk him to his front door, and kiss him in the faint glow of the porch lights, all soft and sweet and he’d tell Tony how happy he is that he got along so well with his mom. Tony would be all melty and happy inside and just lean into Steve’s touch, drinking him in, and thinking to himself how it had honestly been one of the best evenings of his life.