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PV of the Japanese production (by Gekidan Shiki) of the Hunchback of the Notre Dame musical. It looks jaw-dropping incredible, I wanna see it so bad. The part where Frollo sang Hellfire was monstrously stunning,  it gave me goosebumps.


Escort [PV] - Kato Shigeaki

Why couldn't TG have its own aesthetic?

A part of me always wanted Tokyo Ghoul to be a dark palette anime, or an experimental creative endeavour to recreate the sinister world of Ishida sensei.

Works like Jigoku Shoujo, or Ergo Proxy or Texhnolyze or Monster or even Another or even Death Note…

There are many diverse shows that didn’t shy away from going for the darker more mature look, the experimental camera work, or playing with lights and shadows. These shows are an art form. And they don’t necessarily have to exist on an alien world than our own or be a horror show, they just had a visionary director and a visionary team.

And yeah I know it all has to do with sales and popularity but I still wonder what Tokyo Ghoul would have been like in the hands of such daring directors who had a vision for it. Not in the hands of a mainstream studio.

But well, a clear blue sky for :Re it is.

Because of VOCALOID’s user-based nature, it’s no surprise so many VOCALOID songs resonate so strongly with people on the personal level. There’s so much diversity in VOCALOID because it is something so perfectly malleable to the imagination and experiences of the individuals who create things with and for it. At this point the sheer amount of songs that there are means that there’s something out there for everyone, that everyone has a place and a voice in VOCALOID. Songs and PVs generally have the production value of a single hardworking individual, and all the thought, effort, and love put into making such a neat little audiovisual bundle. Technology and art are used by VOCALOID fans in such a way that a single person becomes capable of producing an incredible range of content with a lot of personal dedication. Compared to VOCALOID, big-name celebrities have a vastly smaller range of expressive liberty due to the press, money being made, and the public eye. But with VOCALOID, money and fame isn’t everything, and it’s the effort and love that matters the most. VOCALOID is an expansively inclusive platform comprised of hundreds of thousands of passion projects and the creative people that made all of it possible. VOCALOID promotes us as individuals and everything that we’re capable of and that just means so much to me.

This Holy Week is certainly holy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I’ll give my thanks to the gods Kodaka for blessing my life with despair Danganronpa

according to multiple fan accounts, shinee were spotted filming (potentially) for a new pv throughout random locations in japan earlier today. there is no official confirmation of the filming (when is typical because filming is usually kept under wraps anyway) and no word as to when something may end up being released but most seem to feel it’s likely that pv filming was, in fact, what was happening due to shinee’s rush of activities set in japan from late september - mid-november. more news to come at a later date!

[note] there is photos, and direct information on what happened during bits and pieces of filming because it was apparently done in a public location, floating around on twitter, ect. of the filming. neither will be posted here because it could distrupt the process of the pv making / put the production team at risk of having to remove what was leaked from the final product which would mean extra work for the boys. so, try not to spread around information that seems too descriptive, if you can!

This is a tweet about Citrus, posted by the official twitter account of the Yuri Hime magazine.

Loosely translated, this says:

“A Citrus PV is in production right now. More information will follow when the third volume is released on 18th November.”

I don’t wanna be the one spreading false rumors, but this might be something all Citrus fans have been waiting for.                            Reading something about a PV sounds like something connected to an anime adaptation…
Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but this looks suspicious.