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JuminV Week | Day One: Nostalgia/Childhood | Angst

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Paper Planes

Hey, V…

Do you remember all the handwritten letters we sent to each other as children? I had been going through my drawers a couple days ago, and found a bundle of envelopes. They were all from you.

It has been years since I last received a letter from you, come to think of it. Hm. From anyone, in fact. You’ve always been the only one who puts up with my childish, unnecessary antics, after all. I can’t imagine anybody else who would put in the effort of writing me a letter, when they could simply text, call or send an email. While I do admit that it is far more convenient and logical, I suppose I’ve developed a preference for handwritten letters. I owe it to you—it was our special form of communication.

But, perhaps it’s also because of the way you can really look at someone through their letters. Every stroke of the pen, the way they phrase their words, the straightness of their letters and lines… so much to tell from just one handwritten letter. You could really see somebody’s soul through it, if you look closely enough. Perhaps that’s why I’ve only exchanged them with you. You’ve always been the only one I could trust with my life. The only one I’m willing to show myself to…

After all, you’ve always been by my side, haven’t you? …You probably can’t see my expression right now, but I’m chuckling at the sudden thought of it.

I remember when my parents suddenly decided to send me to a private school… I had been horrified to discover their plans to “improve my social skills.” I was perfectly fine with being homeschooled. But you said that you would go with me, even though it meant you would no longer see that beautiful teacher you had a crush on. I deeply appreciate that you made such a sacrifice for me. Although it seems to be a simple, small thing, it was an action that you took for me.

Many can buy me gifts, and many can feed me sweet words… but few would actually act out of emotion for me, even willing to sacrifice something of their own for my sake.

Even as we began to grow up, your kind, pure heart still remained. It has always been your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness.

That is, I don’t mean to say you’re void of other strengths, however, your sincerity has always touched my heart. Truly, I wonder if I will ever find someone else who possesses a heart as pure as yours.

People say that good things don’t last.

Maybe that’s why you’ve left me, V.

Maybe the gods above realized that you were too pure for this world.

I’m sorry. It’s the first letter I’ve written you in years since you’ve left this world, but I’m being so depressing. I can’t help but be nostalgic, upon remembering the past—our past, together.

So yes, good things may not last, but at the very least, I’m glad that the good things have happened. I’m glad that you happened, V.

I never did respond to your last letter before you passed away. To this day, it is still my life’s greatest regret.

So I’ll end the letter off in a direly late response.

V… or rather…

Jihyun Kim, even to this day, yes, I am in love with you too. And I can never express how sorry I am that I could never admit my feelings to you. If you could forgive me, then I humbly ask that you will wait for me in Heaven—I’m sure that you, of all people, would get there.

Thank you for everything.

Jumin Han


Who can resist such a lineup of ikemen~~~

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