Not the best experience for one of the twins…

Credit to: @edorazzi

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“BLAME!” Film PV Teaser

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On the Kagerou daze - in a day's - PV, what the "new" character say? (kindda copy what kido say) sakusen????

“Operation start? That sounds… nice…~” and kyaaa just imagine him *still dont know who he is/his design tho* saying that with a smirk and I’m like…

The thing that happened was
I was chatting with my friend about how I hoped that Johnnys would have like a little surprise about the unit pv and little did I know 10 seconds later, my friend suddenly starts telling me about this. LIKE I DONT KNOW IF IT WAS A COINCEDENCE OR GOD HAS JUST ANSWERED MY PRAYER AND GAVE ME A MIRACLE
Sidenote: It’s only for the lucky 10k but it’s better than nothing right

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Y'know, I hate to say it, but after re-watching every single PV of Persona 5 and reading the translated intro to the game, I think if there is a traitor in the group, it will be Ryuji. I mean, he's the type to be least expected for betrayal, but Ryuji is stated to be a "delinquent/problem child", and he no doubt has many other problems to face, maybe he & mc have an argument over choices? What if he gets scared after the crew kills someone (as its hinted in the intro) and ends up betraying pego?

If I were to pick anyone I might choose him as well! I don’t want him to be the traitor and I really like him a lot.

I once saw this Yosuke as the killer in Persona 4 theory post and it had me thinking that it would be an interesting concept if the best friend was the traitor!

Maybe he grows jealous of Chair-kun kind of like Junpei did with Minato in P3. It also seems like the entire group picks on him for not being very “smart” Maybe it will get to him?

It looks like the thieves may have actually killed people or at least nearly killed people to get the attention of the cops.
So that’s a really interesting angle you have !!

I still don’t think anyone is the traitor at this point but he would seem the most likely to me.