The colour palette meme has always been something I’ve wanted to do, especially since my use of colour can do with some maturing and sophistication.  Basically, the idea is to create using just a handful of select colours.  Limitations are often a welcome thing.   It forces you to be economical.  I approach it like a puzzle. *puts on Professor Layton hat*  Anyway, to start things off, here’s the quirky (and sadistic?) Puzzlette!

Prediction time

What happens to all of the characters after Lost Future? Here are my predictions (they’re just my ideas xD)

• Layton - still goes around solving puzzles and other crazy mysteries. Still wears his beloved top hat and continues teaching people how to be true gentlemen

• Luke - Makes lots of new friends in his new home town. Adopts like 47 cats along with the dog, the hamster and the parrot from the games. Still talks to Layton and Flora often

• Flora - Becomes Layton’s new apprentice and moves in to live with him permanently. Her cooking has improved greatly as she has had lessons. She forgives Clive for what he did

• Clive - He’s still in prison but he fully understands how stupid his actions were. He gets help, and his inner kindness shines through after Layton and flora visit him occasionally <3

• Don Paolo - Becomes a generally nicer person to Layton and is willing to help him in solving mysteries. He gets cooking lessons with Flora. Idk why, he just seems like someone who is bad at cooking xD

• Bill Hawks - After people find out about what he did, he gets booted out of parliament and ends up doing nothing with his life and continues to be a huge piece of trash. Hopefully he’ll get thrown in prison but I doubt that will happen

• Dimitri Allen - Goes off on holiday in some small village in the countryside and then bumps into Stachenscarfen. They become friends because they’re both shady af and then he stumbles across St. Mystere where he makes himself prime minister and rules over all of the robots

• Pavel - He’ll attempt to visit Spain but accidentally walk off Earth and will end up on an undiscovered planet millions of miles away. Even then, he won’t know how he got there because that’s just how he rolls

• Granny Riddleton - After retiring, she goes to live in an exotic country and enjoys creeping everyone out with her ‘beautiful and clairvoyant’ nature

• Puzzlette - Continues to help Layton and Flora with their forgotten puzzles. Becomes ultimate besties with Flora

• Stachenscarfen - Still trollin’ and being shady as always.

That is all xD