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above: the lovely ladies for the off-canon puzzlestuck walkaround thing I’m working on! pay no mind to how thea’s sprite came out more like businesswoman as opposed to rough and tumble bikery chick, and also how her hair is different? her hair is a placeholder until I can work out how to do that anime duckhair thing in sprite format

anyway. I’m pretty happy with how these came out, I guess! I only did the front walking + still sprites, since I’m notttt exactly sure when in their adventure the walkaround will take place, so idk what ouftits to actually put them in, lol. also I’m still trying to decide like…who’s going to be prospit/derse. I need to track down some quality meta on what personality traits lead to what planet, or whatever.

their titles are maid of space (I think. maybe heir? something ~floaty~ and more doing-y/feeling-y than thinking), sylph of mind (not positive on the class yet. I want something that’s the opposite of aine’s, basically - all thinking, not feeling), witch of time (not sure on this one either? haha, I need to find a nicer fit for her personality, I think) and knight of doom (doom…or hope. one or the other, one day I’ll decide for sure), respectively.


That’s what I’m going to call my “explaining homestuck” rants from now on. Yeah. Puzzlestuck.

Okay, so Lil’ Seb programmed Jane’s new computer. Then she was instructed by Dirk not to use any of her other CrockerCorp devices, including the Computerheadband thing. And now, during her feelings conversation with Jake she’s being a bumbling idiot. Sure, she could just be really nervous and end up typing those things, but what if Dirk is changing her words if as she’s writing them via some special program of his? What if Jane really is trying to come out and be truthful about her huge crush on him, but Dirk is ruining it? Being a Destroyer of Souls and whatnot, of course.

puzzlestuck replied to your post???? im watching a movie of scyfy and this gremlin… what movie??

    wallflora replied to your post???? im watching a movie of scyfy and this gremlin…


    its called cirque du freak the vampire’s assistant and it was this little gremlin thing in a cloak and it tried to bite some one omg it wasnt like an actual character in the movie i think it only shows up once but ye it’s name was karkat???


    ok so! this is puzzlestuck character #3, aka who I’m replacing zeke with for at least the walkaround hehe

    she doesn’t have a name yet because I am terrible at names, and also I would make her walksprite into a gif but I pretty much only have gimp and sai on my laptop so I have no idea how lol. I miss photoshop ;__;

    she’s the witch of time, and a prospit dreamer, and a total QT who is into fashion and solving mysteries, and is gr8 at mechanical things (which is fun times, except for when she gets oil or grease all over a new outfit. which is basically always. june is forever sewing cute new things for her, because of this)

    so far you can alchemise weapons and clothing with each other! I’m pppprobbably going to add in like, maybe, generic ~useable items~ that can heal you or whatever? idk.

    also, you can combine two items in two ways: (X + Y) will give you an item of type X with as many of Y’s stats as possible (for instance, clothes don’t have a damage stat! so if X is a weapon, the new weapon will use X’s damage stat), (Y + X) will give you an item of type Y with X’s stats. apart from that it’s a little dull, maybe haha. idk. it doesn’t create fun names for stuff, sadly! it just gives you like ‘pink wooden dress’, and 'green metal sword’, and stuff like that.


    alright so…I’m a lot happier with my june walksprite? (although omg her hair! defs need to work on that some more XD) I might redo mona’s later

    I also drew an angry talksprite for mona, and added in a blinking animation for her idle pose. I….tried to make a talking loop, but um. I can’t turn the way I draw closed mouths into open mouths, I just can’t. weep.

    also I started drafting up june’s room. I would have got more things done, but my mum came in tonight and was like, “hey! we should totes move your whole room around!” and it’s just easier to go along with people, honestly. so my room is kind of different now? and also I’m tired XD


    ok so if we ignore the fact that my walkaround sprite is not

    terribly fantastic lol (sudden flashbacks to that time I tried to do a pokemon OW style namine sprite)

    I’m pretty impressed with what I got working tonight!! I’ve basically just replaced meenah’s sprite with mona’s, and then added in the two idle talksprites, as well as added their font styles (snagged rose and kan’s font colours because I associate them with those colours and also shipping nonsense hehe) and wrote up their pesterlog in walkaround style (+ added in a few ~hashtags~ on account of it’s fun and also why not), BUT STILL! it’s fun to see my own thing in such an ~official homestuck~ style, you know?

    now if only it wasn’t 12:50am, I’d probably try to do june’s walksprite, or puzzle (hehe) out how to do the whole contact/be X thing. anyone have any ideas?


    ok so I dled the homestuck walkaround stuff… I’m planning on remaking the current puzzlestuck build (the ones that you guys have all played…right ;3?) in it. wish me luck!

    sooo, using aranea’s idle talksprite as a base, I drew some placeholdery idle talksprites for the ladies (I might…skip zeke for now, lol. drawing dudes is so not a thing I can do).

    next up…walksprites! and then I’ll start playing around with sburbml

    I know it’s awful to be impressed/amused by myself, but whatever:

    >equip sword

    You ready your shining example of bladekind. It looks like it could do about 20 damage to an opponent. Approximately.

    something about this is just super funny to me? I think it’s the super specific amount of damage, followed by “approximately”. I might even put in decimals, just to amuse myself even more haha

    so these are the puzzlestuck kids! I would introduce them but that would ruin part of the fun of the game, which is a sentence that probably only makes sense to the people who have played it! anyway, they are in order; the muse of life (derse), the seer of space (prospit), the knight of void (prospit), and the thief of rage (derse). you can probably guess which ones are related to the other ones, but can you guess who has a crush on who?? *wiggly eyebrows*

    anyway I totally stole rumminov’s fancy dreamer idea and I do not even care! look how boss that first chick’s outfit is, I would totes wear it, and I am entirely impressed with myself haha. the prospit one is less exciting, but I care less about dude clothes than girl clothes, so. I was going to attempt fancy god tiers as well, but then I had an attack of the lazies, and also I had that idea after I’d finished this and was starting on the cover art? so, no. if you look closely at the cover, you can see I added some lace to the seer sleeves, though. they look cuter like that, maybe. idk. being fancy is hard, you guys.

    also these kids are all super weird looking but I blame that on like, these being concept sketches?? and also me not being A+ at art?? haha. I’m pretty impressed with the scenery stuff I did for puzzlestuck though, I’ll probably post those tomorrow. or…later today, I mean. @_@

    puzzlestuck replied to your post: puzzlestuck replied to your post: awwwww baby the…

    haha dude i can MAKE space like what a great friendship one makes and the other becomes ye bros of space brospace

    duude if you can MAKE SPACE does that mean you can make planets and shit like dude thatd be awesoem like i could fire off rapid star bombs with your help that’d be baller as heckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk #teambrospace

    urge to make thea older by the rest of the puzzlestuck kids (like, mid/late 20s v late teenagers) and also maybe accidentally a guardian though some kind of glitch (like maybe she has a young kid who goes missing at the start of the game (it’s ok, veda’s bro and aine’s dad are looking after her & lulu’s grandmother is making sure they do it right) and it turns out that (SPOILERS?) maybe the kid was supposed to be the player  (like, she was supposed to show up earlier?) but something went wrong and so thea’s playing): rising

    idk, thoughts?