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X-Men Preferences: Discovering Your Hobbies

Fandom: X-Men

Warning(s): just one word 😇😇😇

A/N: I should really work with other fandoms too but for some reason I just can’t get enough of my X-Men boys soo yeah…Perhaps another time! I am so tired today, but hopefully I’ll be able to get some work done. I hope you liked it! (currently working on some requests on Charles and Hank) 😊

Charles: At first, Charles liked to admire you as you took care of your plants. He couldn’t help but gaze at you, how perfect you looked surrounded by all that greenery. You treated them all with so much love and care that it was a precious image to behold. Soon enough, you got him to join in too as a way to rewind from all the things he had in his mind.

Erik:  When he found out about your love for solving puzzles, he was shocked to say the least. He wouldn’t stop teasing you, “And I thought I was the old one in this relationship.” or “So you hide an 80-year-old inside you. Good to know.” You bugged him so much about actually giving a try that he finally gave in, but let’s just say Erik is not one for things requiring patience. 

Hank: That giant furball has two left feet so when he walked in on you dancing ballet so gracefully, he just froze on the spot. Ever since, he won’t stop grinning like an idiot every time you even put on your pointe shoes because according to him; “You…um…You look even more beautiful when you’re dancing and I didn’t even think that was…ahem…possible.”

Alex: Summers is all about sports and when he found out about your skills when it came to playing volleyball, he loved the idea immediately. It’s pretty much become a habit for the two of you to play together at least once a week. (Spoiler alert, it’s more like you playing and him losing because he’s constantly just staring at you because “Damn, you’re so hot in those shorts. Please wear them everyday.”)

Warren: Coming from a rich family, Angel learnt how to play the piano from a very young age but now he simply hates the idea, probably because in his mind it’s connected to so many unpleasant memories. But when you play your guitar, you are so passionate about it that he can’t help but be taken away.

Kurt: Your little blueberry was ecstatic to discover your love for finger painting and you didn’t even have to ask him before he joined in and you both looked like toddlers covered in paint. Your masterpieces always end up looking like a bomb of colors has exploded on them and they are so bad but you made them together and that’s enough to make you want to hang them everywhere.


I am going to play around with this sandbox for Dad!Harold for a while and potentially write a series around this! Let me know if you’d be interested :)

3 minutes had never felt this long in your entire life.

You paced up and down the hallway, checking the timer on your phone with every other step you took. The floating feeling of adrenaline pumping through your system was enough to make you feel a little lightheaded, but you kept walking.

Harry went out on an errand quickly that morning, and you had decided it would be the perfect time to answer the nagging question in your head – were you pregnant?

Having kids was something that had come up in your daily conversations with Harry: he was quite literally obsessed. Sometimes you’d find him staring a few seconds longer at the kids’ clothing sections in stores, or looking up baby names on his phone. It was no secret that he was in love with the idea of someday having a family.

And as sick as you felt this morning, you were sure that day might be today.

The timer rang in your hand and you suddenly found it hard to move. All anticipation and excitement from beforehand was stuck in your throat, and you became nervous. Taking in a deep breath, you exhaled and marched off to the door.

The test sat right where you’d left it on the counter, right on top of the box it had come in. It looked a lot less intimidating when you’d first opened it up.

You reached out to pick it up, bracing yourself as if it was going to shock you when you picked it up. You had to reason with yourself before you turn it over to reveal the results.

“It’ll be okay either way,” you talked yourself up, “If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen.”

You could feel your heart in your throat, it was beating so fast. Although you really wanted to be okay with either outcome, you were hoping that it was positive.

Instinctively, your hand found its way to the top of your belly, not showing any signs of difference from the last time you’d looked in the mirror.

Flipping the test over in your hand, your eyes widened. Your heart was truly beating out of your chest. Tears formed in your eyes, making the two faint lines a little harder to see.

But they were there.

The test shook in your hands, the lightheadedness from earlier not having gone away yet. You backed up to the wall and let your legs slowly buckle as your slid to the floor. You couldn’t stop smiling as the tears continued to streak down your face.

You heard the front door slam shut and Harry call out to you from the entryway.

“Yeah?” you squeaked, voice cracking.

His footsteps grew faster at the sound of you crying and he soon peeked his head around the door frame. Confused, he looked back and forth, then finally down at you on the ground.

“Y/n?” he sounded worried, “Is something wrong?”

A laugh leapt from your mouth as you wiped your cheeks and handed the test in your hand up to him. The confused expression stayed put on his face as he processed what exactly you’d handed him. Slowly, his face changed as he brought the plastic stick closer to his face, from puzzled, to shock, and then finally to joy. You were nodding even before he could ask you, “Is this real?”

“M’gonna be a dad?” he whispered, tears beginning to glint in his own eyes.

You kept nodding, words stuck in your throat and kept caged by the emotion in your chest.

Harry reached out toward you, helping you up off of the cool tile ground and embraced you in a hug. He squeezed you tightly, taking the breath right from you.

“Careful,” you said with a breathy laugh and he just as quickly let you go.

Harry’s hand flew to your stomach right above your belly button, smile etched into his face.

“M’gonna be a dad,” he stated again and again to himself, growing louder each time, “You’re gonna be a mum.”

The tears hadn’t let up from moments before, but they somehow started to fall from your eyes at a more intense rate than before.

“I’m gonna be a mum,” you nodded, the word feeling weird in your own mouth.

Harry stooped down and kissed your belly over your t-shirt, and then back up to kiss you. He let out a victorious yell, probably waking the neighbors on this lazy Saturday morning. You couldn’t help but laugh, as this was the most animated you’d seen Harry in quite some time.

“I’ve gotta ring my Mum, and Gemma,” he went on and on, not pausing for a single breath, “We’ve got so much to do, so much to prepare…”

“Harry,” you said quietly, trying to get his attention.

He didn’t hear you though, of course.

“—and then we’ve got to pick out a new crib, or maybe Mum has our old one at the house—.”


He turned his eyes back to you, cheeks flushed from excitement and a few tears still in his eyes, “Yeah, love?”

You turned to him and took his hands in yours, looking up at him through your eyelashes, “It’s too early, H,” you rubbed your thumb over his, “We’ve only just found out, it has to be a secret for a while.”

You swore you felt his heart drop, just a little bit.

“Secret,” he nodded slowly, “Right, s’too early, you’re right.”

“But that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it,” you smiled up at him.

A grin spread back over his face, “Yeah?”

“Of course,” you began to lead him out of the small bathroom, “How do you like the name Rose for a girl?”

Escalus: “You tricked her into trusting you. How?”

Benvolio: “I don’t know. But she does.

Now that we know that Benvolio knows about Rosaline x Escalus being in love, you can’t deny this scene is a coded way of Escalus saying he’s pissed off that ‘his’ woman has fallen in love with this other man. But that’s the difference between Escalus and Benvolio. Escalus assumes that he deserves Rosaline’s love and, no matter what choices he makes, she will still love him and want to be with him. It angers him to think her love might be taken from him. Whereas Benvolio is shocked and puzzled that he has earned Rosaline’s love, because he assumes he does not deserve it. Throughout this whole show he has never shown jealously. In fact, the only thing he has done is go out of his way to make what she wants a reality, even if that means a reality without him. As long as she’s happy, that is enough for him. But that doesn’t mean that’s all Benvolio wants, he longs for Rosaline to love him they way he loves her. When he cheekily responds “but she does” it’s two-fold: he’s getting a friendly jab in at Escalus because he’s a bit bewildered himself, and it shows how much he treasures even having a sliver of his beloved Rosaline’s love.

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The Desire

Fandom: Lucifer (TV show)

Summary: Based on: “Imagine Lucifer not being able to use his little tricks on you because you have no desires,” by @disabilityimagines

Word count: 1,309


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The dim light seemed almost as tired as you were, sitting on a very uncomfortable chair in one of the police’s labs, packing one bag of evidence after another. It was already the middle of the night and your eyes were closing on their own, but you had to finish it in order to send it to another department in the morning.

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Omfg yes please write Sormik hanahaki, it will be so painful

done and done i hope the angst is to your liking my friend (╯’ u ’)╯

FYI, This whole endeavor was heavily inspired by @doodlesala‘s work for Sormik Week 2017 found here (really it’s beautiful you should go see it).  


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The first petal came without warning, in the middle of a fight while on their way to Rayfalke Spiritcrest. Sorey had just deflected a hellion that had charged for Mikleo’s open back—a weird and filmy moment in the Shepherd’s memory—and felt a tickle in the back of his throat. He shoved himself in between, behind the water seraph, and swung his sword in a wide arch to move the enemy and the other beast with it back. He purified the first hellion. He felt himself gag.

He bent his body away from the battle. Something was rising with every awkward and half-obscured breath and when whatever-it-was turned out to be soft and tickled his lip after he coughed it up, he curiously lifted it away to see a soft blue petal.

Funny, he thought as he stared at the petal pinched between his two fingers in puzzled shock. He couldn’t remember eating flowers for breakfast.

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Paired an old pic.
Deeply worried about the Ascension stuff in DSOD recently. It sounds odd but I personally cannot treat the divinised Atem as the one who hadn’t left for afterlife world.

I suck at physics but still can imagine how dramatically different Atem would remember and deal with those relationships (kitsuna might be a better word here) from which he observed and experienced in the 3 dimensional space. In the end where Atem takes away his puzzle, it’s a great shock for me. Because he is sort of subtly trying to wipe out his existence in this world.

There’s another thing. After watching the Blueray several times, I recognised that what saves Joey from vanishing in the dark realm is his own faith with the pharaoh, not Atem himself. You see, in that scene he got gold rings on arms and it symbolises that “it’s only an embodiment of the belief in friendship! Just like Kaiba!” Poor Joey, he doesn’t even realise that at the very end of the movie.

I’m not complaining about anything while it’s just a personal guess after all. But still, I feel my mind so lost here.

After All

SasuSaku Month 2017

Day 2: Something More


 I didn’t plan on writing today because I felt that my first prompt, Utakata Hanabi, took up my quota of creativity for now. But then inspiration hit me when I remembered today’s prompt while washing the dishes >///< This is my first time to write in second person, and I don’t know if I should pursue it. I guess my first time in joining SS month is also a bunch of firsts for me <3 

It’s again posted at FF :D 


You couldn’t look at her. No. Her tears will only make you waver.

But her words… they are almost like a jutsu that makes you want to stay. You remember everything despite your denial. You will always remember every moment with the people dear to you.

She offers to make your life happier if you don’t go, but then you remember Itachi… and your own weakness. Your path is different from theirs. You already set your heart on revenge, and no one can stop you – not even her.

No, she doesn’t deserve to be tainted with your darkness.

And as she tries to stop you, you went to her back, all in a blink of an eye. You tried to deny it, but you like being close to her. Loneliness starts to disappear when she’s around. In these precious seconds before you leave, you bask in her warmth – the warmth she always radiates.

The warmth that your stone-cold heart needed but stubbornly refused.

“Sakura… arigatou…” is all you can say. You want to tell her more, but suddenly words fail to form. And as you put her to sleep, you caught her, causing both of you to fall to the ground. You hold her close to your heart, for you are afraid this might be the last. And as you leave her unconscious on the bench, you held her hand one last time.

As you left the village, all bonds do not exist anymore for you. Not even your bond with Sakura – the girl who cried when you nearly died, the girl who stopped you from being consumed with darkness.

The girl who loves you.

You two are now just former teammates, after all.

Nothing more.


As you proclaim your plans of a revolution, you saw her shocked face.

Puzzled. Almost disappointed.

When you turned your back to leave, she called out to you, saying that she never thought you’d turn out like this. Without even looking, you know tears are flowing down her cheeks once again. It seems like you always make her cry. That thought somewhat made a small pinch inside you. Of all people, she doesn’t deserve to cry. Not her. 

You couldn’t turn around now… her tears will make your resolve wither. She has that effect on you. It’s a power that is special to her. Ever since.

She asked if she still had a place in your heart even just a little. Of course. She will always be one of your precious people, even if you deny it a thousand times to yourself.

When she begged you not to go for the second time, you remember that night all those years ago, and you stopped.

She really does has an effect on you. How annoying, you mused.

Before anyone could react, you cast a genjutsu on her. She can’t stop you now.

You two are just strangers with memories, after all.

Nothing more.


When you came back to the village, she was there to welcome you with open arms and a smile that can rival the sun. That alone filled your heart with warmth that reaches your soul. The weariness from your journey seems to just disappear, now that she’s here.

As she says “Okaeri, Sasuke-kun,” you gaze into her eyes, greener than the fields in your travels and sparkles like the stars at night. A small smile formed from your usually stoic face as you replied with “Tadaima, Sakura.”

You wondered to yourself, if this is what home feels like. It’s been so long since you had that feeling, and you want to immerse yourself in that again.

But does she consider you as her home too?

You two are just friends with a special bond, after all.

And you know, deep in your heart – more than ever – you want to turn it into something more.

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YAY IT'S OPEN!!! May I ask for Midorima telling his s/o that she's pregnant? Like, he noticed it before she did? Haha thanks <3

WOHOOOO this is actually so funny and creative omg thank you for requesting this !! i hope you like it! ^^

It’s been three months now and Midorima is pretty positive by now that you’re pregnant. What he’s really puzzled about and most shocked about is how he seems to be the only one who noticed this.

Not even the mother herself knew she was pregnant with their child. Obviously he knew you’ve always been a little clumsy, forgetful, and oblivious, but to think you didn’t even realize a living creature is inside of you.

He didn’t know wether to be worried, laugh uncontrollably or feel proud because this might have just showed him that he actually may not turn out too bad in medicine if he noticed it even before you did.

Nonetheless it was getting really hard for him not to blush every time he thought about it, every time the two of you sat together and every time his eyes found their way to your stomach.

Basically every time he looked at you.

He really did hope that he was wrong and you were just trying to find the right time then surprise with him with the great news. But all his thoughts were confirmed when he just walked in on you with a glass of wine in your hand.


Too freaked out to know what to do, his first instinct was to yell.

“Why are you being so loud? It’s just a drink Midorima.” you went on.

You really had no idea why he was making such a big fuss about this, it’s not like you drink everyday. Just once in a while you like spoiling yourself with a glass of expensive wine. But then again, this wasn’t the first time he made a big deal out of nothing.

As calm as your boyfriend might appear, he can actually become a bit overdramatic sometimes. Nonetheless, you loved him with all your heart, and is pretty much used to it by now.

You brushed him off and went back to doing what you were trying to do. Which is take your first sip. You didn’t even get to taste it because he came in and started yelling. You shook your head at him and brought it closer to your mouth.

You were just about to drink it when he ran to you and grabbed it away from your hand, drinking it all for himself.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! I DIDN’T EVEN GET TO TAKE MY FIRST SIP!” you yelled at him, clearly furious.

He exhaled deeply as if an entire weight has been lifted off of his chest. “Thank god.” he thought.

When he heard that he felt so relieved. He was so afraid that you actually had drunk some because it might hurt the baby and he wouldn’t want anything to hurt his precious soon to be child. 

He sighed and felt his cheeks hot. This really wasn’t the way he wanted to tell you you’re pregnant, in fact he shouldn’t be the one telling you this, but the complete opposite. 

Why is he the one blushing here and having a rough time keeping his composure?

“I think you’re pregnant.” he announced.

“WHAT?!” you screamed.

He suddenly felt very lucky for not being the best drinker because he’s really gonna need that entire glass of wine once it kicks in. 

Something Special (Modern AU)

I think about them sometimes. They were wonderful, loving people, my parents. I often wish I had gotten more time with them. I wonder sometimes how different my life would have been. Not that I’m not grateful for everything the Blake’s have done for me since they passed, taking me in and making me part of their family. It was more than I could have asked for. My parents and Aurora had been long time friends, I knew them since the day I was born. As a kid I spent many play dates with Octavia and Bellamy. I was so young when my parents died, I’ve spent more of my life living in the Blake household than I had in my own. But, sometimes, I can’t help but feel like I don’t belong.

There’s a knock on my door, pulling me out of my thoughts, and I realize I’ve been crying.

“Come in!” I feign enthusiasm, still feeling that pang of pain in my chest from thinking about the death of my parents.

Bellamy pops his head in, “Hey, Y/N, dinner’s ready.”

“I’ll be right down.” My voice sounds strained and false. I hope he doesn’t notice. He just nods, pulls his head back, and he’s gone.

As soon as the door is closed, I find myself smiling. Bellamy always has a way of making me feel better, even if he doesn’t know it. We’d always been close. There was something special with us. For a second I feel another pang in my chest, but this one a little different. It feels more warm. I recognize the feeling, but I ignore it. He’s practically my brother, after all.

As I walk towards my mirror, I wipe my face with my hands, removing any evidence of tears. I take a deep breath and look at myself. My eyes are still a little red and puffy, but hopefully no-one will notice. I run my fingers through my hair to make it look a little more presentable, silently cursing myself for looking like a sad disheveled mess when Bellamy had stopped in, then head downstairs.

The delicious smell of tonight’s meal fills my nose. I hear the sounds of dishes clinking, and a pot bubbling, and people shuffling around in the kitchen. When I walk in I see Aurora stirring something on the stove, Octavia pulling plates from the cupboard, Bellamy putting placemats on the table. We catch each other’s glance and he smiles a half smile at me, which I return in kind. He knows I had been crying, and he knows why. I can see it in his eyes.

The evening passes much like any other. We all make small talk around the table, laughing and smiling comfortably. Aurora is more bristly than usual, so we all tread lightly with what we say. Never the less, it’s a fairly happy family dinner. When I pass the salt to Bellamy our hands touch for a second and I feel a little electric pulse, and our eyes catch again. The moment is quick. Maybe there was no moment at all. I remind myself, “He’s like a brother.”

When the meal is over, we all help clear the table and pile the dishes in the sink. The others head out of the kitchen to their respective rooms and I’m left alone. It’s my turn to do the dishes, so I fill the sink with soap and water.

I fall into a familiar pattern. Scrub, rinse, dry, scrub, rinse, dry. My mind begins to wander. Childhood memories pop up in my brain, Octavia and I playing dolls, Bellamy chasing us when we all played tag, the three of us scribbling in colouring books while laying on our stomachs on the floor. Then flashes of later memories, as we all grew up. I see Bellamy’s face, his smile, his freckles, his curly hair… No, no, stop that now. I can’t think about him that way. I have to stop thinking about him that way. I need to think about something else. My mind switches gears then, back to my parents, back to the night I found out they died, back to the moment my entire world shattered around me, back to the most broken feeling I’ve ever experienced…


I jump as pieces of ceramic scatter on the floor. Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no. I’ve broken one of Aurora’s plates. The china passed down from her grandparents. The dishes that had survived three generations of Blake’s couldn’t survive one clumsy moment in my idiot hands.

“What was that?” Aurora asks as she enters the kitchen. I see her face drop as she sees the mess on the floor, her mouth hanging open. Her eyes start to water, then flash with anger.

I bend down to pick up the pieces, “I’m sorry! I’m so, so sorry!” I can feel the tears stinging in my eyes and I try my best to hold them back.

Aurora approaches me and I can feel the heat of rage radiating from her. I’d seen her angry before, but not like this. She’d been in a bad mood all day, and I was about to be on the receiving end of all her frustrations.

“What did you do?” Her voice is like razors slicing into me.

“It was an accident, I’m so sorry.” I stand up, my hands filled with sharp broken pieces of the delicate dish ware, I feel a few cuts into my skin.

“You do realize those dishes were handed down to me by my parents, handed down to them from my grandparents. Don’t you?”

“I didn’t—“

“No, you didn’t. Just go, get out.” She grabs a broom and starts sweeping up the remainder of the broken pieces on the floor.

“Aurora, I’m so sorry. You know I didn’t mean to!”

“You know what, Y/N? I don’t want to hear excuses. Sometimes you’re such a burden.” she snaps.

Ouch. We’ve had our fights before. She endured my defiant, snotty teenage years. But this… this was something else. This ran deeper than just a broken plate.

“I don’t mean to be a burden on you…” I feel a tear escape.

“Didn’t I say I didn’t want excuses? You’ve always got something to say, always have to get in a word,” She’s on a roll now. This must have been pent up for a long time. “Just like your parents.”

“Don’t talk about my parents.” I say through gritted teeth.

“I knew them better than you did. You know your mom broke one of these plates once, too. You clumsy idiots, all of you. Like mother like daughter.”

“Hey, that’s enough.” I say, my blood beginning to boil, my voice rising.

“Don’t tell me what’s enough. Don’t speak to me like that in my own house.” Her voice has risen now too, and I’m sure Octavia and Bellamy can hear every word.

“It’s my house, too.” I counter.

“No, it’s not. You’re not a part of this family. We took you in. You ungrateful little goblin. I took you in! I didn’t have to do that and I did.”

“Nobody asked you to!” I spit.

“Your parents did! In their damn will. And stupid, stupid me, I agreed to it! We had enough struggles on our own and I still took in their bratty little kid.”

“Stop talking about my parents! They were your friends! They trusted you, which was clearly the wrong choice.”

“They made a lot of wrong choices. Irresponsible, unreliable, —“

“Oh, that’s rich coming from you!” I sputter.

“All you’ve done is be a drain on this family. You’ve caused way more trouble than you’re worth. You’re a leech. You always have been. But you know what? I’ve had enough. That’s it. You are not welcome here. Not anymore. Get out.” Her voice is steel, cold and hard.

I stand there, frozen. All my worst fears were true. I didn’t belong.

I turned on my heel and marched straight to my bedroom. Slamming the door shut, I stomped to my bed. I felt like a petulant child, but I was so hurt and angry I didn’t care. If she wanted me gone, fine. I’ll pack my things and get the hell out. It’s about time anyway.

I grabbed a bag and haphazardly started throwing clothes into it. I was blind with anger and tears. I grabbed another bag and started stuffing that one, too. After some time, I sat down on the edge of my bed. Exhausted and still crying, I heard a knock on my door. I didn’t respond. I didn’t want to talk to anyone.

Another knock. I still did not respond. I sat in rage charged silence.

The door slowly cracked open. “Hey, is it… is it okay if I come in?” Bellamy’s voice asked.

I huffed, “Yeah, sure, fine.”

He stepped inside, eyeing up the mess I’d made while tossing my belongings into bags. He approached the bed cautiously, and sat down beside me. His presence was already soothing, but my breathing was still heavy and uneven, and my throat still tight with fury.

“You heard all that, huh.” I stared straight ahead.

“Oh, I heard. I think the whole neighbourhood heard.” His sarcasm was not welcome right now.

I sighed. “Yeah… not my proudest moments.”

“Going somewhere?” He gestures towards the bags on the floor.

“She wants me to go, so I’ll go.” I say flatly.

“Don’t go. You know she didn’t mean it.” He reassures me. I turn to look at him then. His eyes are soft, concerned.

“Maybe. But she is right about one thing. I don’t belong here. And I never really have.” My voice quivers a little. This is what I’d worried about my whole life here.

“Don’t say that. Of course you belong.”

“No, Bellamy, I don’t. You guys have been so good to me, but I’ve never been part of the family. I’m just the kid who lives in the spare bedroom. I don’t belong.”

“Well, you belong with me.”

The air catches in my lungs. The room feels frozen in time. I stare at him, puzzled, shocked, my heart racing. Did he? Did I hear? What?

“I mean, you don’t belong with me, you belong to me. No not to me. I just mean that y’know that you’re cool, you’re good, you’re fine. I mean not fine as in fine, but fine as in okay.” He sputters, nervously, and laughs.

I realize I’ve been holding my breath. I laugh, too.

“Yeah, right of course. No, I knew what you meant.” I laugh awkwardly again.

We go quiet. There’s a tension between us. I’m suddenly aware of how close we’re sitting. I shuffle over a little and clear my throat, trying not to look directly at him because I can feel the warmth building in my cheeks and I’m sure they’re turning red. “Well, I uh, I better finish packing. I’ll stay at a friend’s place tonight, and come back and get more of my stuff tomorrow.”

“You’re really going to leave?” Bellamy’s voice is tinged with fear and disappointment.

“I mean, I’m not a kid anymore. I should get out on my own eventually, right?”


“Yeah. Right. So it’s about time I go.”

“I don’t want you to go.” He says in a tone I don’t know how to read.

Silence falls again.

“Do you want help packing?” He asks after a few moments pass.

“Yeah, you know what, that would be great.”

The tension soon breaks as we start to move around my room, assessing where to begin. I turn on some music and the mood lightens even more. Soon, we’re laughing and joking, picking up random objects and arguing over whether or not they’re worth keeping. I insist on keeping a hideous mug he had made me for my birthday one year when we had all been enrolled in a ceramics class. He convinces me to toss a very outdated sweater.

As the night wears on, we eventually stop packing things and end up sitting on the floor across from each other, listening to the music and just talking. It’s so easy to talk with him, so cozy to sit and let our thoughts mingle. We share our hopes, dreams, stories, jokes. It’s all just so… right.

“Hey, what did you mean earlier when you said you didn’t want me to go?” I ask him

He shrugs, “Y’know, I’m just used to having you around that’s all.”

I’m not convinced. I raise an eyebrow.

“Then again, it might be nice to have a break. You’re a pain in the ass sometimes.” He laughs

“Ha ha.” I roll my eyes.

But then he continues, “But also, I mean, I guess…” He trails off.

“What?” I laugh

“Nah, it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

“Oh, come on, you can’t do that” I tease, “You can’t just start a sentence and then pretend you didn’t say anything and leave me wondering what the hell is going on in that head of yours.”

I move closer to him, continuing to tease, “C’mon, tell me tell me tell me. Don’t be a jerk butt. Tell me.”

He laughs and rolls his eyes, smirking.

“No, you’re an idiot. Stop. Forget it.”

“Nope, not gonna.” I’m sitting right in front of him now, looking at him determinedly, “I’m going to sit right here until you tell me.”

He lets out a sigh, “I’d just… miss you, I guess.”

There’s one of those moments again. A moment that feels enticing. Like something is pulling us together.

“I’ll miss you, too, Bell.” I move to sit next to him, and the familiar safe feeling washes over the room again.

I lean my head on his shoulder and we sit like that for a while, the music playing softly, everything still and calm.

Then, his hand slowly moves closer to mine. It brushes against the side of my hand. I don’t move. We’re both looking down at our hands, transfixed. His pinky starts to reach towards mine. Slowly, our ring and pinky fingers are touching, softly, wrapping around each other. This gesture of intimacy fills the air and we both look up into each others eyes. Electric pulse.

Our eyes scan over each others faces, linger on each others lips, lock into each others gaze, and we’re leaning in. Gently, our lips touch. We move closer, lips parting and moving in synch. It’s slow and soft, meaningful. When we finally pull away, our eyes meet again.

“I can’t believe we did that.” I breathe.

“Did you… did you not want to?” He worries.

“No, no. I did. I just…” I can’t form a sentence.

“I wanted to.” He says.

“You did?” I try to hold back the hope and excitement in my voice.

“I really did. I… I have for a long time.” He seems relieved to say that.

“Me too.” I breathe.

“I like you, Y/N.” He looks me in the eyes, “I like you a lot.”

“I really like you too.”

Like magnets, our lips are drawn back to each other. This time the kiss is deeper, filled with pent up longing. I feel myself getting lost in it. There was always something special between us, and now, finally, we knew what it was.


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Hi I stumbled across your blog and i honestly love it! i was wondering if you can do head cannons on how Kakashi would be with a s/o who's a little bit younger than him both nsfw and sfw (: you're an amazing writer, keep up the good work!

Ok so these aren’t headcanons buuuut I hope this is okay, if not just message me again and I’ll do it again bc I don’t feel like much would really be different with a younger S/O? Ok so, this is another one of those weird hc/scenario hybrids bc I’m indecisive and this idea popped in my head, so I was like “Well shit, better get it in a document before I forget it,” bc that’s how I live. Also, I was kinda inspired bc yesterday a dude tried to ask me out to drinks, thinking I was 23-24, and I had to tell him that I was barely 19, and that apparently just broke his brain…

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  • Making his way down the hallway of his apartment complex, Kakashi took a quick glance out one of the passing windows, making a mental note of the fallen night that proved it was closer to midnight than he would have wished it to be. He had only just resurfaced into the planet after spending what felt like hours trying to sort through the various files and strategies of the ANBU, so needless to say, he was more than ready to return home.
  • He made it down to the last apartment on the floor, and went to reach for the doorknob, already knowing that it was unlocked bc you had a terrible habit of never locking anything.
    • he could hear the excuses now. “I’ve been an ANBU captain for years, what villager in their right mind would fight me?” Kakashi replayed that common laughter in his head as he opened the door to his home and looked over to you who was laying on the couch while scrolling through her phone.
  • Tilting your head back a bit so that you could see him as he walked through the door, you greeted him with a small laugh, “So you finally escaped?” you asked, a smirk painted across your lips. “I was starting to think that I didn’t have a boyfriend anymore.” you continued to tease as you stood to welcome him back home.
  • Taking his forehead protector off, he just shrugged, “We just gave up on sorting it all for tonight, left it for next week. There was too much in there for two people to deal with in one night.” he explained as you finally reached him and hugged onto him
  • “Aw, sorry.” you offered with a quick kiss. “If it makes you feel any better, I have review to all the new files with Tsunade tomorrow during the day and then I have to weed through all of the potential ANBU files tomorrow night.” you pouted a bit.
  • “Or you could always just reject everyone and then you wouldn’t have to sort through any. Then you could just spend the day with me. That would easier,” he offered up with the tiniest bit a sarcasm though there was enough of a serious tone that proved that he wouldn’t judge you if you did in fact do that.
  • You rolled your eyes, “As much as I need to have tomorrow off, I can’t. Tsunade’s orders.” your pout deepend.
  • “Give her a bottle of sake, she’ll change her mind.”
  • A small smile came upon your lips as you tried to hide your laugh, “Kakashi, you can’t talk about the Hokage like that, especially Tsunade. She’ll probably throw that bottle at you…”
  • He copied that small smile and shrugged as he guided you further into the house.
  • “But, hey in all seriousness, I have a quick favor to ask you about tomorrow. You think you can help me?” you asked, “Which, I mean, you should, because you love me and I made dinner at 11:37 pm tonight, so that it’d be warm for you. Plus  you think that I’m cute and I’ll do whatever you want and-” you rambled on trying to butter him up.
  • Putting his on your face to get you to stop talking he laughed, “Okay okay, what Y/N?”
  • Regaining your smile, you nodded, “So my little brother is coming to visit from Ame tomorrow, but since Tsunade is making me work all of tomorrow I can’t be here for him. So I was hoping that you could maybe possibly be super awesome and hang out with him until I can get out of that all that. He doesn’t really know anyone here, but I mean he’s a lot like me, so you two should be fine together.”
  • Not thinking that it was a big deal, Kakashi nodded. “Yeah, sure.”
  • “Great!” you cheered. “And if it makes anything any easier, he just turned 21 and isn’t a straight edge like me, so you can totally take him out drinking if that makes it any easier. He’s been doing it since way back when I was still an Ame villager so he can hold it pretty well.” you gave the option. “But I mean, that’s just if you can’t think of anything better to do.”
  • Again, Kakashi nodded, but for a moment, he looked a bit confused. “Wow, I didn’t know there’s that big of an age gap between the two of you.” he remarked.
  • “Huh?” you asked, your confusion equalling his. “What are you talking about? There’s barely two years between me and him.” you corrected.
  • And it was at that moment you that you saw complete shock come across his face. “Wait, you’re only 23..?” he questioned almost as if you had just revealed this huge secret.
  • “Yeah…” you answered, “I thought you knew that…”
  • He just shook his head, still trying to process the fact that you were over 8 years younger than him and he was just learning this now, after knowing you for 6 years.
  • “Wait, wait, wait.” You stopped him for a moment as up put your hands up. “how old did you think I was?” you puzzled, as shocked at it all as he seemed to be.
  • “Like 28 or 29.” he replied. He knew that you were younger than him, but he only thought that it was only by a year, two at the most.
  • Wide eyed you shook your head quickly. “Do I look like I’m in my late twenties!? I know sometimes I have dark circles under my eyes, but…” you trailed off, now slightly self conscious. Taking a deep breath, you just reaffirmed your age. “No, I just turned 23 last month.”
  • “There’s no way…” he muttered as he tried to process it all even though he still struggling to get over the fact that you were so young and he had never known. “So wait, we started dating over two years ago…”
  • You nodded, “Yeah, I was only 20 when we first started dating. I turned 21 like three weeks into us becoming a couple.” you recalled.
  • “How are you only in your early 20’s? You don’t act like it; I thought you were in your early twenties when you first came into the village…”
  • You shrugged, “I was only 16 when I came here. And I mean, I grew up in Ame, you don’t exactly get to act your age when your entire country is in a civil war that’s killing hundreds every day. Plus when I came into Konoha, we were still in a world war and I knew that if I wanted to get anywhere in this village I needed to be more than exceptional, and acting like a 16 year old refugee wasn’t going to cut it so…” you frowned, bringing up the main reason why you acted the way you did.
  • He knew that this didn’t change anything, but God, you were making him feel so old all of a sudden. You weren’t even alive when he became a chunin….
  • And so for a moment he was silent, still trying to get all of this through his head. How did he miss this for so long?
  • Seeing this, you just pouted a bit. “Oh come on, it’s not that big of a deal.” you rolled your eyes. “Besides, guys my age don’t know how to treat me. I don’t have the tolerance to deal with people my age…” you admitted as you latched your arms around his neck.
  • “So wait, back before we were a couple…” he trailed off, now remembering how the two of you were before you actually called yourselves a couple.
  • “You fucked an 18 year old,” you shrugged, getting straight to the point. “You go, Kakashi.”
  • Placing he hands on either side of your face, he took a deep breath, not quite sure what to say.
  • Looking at him with a frown, you shook your head at his overreaction. “Stop, it’s fine. I thought you were hot; it was as big of an accomplishment for me to lay you as it was for you to lay me.” you admitted. “Now, let’s just stop talking about it, because if we keep on going, you’re not going to be able to think anymore.” you smiled before giving him a quick kiss.
  • “Y/N…”
  • “Shh, or I’ll make it so you stop thinking because of something else and not my age.” you smirked.
Cost of Freedom (25/52)

Summary: In which Heiji has been found out, Kaito and Shinichi grab the files and Aoko and Ran return to the police station. Prison!AU

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“What th’ hell is goin’ on?”

Heiji takes a step back, drops the hand carrying his phone to his side and lets out a strangled gasp, breath constricting as he glances over at the girl he has been in love with since he was a child. It feels almost like his heart is attempting to squeeze through the gaps of his ribcage, the valves constricting in a way that brings him nothing but pain.

“Kazuha,” he breathes, pressing his thumb against the touch screen of his phone, ending the call without glancing down at the screen.

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Chapter 187: How to REALLY make SOMEONE WORRY!

Note: Thank you to Sienna and Sae for the translation of this chapter! <3 I also dedicate it to the almighty cat/neko. They don’t necessarily have to be a tsundere uke because they are related to the King of Beasts (Lion) and the Lord of the Jungle (Tiger). I’m looking at you Kev! -_-       - Alec

While reading, please read the footnotes at the end of the chapter for clarification.

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Today on April 21st in 753 BC, the prophecy given to Aeneas by the Gods shortly after he and the remaining Trojans fled the sacking of Troy in 1184 BC came to fruition. The founding of Rome was one that would change the course of world history.

Numitor, a descendant of Aeneas, was King of Alba Longa. His younger brother, Amulius, envied this position, and so sent him into exile to usurp his throne. To prevent any vengeance or competition arising up from Numitor’s heirs in the future, he simply killed them off. Furthermore, he then forced Numitor’s daughter, Silvia, into becoming a Vestal Virgin, having her swear celibacy for 30 years.

Quirinus was a God who emanated from Helios and was carried down by the Goddess of Forethought, Athena. Mars crafted him a mortal body within Silvia’s womb, and thus Quirinus was born Romulus, alongside his twin, Remus. Following the discovery that Silvia had given birth to twins, Amulius imprisoned Silvia and ordered a servant to kill the twins; who instead took pity on the infants and showed them mercy; instead sending them adrift down the river Tiber.

Eventually, the river begun overflowing, leaving the infants in a pool by the bank. There, an animal said to represent both Helios and Mars, the She Wolf, was said to have lost her own cubs when she came across the twins, deciding to nurture them and give them suck. Soon after a farmer named Faustulus came across them, and with his wife Acca adopted and raised the children as shepherds.

On 752 BC, while they were herding their sheep one day, they were met by shepherds under the rule of King Amulius. These shepherds begun a fight with the twins in which Remus was captured and taken before King Amulius. Romulus gathered and incited a band of local shepherds to join him in rescuing his captured sibling. King Amulius believed that Silvia’s children were dead, and hadn’t recognized Remus or Romulus. After a conflict, Romulus freed his brother, and in the process killed King Amulius. Being offered the throne of Alba Longa, they rejected it and instead chose to reinstate Numitor on the throne. However, they did still want to rule a city, and so they left to go and find their own.

After finding a proper location with seven hills, Romulus and Remus were bickering over where their city would be founded. Romulus supported the construction of the city on the Palatine Hill, and Remus supported the construction of the city on the Aventine Hill. Taking the auspices to read the will of the gods, Remus on his hill saw six birds, while Romulus saw twelve. As a result it was decided that Romulus’ choice was the one with divine favour, which lead him and his followers to begin construction of their city on the Palatine Hill. Romulus took to marking the city’s sacred boundary with a plough drawn by a white bull and a white cow to begin building the city’s walls, but Remus scornfully jumped over the furrows, causing the furious Romulus or one of his Chiefs to kill him.

To secure the new settlement’s future population he outlawed infanticide and established an asylum for fugitives, where freemen and slaves alike could both find protection in the new city and recieve Roman citizenship.

At one point, due to a shortage of females since the population of Rome was mostly young and unmarried men, Romulus organised the abduction of single women who were marriageable from nearby Italic tribes by drawing them in with grand festivals & games, most notably the local tribe of the Sabines, and taking the women’s hand in marriages without the consent of their families. A conflict ensued in which enraged Italic tribes warred with Rome, which ended when the women ran between the armies of their fathers and their new husbands, pleading for them to put down their weapons and negotiate for peace. Peace was reached, where Romulus and the King of the Sabines, Tatius, joined together to form one community.

Over the years, the city and its relations developed. Tatius died, and conflicts with Italic and Etruscan tribes continued to rise as Rome grew more and more powerful. After a reign of 36 years, Romulus mysteriously disappeared in a violent storm, causing an uproar of confusion and accusation of murder to go around; along with a claim that their King had simply abandoned them. However, Proculus Julius, a man who had been friends with the King, came forth, swore a sacred oath in which he could not lie, and revealed the truth of what happened to the missing Romulus. He recounted an experience where Romulus descended from the sky infront of him shortly after his disappearance. Puzzled and shocked, Proculus asked why Romulus had abandoned his city as he did: confused, mourning, suspicious and on edge. Romulus revealed that it was the divine will of the Gods that took him into the Heavens by destroying the mortal part of his body with the fire of lightning during the storm, and that he was ascended into the heavens by the Goddess Athena straight back to Helios, and that in truth he was the God Quirinus. He revealed he was sent forth by King of All, his duty being to build a city that would become the greatest on Earth, and now that work is done. The now-revealed God then promised to watch over his people before ascended back into the heavens. With this information revealed to the people of Rome, the divine truth had overcame them and eased their minds; causing them to abandon their suspicions and anger over their old king having left them. King Numa, a Sabine and a great reformer, was made Romulus’ successor and proclaimed the second King of Rome.

And today the eternal city still stands another year.


Flavius Claudius Iulianus Augustus, Hymn to King Helios, 358 AD

Plutarch, and John Dryden. Selected lives: from the parallel lives of the noble Grecians and Romans. Franklin Center, PA: Franklin Library, 1982.