puzzle pr

The Ukrainian city of Lvov  installed a super-size crossword. The puzzle covers the entire side of a residential tower block that’s approximately 30 meters tall. During the day the crossword appears empty - with the answers lighting up at night. The questions for the puzzle are located in different point of interests of the city: monuments, theatres, fountains etc. so people walking around the city can try to solve the puzzle and write down their answers. All for no other reason than to give poeple something interesting to do!

It’s funny, sometimes I sit here and think we’ve all lost our collective minds trying to figure out cryptic tweets, Instagram posts, egg selfies, travel plans, etc.

And then I come across a headline like this

And I realize that the whole fucking world is trying to figure out what these guys are doing and no one has an answer (or no one that’s willing to share anyway).

The mystery is part of the marketing. Some of the mystery is manufactured (like the break-up rumors), some is real (Larry - even if it wasn’t real, the shroud of mystery around them is), and some is just people getting so used to the puzzle that we’re picking lint up off the floor and trying to see where it fits (ordinary business transactions and movement, promotional tweets).

I think we’ve got more lint in our puzzle box than we, as a fandom, think we do. But until we get a clearer picture of what the completed puzzle is going to be, it’s impossible to tell what’s lint and what’s not.

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