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but why can Karen mostly accept Frank and his Punisher persona, while at the same time, not getting that Matt as Daredevil is just as ingrained in him and just as important to the city?

also, she seemed to trust what Daredevil was doing before she knew it was Matt. Then once she found out, she (and even Foggy) just wanted Matt to have a normal life, not truly understanding exactly what Matt himself said: this is his life


It’s time to cook up some color, yo! Very much enjoying this Breaking Bad adult coloring book that allows you to color in highlights from each season of the show. It also features word searches, crossword puzzles, and dot-to-dots throughout its 80+ pages, too!

I am the one who colors… ✍️


First Part: Brave
Second Part: Breathing Space                                                           Third Part: Plotting                                                                        Fourth Part: New Arrangement                                                       Fifth Part: Spinning                                                                                  Sixth Part: Distraction

Part 7 in my developing Roman/Virgil University!AU <3

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Once again, Virgil wakes up so, so slowly. He is cocooned in warmth, and he sighs contentedly, keeping his eyes closed, just enjoying the moment. Eventually, he realises there’s some sort of weight on him, and he opens his eyes. He blinks the sleep away and the first thing he sees is Roman’s arm, flung across his stomach. Then, he notices that Roman’s copy of the Wicked script is by his hip, and he smiles at the thought of Roman falling asleep reading it, the book eventually slipping out of his grasp.

Roman’s fingers twitch, and Virgil turns his head. He sees that Roman has given him all of the covers. He looks completely dead to the world, but Virgil can see that he’s starting to shiver, goosebumps running up his forearms. And, that won’t do at all. He tries to shift at least half of the covers over Roman, and Roman turns in his sleep, moving closer towards him.

“Hmm…flying…” he mumbles.

Virgil blinks. He waits a few seconds to determine that yes, that did just happen and yes, Roman does sleep-talk. 

And it’s adorable.

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As Still As Sound: Prologue

Author’s Note: i really didn’t think i’d start another series so soon, really i didn’t. but this came to me one night, and i feel like i’m going to scream if i don’t write it. this story is basically a love note from me to a lot of different things; some of it is personal, some of it is fictional, a lot of it is me doing something i never do and writing real, true love story. i hope you enjoy this prologue!

Summary: Two years after soulmate bonds are formed in our universe, and still the world is reeling from the connections. Everyone seems to be affected, except you. You seem to think you’ve been left out and forgotten, though you don’t really want a soulmate at all. All you really want is to be alone with your music…

O/C’s Spotify song this chapter: Blow - Ghinzu (music for each chapter will be the song the reader/oc/you is listening to)

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (oc; female)

Genre: Soulmate!AU; fluff; angst; drama; sci-fi; eventual smut

Rating (this chapter): PG

Warnings (this chapter): references to threats of self-harm

Word Count: 5,024

METRO UK      APRIL 8, 2013


Anita and Wesley Goulding made history on this day in 2011 as the first couple in the UK to find their soulmate after the Era Shift. They’ve sat down with us today to discuss how they met, the struggles they endured in the early days of finding one another, and why they think the new soulmate process is a double edged sword.

Q: Congratulations on two years!

Anita: Thank you! It really doesn’t feel like it. I wake up every morning and see him, and I somehow fall more in love with him.

Wesley: I honestly don’t know what I was doing in my life before I met her. It’s been the most magical two years.

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welcome to honeypot preschool! we are an age regression club (not a community!) focused on fun, positivity, and self care! here, all nonsexual age regression or kiddie blogs are welcome. it doesn’t matter where you call home, as long as you are kind to everyone! 

here, we will be doing lots of fun activities! included are ~

🌌 SLEEPOVERS - we will be having sleepovers every week, hosted by at least 2 mods! each one will have a theme, and we encourage you to submit your coloring pages, blanket forts, stuffies, and selfies! we will also be hosting movies in a rabb.it room. we want this to be a fun and good-natured environment, so please be kind!

💗 SELF CARE HELP - every day, we will publish reminders for all of our lil ones; reminding you to drink water, eat a healthy meal, take your medicine, among other things! this is to make sure all of our honey bears are happy and healthy! 

🎨 COLORING PAGES, CRAFTS, PUZZLES, STORY TIME, AND MORE - we will be posting one or two coloring pages and other crafts/games every day for our honey bears! you are welcome to submit pictures of the completed page, or of yourself coloring! (sfw pictures only please!)

we will be adding new activities as time goes on and more honey bears + more mods join the club! if you are interested in becoming a club member, go here and either submit or message your application to us to get started! 

we hope to see you soon~

with love from, 
mod kayla & mod euphie 

There are certain signs that make Dean Winchester suspect that he’s in love.

It’s the way his heart flutters restlessly whenever he and a now human Cas unexpectedly cross paths in the bunker.

It’s the warm feeling in his gut that he gets whenever Castiel smiles at him, blue eyes wide and genuine.

It’s his very soul, and how it starts singing with joy whenever Castiel simply says his name. Dean. It somehow sounds so much better when Cas is the one saying it.  

However, there are other signs that let Dean know for sure.

It’s how he doesn’t mind when Cas steals his mug of morning coffee with an innocent smile, even when he’s craving that caffeine himself.

It’s how he doesn’t feel annoyed when his favorite shirt suddenly goes missing, and he finds out days later that Cas has borrowed it without politely asking.

It’s how Dean grumpily strides into the kitchen one morning, ready to give Cas a piece of his mind because the fallen angel has used up all of the hot water in the shower yet again, leaving Dean cold and shivery.

He knows he’s in love when he feels all of his anger melt like fresh snow in the watery February sun as soon as Castiel greets him with a warm “Good morning, Dean”.

Dean’s scowl fades as he eyes Cas who’s sitting at the small kitchen table, all bed hair and doe eyes, reading the morning paper while munching on some pancakes. In the back of his mind, Dean just knows that Cas has already solved the daily crossword puzzle on page three, even though that’s Dean’s favorite thing to do. But not even this fuels Dean’s earlier fury, and that’s how he knows he’s a lost cause; love makes blind.

When Dean tentatively sits down beside Cas after pouring himself some coffee, Castiel blushes as he pushes the paper in Dean’s direction, pointing at the surprisingly still empty crossword puzzle.

“I saved this for you, Dean.”

Instead of sharing the crossword, Dean and Castiel share their first kiss. And their second, and their third. His lips turning up into a smile against Castiel’s, Dean decides that he could get used to being in love.

Drabble Prompts: Sleep Buddy's

Prompt: You’re being too loud, we’re going to wake them up.

“JJ look at them! They’re so cute.”

“Shhhh, you’re being too loud. We’re going to wake them up.”

“Lemme just get one more picture. Garcia will just eat this up.”

Y/N wasn’t asleep. She rarely fell asleep in this position. But she faked it so often that she was a pro at it. And Spencer definitely didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he also seemed to enjoy it. Whenever she snuggled up next to him and lay her head on his shoulder he would start stroking her arm gently, resting his own head atop of hers. After a while, he would fall sleep, the soft sounds of his chest rising and falling comforting Y/N. She loved being this close to him but pretending to be asleep was the only time she felt she was able to be. The first time it had happened was quite accidental, but everytime since then…. Well she kinda planned and faked it just to be near to him. She joked that he was her sleep buddy, and the rest of team joked once both their eyes were closed, that they were in love and just couldn’t see it. She could see it alright, at least from her side of things. But not for one second did she think her feelings were reciprocated.

Spencer wasn’t asleep, he rarely fell asleep like his. He was too aware of the sleeping beauty next to him, her head nestled into the crook of his neck. Sometimes she’d fidget and her hand would end up on his arm, sometimes gripping it as if she were having a nightmare and needed him close to comfort her. He loved being this close to her, feeling her warmth next to him, the smell of her hair, her sweet scent. The first time she’d fallen asleep with her head resting on him, he had actually dozed off. But the next time it happened and all the times afterwards he couldn’t let himself miss it. He wanted to remember the sensation of her snuggled up next to him, knowing it would never happen outside of the jet. It was just because she was sleepy and he was comfortable. She joked he was her sleep buddy and he laughed along with her, all the time knowing he wanted to be so much more than that but knowing that his feelings would not be reciprocated.

“Em, when do you think their actually going to admit they like each other?”

“Honestly Jayge? Never…. I think we’d have to spell it out to both of them. You’d think that as profilers they’d pick up on the fact that their so irrecoverably head over heels for each other. She told me one night, you know. When she was drunk. And then swore the next day that it had just been the wine… Nah, I don’t buy it.”

“He told me too. He likes her, a lot. He just doesn’t think she’d be interested.”

“They’re so stupid,” Emily unfolded the newspaper she’d been reading, ready to begin the puzzle page she’d found.

“I know right?” JJ went back to her book, both women missing the small smiles that had spread across Spencer and Y/N’s faces.


Part one of the proposed activity book! I’ll post more as I make them, and compile the lot of them into a PDF that should be done by the time DA:Inquisition comes out in, like… 16 days or whatever

if you have an spelling corrections or suggestions for new pages/puzzles, internet kissies and a spot of honor on a credit page will be yours

Three Little Words

Okay this is my first attempt on a fic (and a fluff, since I am One Angsty Bitch), so please bear with me.

You can feel the words hanging on your tongue.

Those three little words people seem so fond of saying, despite meaning it or not. Those three little words you have never told anyone else, ever. Those three little words you never imagined you’d say. You can feel the weight of them, hanging, waiting. And you’re ready to say it, goddammit, you know you are. So why haven’t you?

You sigh. Beside you, Harry shifts a little, his hand resting on your hip. You can feel it sneaking up, surrounding you with warmth and comfort. You shift a bit, adjusting yourself to the weight of his arm around you. You trail a fingertip on his cheekbone, feeling restless. You’re no coward. You know it, he knows it. You also know what you feel for this man, this beautiful man sleeping peacefully in front of you. The question is, will you ever get the courage to say it out loud?

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‘What if the guys were given a motive that they had to kill someone or else their S/O would be killed? (Bonus points if they're not allowed to tell anyone)’ part 2

What if the guys were given a motive that they had to kill someone or else their S/O would be killed? (Bonus points if they’re not allowed to tell anyone)

Never ever ever ever ever again, nope.

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