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HP Fall/Winter aesthetics

Hufflepuff: Running hands on ripe corn in corn mazes, the last of the crickets and cicadas serenading you to sleep, picking out Halloween pumpkins, picking the first ripe squashes from their vines, finding a shiny penny on the ground outside, pulling on gloves and sweaters, waking up in the chill of morning with your toes sticking out from under the blankets, the trees changing color within a week or two, harvesting and drying herbs on the ceiling, watching the sun rise, cuddling with friends or animals for comfort and warmth, the smell and warmth of home baking, darning socks, knitting with soft wool to pass the time, snuggling under warm, freshly dried blankets,

Sytherin: Breathing out and seeing your breath rise, dark lipsticks, fallen golden and red leaves soaked with water, getting up at first light and seeing the frost sparkling and glinting in the early morning sun, long scarves, heavy skirts and coats, dipping your fingers into freezing waters gently, making a fresh pot of coffee, walking inside after spending a long time in the cold and reveling in the warmth, sheets of rain cascading on the roof pleasantly, mixing in creme or sugar delicately into a morning drink, cutting down flower and herb stalks in preparation for winter, still enjoying cold brew coffee or iced tea when it’s cold, running your hands through the fur of a pet, candlelight flickering in dark rooms,

Ravenclaw: When warm drinks and soups slide down your throat and warm your gut, picking out wood to put on the fire, curling up in blankets with a stack of books, grasping hands with a trusted loved one, collecting leaves and seasonal flowers to press and slip inside journals, buying new notebooks and pens on a back to school discount, entering the library after being outside for hours, taking long walks in the cold, running icy fingers across warm skin, finding bones or feathers on the ground near your house, finding puzzles, board games and card games to do on lazy days, putting on a pair of thick woolen socks, taking shelter from rainstorms and cold weather in bookshops,

Gryffindor: Hot drinks scalding your tongue and the back of your throat, pulling off the layers of clothes when you get home, singing Christmas songs far too early in the season, taking a hot bath surrounded with candles after a tough day, smelling smoke rising from chimneys, kissing in the cold, wiping bloody noses on jacket sleeves, the first hot-air balloons appearing on the horizons in the morning, running barefoot on the cool ground, warming up in front of fires, seeing smoke rise from chimneys, coloring endlessly, seeing the stars on a fairly chilly night, going for bike rides and fighting the wind, creaking of tree branches, stomping on ice to make it crack,

House Rules: Puzzles And Hints

Like many DMs, I put puzzles in my adventures that I want the players to work on at the table.

These puzzles often tax the players’ knowledge and intuition, as opposed to the characters’.

If I put together an elaborate “chessboard” puzzle, for example, I might not want the solution found in just a few die rolls.

It’s unsatisfying.

However, it’s also not fair for me to take the resources of a character away from the player.

If you’re playing an 18 Intelligence, 18 Wisdom character, your character is pretty smart and intuitive and should have some sort of leg up solving puzzles (though I’ve met plenty of intelligent people who can’t even solve a crossword).

It’s just like encounter skills: If I set up a roleplaying/negotiation opportunity and you’ve spent a ton of ranks on the Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Bluff skills, I’d better allow you to make the occasional die roll.

Here’s how I split the difference.

Whenever I construct a puzzle, I pick a few skills that I think would be applicable to solving the puzzle.

If the puzzle has weird runes in it, I might choose Knowledge (arcana), Decipher Script, and/or a particular lan guage (say, Dwarven).

If a character has ranks in any of those skills, or knows how to speak Dwarven, I allow the player at some time during the puzzle-solving process to make a skill check or ability check.

I only allow one such check per character.

Depending on the total, I give the player a hint.

I won’t solve the puzzle for the party outright this way, but I give them enough of a clue to keep the puzzle fun and interesting.

This, of course, restricts the sorts of puzzles I use in my game.

Normally, I construct multistage puzzles with several possible solutions to each level that I can see (and the players almost always figure out one or two solutions I don’t see).

This means that I can give some pretty useful clues to those characters who roll high enough without spoiling the puzzle for the players or myself.

—Ed Stark

Dangan Thieves AU - The Circus of a First Palace

A/N Finally! An actual fic for the dangan thieves AU. I think it’s a good 6k draft (I’m a bit rusty, sorry!) Also please take note that I’m going to skip the tutorial and awakening scenes so we can jump right into the first palace! But first! Gotta thank these awesome people for inspiring me! Send them lots of love please!

[concept art Palace Ruler Chisa 1] [2] @ministarfruit

[first summary] @annsparksthegmr

Beloved Teacher and Ringmistress

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Dating Spencer Reid:

○ When you can’t sleep you always ask him to list random facts because his smoothing voice and the randomization usually helps you drift off. You also always listen to his rants when none of the team will
○ If you’re on the BAU jet Spencer usually brings a book and if the two of you read it together, he always slows down his internal reading so you can keep up
○ He was nervous to introduce you to his mom but she ended up loving you and said you were quiet the catch
○ He really tried to engage in some of the things you love, even if they’re out of his comfort zone and you try to share some of his loves eg Halloween
○ Playing card games, making sure he doesn’t cheat and him also being flabbergasted when you sometimes beat him
○ Him performing magic tricks for you and never revealing how he did it
○  You’re the person he can open up to, about anything 
○ He leaves you riddles or puzzles around the house/office to solve, they’re little games you play and he’ll give you hints if you’re stuck

Façade [Chapter 1]

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Warning: Language

Summary: You thought you wanted fame. You thought you wanted this. But a part of you still yearned for that normal life, a normal love: finding someone that you love and will love you back with all his heart. So soon enough, this became too much for you.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Epilogue


The glaring numbers of the electric clock stare back at you mockingly. It hasn’t been the first time you’ve waited for your so called husband like this.

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Uranus in the 6th House - Professionally Puzzling

“There’s an opposite to déjà vu. They call it jamais vu. It’s when you meet the same people or visit places, again and again, but each time is the first. Everybody is always a stranger. Nothing is ever familiar.”

Uranus is the unique self expression, the neon flashlights of individuality, and the need for excitement. The 6th house is subordinate and applies to the integration of the ego with accepting the needs of others. So you can imagine there could be some difficulties negotiating Uranus in the 6th. However the individual born with this placement tends to have a great ingenuity for everyday affairs, routine and rhythm wise, using technology to create ease of life, and solving problems when they arise at work. Because Uranus refuses to settle, the individual may prefer to work erratic hours or remain a casual employee. Maybe they have trouble performing once a job becomes too repetitive or mundane. There may be a distortion when the individual attempts to define themselves amongst others. The feeling of being outsider and abnormal could resonate here.

Sudden intellectual breakthroughs can be made at the workplace, and the individual may act irresponsibly. But despite a certain rebellion or unpredictability, the person can be very well loved by the employer, and appreciated for the refreshing ideas and innovative spirit that the individual brings to the job. Uranus rattles abrupt changes, and there may be a need to frequently change jobs. Or the individual may find themselves suddenly unemployed. There can be a preference for work that appeals to the obscure and strange, and also jobs that involve technology. The individual is known to exhale a breath of fresh air throughout the work place and lean toward roles that involve some form of service. Easing into a routine is pure chaos, and there will be a need to keep moving and experience new occupations that stimulate and challenge the intellect. The 6th house is a projection of what we can give to others. With inventive Uranus plugged into the sixth house wall, the individual conceives innovative ways to assist people in some way. Freedom within the role is important. Maybe the person could be a nurse who works alone visiting people in their own residence. Or maybe a technology support person who works from home. These would couple the independence of Uranus with the serving theme of the sixth house.

Unusual domestic habits can be indicated with Uranus in the 6th. Maybe the person struggles with punctuality or cannot keep professional matters in order. There can be a lack of interest in carrying out what could be considered responsibilities of daily living such as keeping the bills up to date or taking out insurance. Uranus can cause disarray, and the individual may live amongst complete disorder or exhibit the exact opposite, there may be a fanaticism with keeping the living space orderly. Maybe there is the fear of contracting mysterious illnesses. Radical approaches to healthy living such as eating organic or herbalist medicine could be indicated here. There will be a need to break away from living environments that become boring and fail to amuse the individual. The creative spark in the job is rich because inspiration is kindled here. Not only does Uranus express the individual flair of a person, but also humanitarian concerns and the unity of all people. Uranus in the 6th can focus on large scale charity efforts and direct tremendous talent into repairing collective disturbances and showing people their true worth. This is where out of this world Uranus is forced to fit in the ritualistic sixth house box, so all sorts of surprising and shocking life events are sure to occur. Everyday life is an assortment of flashing neon lights, lightning bolts, change, frenzy, and fun. Everything becomes uncomfortable when things become too comfortable.


I hid parts of myself
around the house
like puzzle pieces
hoping one day you’d figure out
how to see the bigger picture.
—  Frankie Ryott, deardeceiver.

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I need someone to tell me how kara and Lena got to exchange their numbers ? How did that happen ? For what reasons ? I just wanna know 😭

Kara is definitely surprised when Lena shows up at CatCo to invite her to L-Corp’s gala, she could have had her assistant call CatCo and asked to speak to her, but Kara has a feeling Lena wanted to make her feel important enough for the CEO to take time off her day to stop by to make the invitation.

And it works, because Kara is touched, and she’s happy that Lena has called her a friend.

Then Lena shows up at her house. It puzzles her how Lena managed to find her address, but she doesn’t question it, because after all it’s just Lena, the woman who doesn’t have any other friends in the city and Kara doesn’t want to embarrass her.

The gala happens, and it’s almost a disaster, but to everyone’s surprise it’s not Supergirl who saves the day, it’s Lena Luthor who bravely and cleverly comes through with one of her inventions.

A couple of days later, Kara shows up at L-Corp, and as always, Lena is more than welcoming. “Kara! I didn’t forget any appointments, did I?” She asks in that polite tone, a tone that says, ‘I know you don’t have an appointment, but I’m glad to see you.’

“No, no.” Kara replies, standing across from Lena’s desk. “I’m actually in a bit of a rush, but I wanted to stop by and thank you again for creating that device that stopped the gang. You were very brave, and I want you to know that I appreciate it. Even though Supergirl and I agree that you do kinda like to take too many risks.” She says playfully.

“Oh, so you and Supergirl talk about me, huh?” Lena asks, raising an eyebrow at Kara.

Kara’s eyes widen for just a second, and she fixes her glasses, “Um, you know, I was just taking some quotes from her about the attack, but anyway-” she waves her hand dismissively, as if none of that is important, “Here.” Kara takes a card from her purse and hands it to Lena.

“It’s not that I don’t like you dropping by, your visits are always a delight,” Kara explains chuckling softly, and tilting her head slightly as she smiles at Lena, “It’s just that I know you’re super busy and won’t always have time to hunt me down when you need a favor.”

Lena is shocked, and it shows in the way her eyebrows arch up, and it seems like she forgets how to breathe for a second. “Kara…” Lena sighs, and gives Kara a genuine, but shy smile. “Thank you.”

“It’s no problem. My CatCo number is there and so is my personal cellphone. Just give me a call whenever you need me.”

There’s something about the way Kara Danvers speaks, something about the way she looks at Lena, something that make Lena believe her. Always.

“Thank you, Kara, I will.”

Fic: Once Bitten, Twice Shy (ao3 link)
Fandom: Flash, DC’s Legends (characterization)
Pairing: gen; some background hints of Mick Rory/Leonard Snart

Summary: Leonard Snart doesn’t trust easy, but his aunt Noga - who some people call Nora - assures him that the man she married, Henry Allen, is a good one.

So when Len sees in the newspaper that Henry Allen has been arrested for killing his wife, he has only one thought.

“I’m going to kill him.”

A/N: For @oneiriad, who requested this to be cheered up from the season finale. I…tried?


When Len was very small, he liked to play tag with his aunt Noga. She was his mother’s half-sister – much, much younger than his mom, more of an elder sister than an aunt, a product of an affair which a rich white man who’d adopted Noga for his own when he found out.

He called her Nora, not Noga, because he said it was more “American”, but Len’s mother and grandmother cheerfully ignored him and continued to call her the name of her birth, though they permitted him to take her away so she could have what they called a better life.

Len figured it was because she was rich now. Respectable. But she was still his aunt.

When Len got a little older, and his dad went to prison and came back different, things changed. The rich man didn’t like his baby girl associating with criminals, so Noga couldn’t come around anymore.

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What is your indication of each of the houses in pluto?

I’ve reblogged a few posts about Pluto in the houses, but I’ll share my opinions here💞

• 1st house: POWERFUL first impressions, honestly cute, but strong.

• 2nd house: Really protective over their possessions. Intense marriages. Powerful voices.

• 3rd house: So convincing! Everyone loves their mind and words. Breaks peoples mind-barriers. Loves puzzles.

• 4th house: Protective over their homes and families. Would kill for their loves ones. Could be overprotective.

• 5th house: Sex-appeal!! People gets pulled in by their amazing creations.

• 6th house: Routines. Weird eating habits/training routines. The kind of person to try new eating trends.

• 7th house: Intense and obsessive lovers. Really loyal and caring.

• 8th house: Pluto is at home in this house. Fascination with death and sex. Deep emotions.

• 9th house: Loves learning! Passionate about books. Probably have a home library. Wants to share their knowledge.

• 10th house: The boss. Talented, protective, and inspiring person. A good leader.

• 11th house: Wants to inspire and lead people and crowds. Rebel leader. Could survive a zombie apocolypse.

• 12th house: Deep soul. Mind is like a black hole, endless. Should be careful not to lose themself in themself.