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There is a truth to be found in what Jack Baker says about his son: the family are not truly killers, even his boy Lucas.

There’s an interesting type of truth to be found in the statement in regards to Lucas. That he is truly not a killer, at least not at heart. Lucas has murdered, tortured, and has proven not likely to stop such things. Even after his mind has become clear, given an immunity to Eveline’s control from a serum provided by her very creators; he continues his actions with a heightened sense of awareness ( a loose fitting word to how Lucas perceives the world after being pulled from Eveline’s influence). He takes pleasure from his actions, just as he takes disappoint in the failures of the abducted. He’s seeking for something beyond the bettering of his own inventions.

Lucas continued his abductions of individuals, continued acting as if he were under Eveline’s control to make her believe that he was still under her control; Lucas is an exceptionally smart individual, it would not have taken one in order to fool a child, genetically modified or not. Some of his actions are pretending. ( Which brings an interesting point– Lucas had never wanted to kidnap the Baker victims because it was wrong, but rather because he prefers not to physically be harming. The harm that Lucas does is usually through a third party, or object, and even physiological damage but he does not physically assault. Even when faced with potential confrontation of Ethan Winters he runs. He has never murder with his own hands, rather his inventions. It’s an interesting disconnect between the player and the game master.)  

While her control over Lucas was short, it did not leave without any lasting effects. Lucas was already mentally ill before the arrival of the tanker. Even before being officially diagnosed he murdered a child by starvation ( once again never really touching, rather a death by neglect ). In some fashion, as a child, Lucas did not understand his actions; while he had understood that he had murdered ( going so far as covering up the murder vis-a-vis the ‘bayou’ in order to remain a guiltless party ), there was the question of why Oliver had died, a very brief question, but still a question. Shortly after diagnosed, he began taking medicine, but Lucas stopped. Factor in the childhood trauma from the physical discipline of his father.

Eveline’s mold touched his mind. It unraveled everything that Lucas had been attempting to keep under lock and key so he could have a 'normal’ life. ( A normal life that he does not base too heavily on his own childhood, although the basics of a father and mother in a nice house stick. He would even argue for getting a job, one that uses his talents to the fullest, although he was never quite successful for varying reasons. He’s an asshole. ) Her 'mold’ was a key to unlocking the pieces of Lucas that were held back; the violent, the erratic, the more meticulous malicious pieces of his mind. ( There is, as well, a heavy sense of PTSD that comes after being freed from Eveline. ) It would be wrong to classify this Lucas as a true Lucas, he is a very complex and confusing person, he does being a 'sociopath inventor’.

He lacks a filter. There isn’t something to keep his invasive thoughts at bay, nothing to guide morality. There are actions, like nail pulling and teeth spitting and subjecting individuals to his ideas; these are things that he most ardently enjoys, things that a little less than kind and more than disturbed. Specifically, there’s a reason to the nail pulling/chewing/ripping, as they grow back quicker and knows that he can not really die, it’s become a way of calming himself.

Yet. Lucas has his moments. The moments where he is helpful, where he isn’t an entire asshole. Purposely leaving video tapes which Ethan ( or truly, any other victim ) can find, leaving the photographs and hidden treasure caches. Lucas Baker is an observer of the Baker family, employed by the same B.O.W manufacturers that had made Eveline; Zoe is helpful, yes, but Lucas is the only one whose not under Eveline’s control. Now, whether Lucas intentionally left the tapes is another question to be asked, another secret that Lucas will not reveal. It is, all of the helpful things he has done, another way at keeping people from assumptions. Keeping people guessing, because Lucas Baker does not like being pegged as one thing. He doesn’t want anyone to have a grasp on who he is, what he wants, and truthfully most aren’t capable of forming a solid conclusion on Lucas beyond asshole.

In a way, Lucas invites sympathy. He has this childlike quality about him, and he can be very charming. At other times ( really, most of the time ) he can be quite repellent, because he can be remorseless and erratic and hes an indirect murderer, and you’re reminded about what he did.

Here’s Jin

2nd part of the ask request for protective Jin/Jimin!

Since I went with jealous/protective Jimin I thought I go with a completely different type of protective for Jin!

One of these has to be what you meant right?

SO without further ado, I hope it’s readable anon <3

Careful, Baby!

Jin x Reader
Words: ~1,300
Keywords: Pregnant wife, Protecive daddy

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“Y/N, where are you going??“ 

Jin popped his head around the corner. You were about to leave the house when he noticed your attempt to go alone. “Didn’t you say we’re out of flour? I’m going the store to get some..” You replied nonchalantly.
“Jagiii~ you shouldn’t go out alone! I’m coming with you!” he decided and took his coat to join you.
“Jin the supermarket is literally 10min away! I’m perfectly capable of getting some flour by myself!!” you snapped at him. As sweet as it was, his extreme overprotectiveness was getting on your nerves, even if he had a good reason…
“And what if something happens to you or the baby?? No way I’m letting you out of my sight again!” he replied.
“I’m pregnant, not disabled, Jin. Seriously, you have to stop!” you tried again.
“But you’re due any day now. Let’s just go, jagi” he said and walked to the door. You followed him defeated, knowing there was no point in talking back.

It all started a few weeks ago after the incident.

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NAME: L (alias), Ryuzaki (alias), Hideki Ryuga (alias), Those two detective names i can never spell off the top of my head (alias)
AGE:  25 give or take
GENDER:  Cis male
ORIENTATION:  Loud shrugging
INTERESTS:  Murder, Kira, puzzles, cake, idols and models…..who are also Kira
BODY TYPE:  String bean
EYES:  Grey
HAIR:  Black
SKIN: Practically transparent
HEIGHT:  5′10 give or take
WEIGHT: 110lbs give or take
ANTAGONISTS:  KIRA(S), vegetables 
COLORS:  Blue and white
SMELLS: Chocolate, vanilla, soap
FRUITS: Strawberries, watermelon, apple
DRINKS: Chocolate milk, tea, coffee
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ?  yes     / no      /   occasionally
SMOKES ?  yes   /   no   /   occasionally  
DRINKS ?  yes  /   no /   occasionally
DRUGS ? yes    /   no   /   occasionally
DRIVERS LICENSE ?  yes  /   no

petetmitchell145  asked:

Is it true that there is a theory that there are "branes," or layers, of universes and gravity from massive objects can interfere with the stuff in the surrounding branes; and is that a possible explanation of dark matter?

Yes.  There is a theory like you describe; but it is one of several theorised cosmological models.

Colliding branes are part of the Ekpyrotic universe theory that is an alternative to the standard cosmic inflation model. Both models (the standard and Ekpyrotic) allow for our Big Bang Lambda-Cold Dark Matter Universe - the difference between the models is what happened *before* the Big Bang.

In the standard model, our Universe started as a singularity.  In the Ekpyrotic theory, the matter and energy in our Universe was created by the collision of two branes:


As to the second part of your question, the Ekpyrotic model accommodates the current dark matter parametrisation (called Lamba-CDM).  This is exactly the same as the standard cosmological model.  All good theories need to match with observations.  So the Ekpyrotic and Inflation models both provide for the possibility of our Universe.

Perhaps think of it through this analogy.  You turn up at a birthday party.  They have a cake:

External image

You know about cakes.  You know that cakes can have layers, icing, decorations; and you know that cakes can contain chocolate, flour, eggs, milk etc.  But do you know where the cake was baked?  Was it bought at a store, was it home made?  Which store? Which house? 

Whether or not it was store baked, or home made, it is still a cake.  It still has icing, it still has layers, it still contains eggs.

Obviously with cakes there are some clues: the packaging, the ‘professionalism’ of decoration, etc. But sometimes store bought cakes look ugly, and some people are darn good amateur cake decorators.

So think of cosmological models as extremely complex, multidimensional, puzzle cakes.


Ruby Watson was one for pondering, and one for thinking. Often, she posited theories. Mostly, she posited them at the dinner table. Some of them were to do with the world in general or her teachers at school. Sometimes they were about people she knew.

“Uncle Sherlock should be fat.”

Mary paused, spaghetti twirled against her fork. “What’s that darling?”

“Uncle Sherlock. He should be enormously fat.”

John chuckled. “Why’d you say that?”

“He’s always hungry! Hungrier than Gladstone!” The dog in question jerked up in his bed, immediately awake. Ruby continued. “Like, last night – you made a big yummy roast dinner, didn’t you Mummy?”


“And you invited Uncle Sherlock round and Auntie Molly too.”

Mary frowned. “Yes…” she repeated slowly. Her gaze shifted towards her husband. He shrugged, unable to yet decipher their daughter’s point.

“And it was a great roast, with loads of potatoes and everything,” Ruby continued. “But when you and Daddy were clearing the plates away, I heard Uncle Sherlock talking to Auntie Molly.”

John blinked. “Right.”

“And all Uncle Sherlock could talk about was how hungry he was! He said he was famished.” Ruby sighed, exasperated by the puzzle. “We’d had chocolate cake for pudding as well.”

John coughed, the sound strangled, and Mary choked back what sounded like a laugh. Ruby peered at both of her parents.

“What? Mummy, what’s so funny?”

“Nothing, Ru, nothing. But I think there’s a good reason Uncle Sherlock isn’t fat.”

“What’s that?”

“He obviously gets lots – and lots – of exercise,” Mary said. Ruby considered this for a moment, and nodded.

“Mm. He runs about a lot with Auntie Molly.”

“Among other things.” John grinned and chewed on a portion of his spaghetti. Ruby’s eyebrows knitted together. She straightened up.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Daddy has a theory that Molly and Sherlock—” Mary paused, searching for the right word, “kiss.”

“Kiss?!” Ruby threw down her fork and made a disgusted noise. “Blergh!”