puzzle cakes

Do you ever think that, it’s technically possible Lucas has heard of the Sewer Gators. 100% possible he’s been on a few web pages, commenting about their equipment if he cares enough to answer the question “What do they use?” which has been asked, and Lucas can guarantee it, a million times. Lucas could have even sold them some equipment, mailed it, made some quick cash. Hell– he could have used the SG forums as way to rake in cash when he needed it, being the basic IT guy to anyone who needed the help. He could have even had some chats with the original SG ( minus Clancy, sorry boy ).

Which brings me to the though that, even if Lucas is an asshole before Eveline and the mold, he’s actually not as bad. A smart, Louisianan asshole, whose way too self aware about how much smarter he is– oh and he also killed someone as a kid and he’s got mental issues. ( Still not as bad. ) That Lucas could have totally been the tech guy for the SG– not even an official tech guy, just the dude they go to because “well, yeah Clancy he is an asshole, but can you fix it as quick and as good as he can? no? then shut uP”  but they still pay him and it’s a decently steady gig for Lucas so he has cash coming in. He’s not married or anything, but at least he’s happier?? Has sort of friends, a job, probably still living on the Baker property but only because he loves that barn and he’s saving money plus where else will he keep all of his gear if not the Baker Barn. Hell– he could even start taking his medicine again, which would help balance him out ( still an asshole ), I imagine it’s actually Pete whose all “dude, the meds, man.”