Wednesday!!!!! Somewhere on the border between a nervous breakdown and an artistic breakthrough, the minds behind NEON have assembled their most outrageous, for an event that could only be called… “WAIT, WHAT?” WEDS, JANUARY 27th @faultlinebar STARRING @infamousboomboom @judasjoemanson @titoashbone @puzziniggrr @carloscga1334 FEATURING @ridgegallaghermua @maxillaqueen @edith.moorehead SPECIAL GUEST DJ @djchrisbowen w/ RESIDENT DJ @djmateosegade ART EXHIBIT BY @harveydelreyy PHOTOGRAPHY BY @salvador_ceja_garcia GOGO @patch8989 @therealjayysatriipp AND YOUR HOST, QUEEN OF CRAYOLA @rubellaspreads Attendees are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to come dressed in your best WTF outfits, get tipsy and poke someone in the eye with your pointy regalia. It’s the NEON way! *Bring a few errant dollar bill$, as you WILL BE overcome by the URGE to tip the performers, while you marvel and mumble to thine self “OMG, this is really… uhhh… yeah… I’m not… totally sure what I’m looking at!” THAT’S HOW YOU KNOW IT’S WORKING! *Neon is Gay Eastside LA’s PREMIER audio/visual monthly THAT TAKES PLACE ON A WEDNESDAY. But don’t take our word for it, just listen to what @thefightmag had to say about it… “NEON is a monthly explosion of color and sound brought to you by the collective minds of DJ Mateo Segade, Queen of Crayola Rubella Spreads, and their rotating cast of the most creative characters in Drag representing all areas of the art form. NEON is a family that shares it’s joy, pain, laughter and tears in full frontal view with a knock-out combination of exciting entertainers from the cheeky to the freaky who fight hell and high heaven for your love and money! If you’ve never been to a Drag show before, NEON is a perfect sampling of everything anyone ever craved or raved about. If you’re already an aficionado of all things fierce, you’re bound to be dazzled down to your soles by this magical experience.” Wellllllll… we couldn’t have said it better. It’s a big improvement over our old tagline “My god, PLEASE COME!” We’ve apparently come a long way and we have YOU to thank for it. #drag #dragshow #dragqueen #club #clubkid #party #nightlife #neonLA #neon #uv #blacklight #gayla vid by by judasjoemanson https://www.instagram.com/p/BBBU–7id2C/

Your sexy gogo boys for this WEDS AT NEON!!! Only at @faultlinebar
A monthly explosion of sound and color now endorsed by @thefightmag
HOSTED BY @rubellaspreads
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Special Guest Appearances
Performances by
Art exhibition
@harveydelreyy 📷👓📷
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Music all night by
@djchrisbowen (at Faultline)