puzzel piece


Autism? Determination? A special interest? Repetition? OCD!?@autismspeaks u pissed off the wrong community! #NotMssng. Our voices r #mssng

Being autistic comes with downsides but it also comes with perks. When we put our minds to something nothing can stop us. When something becomes a special interest we devote nearly all of our time and energy to our special interest. If we are passionate about something there is NO chance at changing our minds. Ever.  autismspeaksofficial you don’t stand a chance. You really pissed off the wrong community.  We are Autistic. And we are not #Mssng anything exept for support, services, help, understanding, and most of all, our voices. We aren’t missing pieces to a puzzel and we aren’t a puzzel that is missing pieces.  We are whole human beings and we don’t have a desease. We don’t need a cure. We aren’t sick and genetic therapy won’t cure us, it will elimiate us, eliminate our personalities. It will destroy who we are, not cure us. We don’t need to be cured because we are NOT sick. WE ARE DISABLED!!! And we need services and love and understanding. Something I believe autismspeaksofficial sure as hell won’t ever understand. 

SUPPORT autisticadvocacy and boycottautismspeaks by using the #NotMssng !!!! WE ARE WHOLE HUMANS AND DON’T NEED TO BE CURED FROM WHAT MAKES US WHO WE ARE!!! #BOYCOTTAUTISM SPEAKS